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Proposal: Uncommon Wealth If Proposal: Commonwealth was not enacted then enact its effects. Change the description of the Library building to the following: As a Harvest Bonus, you can take any two different Harvest Bonus on Buildings (other than the Library) in your Settlements again. Josh 01/27/23 6 01/29/23
Sleep it off Jumble becomes idle after 7 days of inactivity. No change to quorum. Josh 10/22/22 0
Idle Talk I unidle; quorum is unchanged. Josh 10/07/22 0
Parts Mart A place for Operators to kick back and chat now that the league is done. Thanks for playing everyone! Josh 09/01/22 14 09/01/22
Story Post: Tournament Bout 7: Dark Lord vs Hard Hat [Brendan vs SingularByte] It’s a beautiful, star-filled night here at the Arena Halls. The outside façade of the building is lit up by roving spotlights and thousands of pin-prick fairy lights, giving the whole thing the feel of a canopy of stars - or, if you like, CrowBot’s chassis after CarolAIna Reaper was… Josh 08/31/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 6: CarolAIna Reaper vs Hard Hat [Habanero vs SingularByte] As is traditional, the semi-final Bout is a little unusual as it is not held in the Arena Halls. Instead, it is held in a bamboo clearing in the mountains above the city; there is no audience, and the Operators wear only the simple teal robes of penitent monks. In… Josh 08/30/22 2 08/30/22
Story Post: Bracket Update: Round 3 Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 5: B.A.D vs CarolAIna Reaper [Trapdoorspyder vs Habanero] Reports are coming in of 2 hour queues at the New Cortex Jetdrome - something like five times the usual footfall, all people trying to get to the finals in time, many of whom don’t have tickets - they just want to be here, to soak in the atmosphere and… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 4: DuckMech vs Hard Hat [SupernovaStarbright vs SingularByte] Up on the hill, the smoke can already be seen as the area is spiritually cleansed for the final Bout and the subsequent winner’s ceremony. Friends, I can assure you that the Cult of the Dark One has been working overtime this year to ensure that we have a really… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 3: Dark Lord vs Killing Joke [Brendan vs Darknight] The Duke and Duchess of Physiy are in attendance today… Clearly the matters that occur here are of international importance but it is unusual to see the representatives of the secluded forest Kingdom here in the Archipelago. And what a match to join us for! The number 1 seed, Dark… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Bracket Update: Round 2 Josh 08/26/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bouts 1 and 2: Darknight vs Lendunistus and SupernovaStarbright vs Maldor ... and if you are joining us now then you will witness the last few moments of the tournament opening ceremony, as three hundred youths parade with bared chests and waving flags, as a reminder that we do all of this - the League, the Tournament, all of it -… Josh 08/26/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bracket Josh 08/25/22 0
Story Post: Final Seed List Congratulations, Operators: you have made it to the final Tournament of this year’s BlogBot League! Here are the Seeds for this year’s competition. 1. Brendan (Seed score: 2.914) = 2. SingularByte (Seed score: 3.658) ^ 3. Trapdoorspyder (Seed score: 3.974) v 4. Habanero (Seed score: 4.233) ^ 5. SupernovaStarbright (Seed… Josh 08/25/22 0
Story Post: Bout #36: The Killing Joke vs CarolAIna Reaper [Darknight vs Habanero] I’m back! Yes, your regular announcer is back in the saddle after a relaxing long weekend on the beaches on the Hormi peninsula. My name is Alie, by the way, I’m not sure that it’s been established but it is an important character detail. I have a beautiful spouse and… Josh 08/25/22 0
Story Post: Bout #35: B.A.D. vs Hard Hat [Trapdoorpsyder vs SingularByte] Bonour, you silly little viewer a’ ‘ome, it is moi, le Annuncier Continental, Gustave. Ole! Vas ist das, you are conceeeeeerned that je suis an alarming mashup of continental stereotypes? Mi amigos, fret not, for this is un lande de fantase, and your petit stereotypes are all confuséd ‘ere. On… Josh 08/24/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #29 Two exhibition matches were scheduled for the day before the competition was due to begin. Although the weapons would be tipped with foam, the impact on the Tournament would be measurable, and as such the crowds were starting to filter back into the arena halls. Those matches were: HABANERO vs… Josh 08/24/22 0
