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please deidle I’d like to be reinstated as a @ dbdougla 06/24/10 2 06/24/10
dbdougla idles again ...nevertheless, he still loves you. He just doesn’t have time to play a slower, multiplayer’d Nethack. dbdougla 06/10/10 0
Manifesto: Eternity Lies Ahead Of Us, And Behind Have you drunk your fill? A vote for dbdougla is a vote for a dynasty themed on Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. As Planetary Governor, I promise that the mind worms shall be kept at bay, there will be a hologram theater in every home, and quality goods from Morgan Industries… dbdougla 04/27/10 17 04/30/10
Not to be outdone by spikebrennan’s lovely haiku For a while I sat on the fences, But my Nomic run now recommences dbdougla unidles If only a guide’ll Make sure our quorum incrementses. dbdougla 04/26/10 3 04/26/10
Idling dbdougla intends to idle until further notice. dbdougla 03/11/10 1 03/12/10
I have arrived I, dbdougla, would like to be added as a commoner as soon as is convenient to an admin. dbdougla 02/28/10 1 03/01/10