Story Post: Bout #34: Hard Hat vs CarolAIna Reaper [SingularByte vs Habanero] Er, so, yeah, I was in Arena Hall D and I guess I could tell you what went down. Oh, you mean, you want it all announcer-y? Nah, sorry bruh, I just bought a VIP pass or whatever, I dunno. Anyway, there wasn’t anybody else there, you know, it was… Josh 08/23/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #28 The Arena Hall was silent but for the atonal whistles of a janitor moving piles of detritus around. No fans, no loud music, no arcade machines blurting the catchphrases; no journalists looking for a scoop or paparazzi looking for an angle. No children, no neckbeards, no mysterious men in long… Josh 08/23/22 0
Story Post: Provisional Seed List Good morning and welcome to Tournament Mode. As things stand, 8 Operators are eligible to take their Bots through to the final Tournament. Four of those Operators - Brendan, Habanero, Lendunistus and Trapdoorspyder - have activated their LED Banners and thus will be allowed to bypass the first round of… Josh 08/22/22 0
Powered Down chiiika and thundershrike become idle after 8 and 7 days of inactivity, respectively. Josh 08/21/22 0
Story Post: Bout #33: B.A.D. vs Hard Hat [Trapdoorspyder vs SingularByte] Arena Hall A is packed out here, with fans expecting a thrilling match between two titans of the sport. Between them they’ve been involved nineteen of the last thirty-two matches, and they’ve met twice before - Trapdoorspyder beat SingularByte way back in Bout 6, and SingularByte levelled up the series… Josh 08/20/22 0
Story Post: Bout #32: CarolAIna Reaper vs Bad Door [Habanero vs Maldor] It’s not for me to suggest that CarolAIna Reaper only has one trick, but, look, it’s a really good trick, and here’s a packed stadium to show for it; the mood in the room is that Bad Door is getting creamed, but there will be some in the stands curious… Josh 08/20/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #27 “Ah, there you are.” SingularByte had found Trapdoorspyder sitting by a fountain, angrily tearing chunks of bread from a loaf, showing the chunks to the birds, and then spitefully eating them. “What do you want, nerd,” snarled Trap. “You know,” said SingularByte, grabbing a perch, “the snarly villain schtick used… Josh 08/19/22 0
Story Post: Bout #31: Dark Lord vs DuckTank [Brendan vs SupernovaStarbright] Today we have a real six-pointer as two of the very best in the league match up. Amongst the Operators that have tested themselves in multiple Bouts, SupernovaStarbright has one of the best records - 5 wins from 7, a 71% win rate, and against some very tough opposition. The… Josh 08/19/22 1 08/19/22
Story Post: Announcement #26 Hey, welcome back to the Habanero and Maldor Show, the only podcast to be broadcasting right from the workshop floor of the BlogBot championship! That’s right, Hab, and don’t forget that you can listen to us using your podcast app of choice or watch us on videocast! That’s right, Mal.… Josh 08/18/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #25 Advertisers are getting tetchy, Danny. I don’t see why? Viewership figures are up on all previous years, engagement is through the roof and sponsorship opportunities… All of that’s great, Danny, but the advertisers want spectacle. Spectacle? You know, pizzazz, razzmatazz, other words with a surprising number of z’s in them…… Josh 08/16/22 0
Story Post: Bout #30: DuckTank vs B.A.D [SupernovaStarbright vs Trapdoorpspyder] A highly anticipated match today as SupernovaStarbright meets Trapdoorspyder - for the third time in this tournament, in fact. This has become one of the classic pairings, as no two operators have met each other as often, and going into the bout the score is tied - their first meeting… Josh 08/16/22 0
Story Post: Bout #29: CrowBot2000 vs CarolAIna Reaper [Raven1207 vs Habanero] It’s a small crowd tonight due to counterprogramming - this Bout has been scheduled at the same time as Dark Lord vs Hard Hat in the next Arena Hall over, and this match between CrowBot (with its slightly underwhelming win/loss ratio) and a new pilot of mysterious background seems to… Josh 08/15/22 3 08/15/22
Story Post: Bout #28: Hard Hat vs Dark Lord [SingularByte vs Brendan] There’s history between these tow Operators; the last time they met SingularByte contested the result, and still holds that Brendan essentially stole the match - most lately calling Brendan out in a series of guest verses on rap tracks, as SingularByte is also a very skilled MC besides being a… Josh 08/14/22 0
New Mentorship Brendan is to be Habanero’s mentor. Josh 08/14/22 2 08/14/22
Story Post: Announcement #24 Meanwhile, in a seedy bar not far from the Arena Hall complex… If you give the bartender the exact right kind of nod, they’ll gesture you towards a nondescript door which will lead you to a dark corridor. At the end of that corridor is a heavy steel door, which,… Josh 08/13/22 0
Story Post: Annoucement #23 [A music video for the track Safety Gear by Lil Botty] [The first verse features typical scenes of rap music excess - Lil Botty on a boat, Lil Botty in the club, Lil Botty shooting at a helicopter with a gamma pistol] [The second verse, however, is a guest verse… Josh 08/12/22 0
Story Post: Bout #27: Yvette the Botmistress vs Annoy-o-Tron [chiiika vs Trapdoorspyder] We’re in for a spicy match tonight - over the course of this contest Trapdoorspyder has emerged as the villain of the piece, and the fans just love to hate him. Here he is now, entering the stadium - the boos are starting up - but oh, he seems to… Josh 08/12/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #22 09h42, CORRIDOR H LEADING TO ARENA HALL C Three children are playing with BlogBot action figures in an alcove behind one of the stages hosting cosplay competitions. One of them is showing off their rare, limited-edition Credit Score F figurine, with articulated flipper action. Trapdoorspyder spots them while passing through,… Josh 08/10/22 0
Story Post: Bout #26: Dark Lord vs Bad Door [Brendan vs maldor] Ah, here’s Brendan, swaggering into the arena. Looks like he’s flipping off the crowd - ah, and they love it. To be fair, that’s a mild, even affectionate entrance for the Bad Boy of BlogBot. Just Brendan being Brendan! By contrast, here’s maldor, chatting, signing autographs, pausing for a selfie… Josh 08/10/22 1 08/10/22
Story Post: Bout #25: Credit Score: F vs Annoy-o-Tron [lendunistus vs Trapdoorspyder] Today’s marquee match is between Credit Score F and Annoy-o-Tron, and on paper it’s an interesting match-up - Credit Score is here on its sixth Bout of the contest, with three wins and three losses under its belt, while Annoy-o-tron is on its ninth go, with five wins to four… Josh 08/09/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #21 Just got a new works order in Oh, yeah, what we go? Arena Hall G. Apparently they need a bunch of obstacles installed. Aw, hell. Yeah, so it’s gotta be stuff we don’t mind if it gets bashed up. I’ve got some MDF we could use? Don’t think so, I… Josh 08/07/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #20 Two children look up from exchanging collectable cards of their favourite Bots and Operators. One is holding the shiny foil Brendan card; that child is in the middle of negotiating a trade for the classmate’s extra-deluxe Maldor card. As they sit, two adult figures appear over their shoulders. The children… Josh 08/06/22 3 08/07/22
Story Post: Bout #24: Hard Hat vs Annoy-o-Tron [SingularByte vs Trapdoorspyder] Astonishingly, these two bots - some would say the top seeds of the contest so far, although some of the newer comers might dispute it - have only met in the contest once before, right at the early days of the League. In that bout, SingularByte was still refining his… Josh 08/06/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #19 Special Briefing: Report to the Chair of the Standing Committee for Regional Stability and Peace Eyes Only 19h47, 02/09/44, NEW CRESCI: The BlogsBot League Finals continue, with today’s announcement of a new prize fight: two of the very top seeds will be meeting tomorrow, SingularByte’s Hard Hat against Trapdoorspyder’s Annoy-o-Tron.… Josh 08/05/22 0
Story Post: Bout #23: CrowBot2000 vs Credit Score: F [Raven1207 vs lendunistus] It looks like Raven1207 has invested some money in this Bout - not so much in CrowBot, which remains one of the cheaper bots in the League, but in staging. For those listening to us on Radio BlogBot, thousands of crow feathers are falling from the ceiling while orchestral music… Josh 08/05/22 0
Story Post: Bout #22: The Dark Lord vs Yvette the Botmistress [Brendan vs chiiika] Well these two have been trading blows on twitter all morning - either there’s no love lost between them or it’s all a bit of gamesmanship. I’ve always said, BlogBots is played on a hundred-square-foot arena but it really takes place up in the ole noggin, and in Brendan and… Josh 08/03/22 2 08/03/22
Story Post: Announcement #18 As was traditional, at the start of the fourth week of the League Finals, a grand ball was held for all of the Operators. A gala black-tie event, it was the hottest ticket of the seasons; models, politicians and moguls all showed up, all hoping to rub shoulders with those… Josh 08/01/22 1 08/01/22
Story Post: Bout #21: DuckTank vs Annoy-o-Tron It’s a rare morning Bout here in Arena Hall D, between two veterans of the sport - DuckTank, the second duck-themed Bot in this contest from SupernovaStarBright, versus Annoy-o-Tron, who has been in the contest since the fourth Bout in the series. And they’re off! And… just like that, it’s… Josh 07/31/22 1 07/31/22
Story Post: Announcement #17 And next up: Arena Hall D, please for DuckTank vs Annoy-o-Tron. That’s Arena Hall D for SupernovaStarbright’s DuckTank vs Trapdoorspyder’s Annoy-o-Tron. Thank you… Please note that Arena Hall D is not compatible with configurations due to building regulations. Josh 07/30/22 0
Story Post: Bout #20: Hard Hat vs The Dark Lord [SingularByte vs Brendan] Two feared Operators are facing off against each other for the first time… They’re meeting in the Operator pit, and, yes, they’re greeting each other, Brendan leans in for a hand-shake, SingularByte accepts - Oh! Brendan was wearing a shock pad and gave SingularByte a small jolt. The Hard Hat… Josh 07/30/22 0
Story Post: Bout #19: Sunrise vs Annoy-o-Tron [Jumble vs Trapdoorspyder] This is a rematch, folks, going all the way back to Game 4 for the current series - where Sunrise just sat there while Annoy-o-Tron reversed hard out of the course - how far have we come, how much skill have these two Operators have picked up? Arena Hall C,… Josh 07/28/22 0
Story Post: Bout #18: DuckTank vs Credit Score: F [SupernovaStarbright vs lendunistus] In position number 4 we have DuckTank, who is increasingly looking like a maximalist Hard Hat - they’re the same lurid yellow, and DuckTank’s traditional duck-bill-shaped flipper is gone, replaced with a hydraulic battering ram hidden behind a sporty Cow Catcher. Opposite the mighty mallard, Credit Score: F. Operator Lendunistus… Josh 07/28/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #16 Josh 07/27/22 5 07/27/22
Story Post: Announcement #15 Towards the middle of the contest the organisers had arranged for an internationally famous band to play for attendees. The band were an aging rock quartet from the continent, but the arena was still packed for them because they were extremely famous and how often do you get to see… Josh 07/26/22 3 07/26/22
Story Post: Bout #17: Hard Hat vs Yvette the Botmistress [SingularByte vs chiiika] Here today we have a fascinating matchup. On the left, Hard Hat, with three consecutive wins under its belt and quickly establishing itself as the one to beat with its fast-moving , shove-heavy strategy. On the other, Yvette the Botmistress, sporting a fancy new LED banner… no names as yet…… Josh 07/25/22 0
Story Post: Bout #16: The Killing Joke vs The Dark Lord [Darknight v Brendan] In Arena Position 4 - wreathed in green-tinted nitrogen vapour and projecting the sound of mirthless laughter from fore and aft speakers - it’s THE KILLING JOKE! The challenger, in position 16 - a new Bot from a veteran Operator - In the form of a mailed fist with each… Josh 07/25/22 2 07/25/22
Story Post: Bout #15: Credit Score: F vs CrowBot2000 [lendunistus vs Raven1207] Hello and welcome back to Radio 4, where we’re covering the BlogBot championship, just like everyone else, but here we do it calmly. Just a reminder that BlogBot is a sport for people with high blood pressure, too, and sometimes those people want t hear the goings on without too… Josh 07/25/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #14 New banners were put up on the front of the arena hall building overnight. The following morning, when the spectators arrived, pouring out of their municipal gondolas, they saw two vast images flanking the main doors. On one of them was a composite of the faces of Brendan and Darknight,… Josh 07/23/22 0
Story Post: Bout #14: Hard Hat vs Sunrise [SingularByte vs Jumble] The two bots are entering the arena to their signature theme songs… From the left, trundling into position 4 to the sounds of the YMCA, Hard Hat does a little spin for the cameras… And over there, at the far side of the arena, Sunrise is moving towards position 15… Josh 07/23/22 0
Story Post: Bout #13: Annoy-o-Tron vs DuckTank [Trapdoorspyder vs SupernovaStarbright] There appears to be a man in the crowd today wearing head to toe red robes, screaming “RAFA NADAAAAAAAAL” at the top of his lungs. Only in BlogBot, right? Oh - it’s starting! TO MY LEFT! The irritation of the workstation, the pest of the best, piloted by Trapdoorspyder and… Josh 07/23/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #13 S-S-S-S-S-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SATURDAAAAAAAY Here on Prime BlogBot TV we bring you ALL the fights, ALL the action, ALL your favourite Bots in the Ultimate BlogBot League SATURDAY ARENA HALL C It’s a default notice against an angry bird - that’s right, it’s lendunistus’ Credit Score:F vs Raven1207’s CrowBot2000 ! Expect to see… Josh 07/22/22 0
Story Post: Bout #12: The Killing Joke vs Hard Hat [Darknight vs Singularbyte] Arena Hall A was packed - so thick with people that they were crushed against the perspex safety barrier that separated the stalls from the arena itself. Fans of the Killing Joke could be picked out from their lurid green make-up, while Hard Hatters were identifiable by their pastiche construction… Josh 07/22/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #12: It’s A Rematch When the arena hall doors opened this morning, spectators were shocked and thrilled to find the front foyer dominated by a huge totem - an effigy of a spike, bursting through the ground until it pierced, high above the heads of the crowd, an comedically oversized bright yellow hard hat.… Josh 07/20/22 0
Story Post: Bout #11: The Killing Joke vs Hard Hat [darknight vs SingularByte] A mighty fanfare rings through Arena Hall D as The Killing Joke rolls into position. Darknight enters the Operator pit waving to the crowd, who cheer and yell wildly, but SingularByte is focused - muttering the game plan to himself under his breath, psyching himself out. TO MY LEFT! In… Josh 07/20/22 0
Story Post: Bout #10: Credit Score: F vs Yvette the Botmistress [lendunistus vs chiiika] In the Insularic Series Yvette is often represented as a stern school-teacher type character, and here in Arena Hall F we can see that caricature out in full effect: the away fans are packing out the hall, and reports are that since the bout was announced the BlogBot website has… Josh 07/20/22 1 07/20/22
Story Post: Bout #9: Annoy-o-Tron vs CrowBot2000 [Trapdoorspyder vs Raven1207] The Arena Hall is packed to capacity for the match between Annoy-o-Tron and CrowBot2000, as the fans curiously line up to see the newcomer in action. To the left of the arena, in position #4, is the familiar domed body of Annoy-o-Tron - its pilot, Trapdoorspyder, poised and ready in… Josh 07/19/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #11 The Workshop is a mess of noise; the sound of hammers falling rhythmically on steel, rivets being rivetted, acetylene torches fixing seams. Row after row of concentrating faces, pit teams working round the clock to keep their Bots bout-ready in this room the size of an aircraft hanger. Suddenly, SingularByte… Josh 07/19/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #9 ...And now we cut into our main story tonight with some breaking news. The Ultimate BlogBot League has tonight revealed a surprise in this year’s BlogBot tournament: none other than the Champions of the Pan-Insularic Robot Fighting Series will be joining the contest, the first time since the inception of… Josh 07/18/22 0
Story Post: Bout #8: Annoy-o-Tron vs Min-Mox [Trapdoorspyder vs thundershrike] The tournament organisers sometimes like to dress or light these arenas a little bit differently from time to time. Today they’ve thrown up a disco ball, which gives the whole ambience a much more jaunty feel. We’re sure that won’t last ones - ah, yes, here they come! Here, to… Josh 07/18/22 0
Story Post: Bout #7: Duck-Boat of Doom vs Sunrise [SupernovaSunrise vs Jumble] For those f you watching at home, I have to tell you, Arena Hall C is packed to the rafters and the atmosphere is incredible this afternoon. These two bots are fan favourites but only one can leave the arena today the winner! To the left of the arena, in… Josh 07/18/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #8 And now we have an exclusive interview with the Operator of Sunrise - it’s Jumble! Hey, Jumble, good to see you! Hi there Leslie, great to see you too, Good to be here. What’s it like, being at BlogBog 2022? Well, you know, it’s the biggest stage in the sport,… Josh 07/16/22 1 07/18/22
Story Post: Announcement #7 Hey hey hey, I love this dance trend, check it out - I wish that I could be like the cool kids… Ah yeah? I follow him as well, he always seems to get the trends before everyone else ‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in… Do… Josh 07/16/22 0
Story Post: Bout #6: Hard Hat vs Annoy-o-Tron [SingularByte vs Trapdoorspyder] Iiiiiiiin position 4, the yellow dome with the steamtrain nose, sporting a new loadout based on its brand new Cattle Catcher attachment: it’s HARD HAT! In the pit there we can see operator SingularByte, waving and smiling at fans. OPPOSING HIM! Fresh from being plunged out of bounds by the… Josh 07/16/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #6 Welcome to BetBlogBot Gambing, the only site on the internet where you can gamble on BlogBog bouts! SPECIAL OFFER: Mid-Tier Madness! BetBlogBot is offering HOT ODDS on the latest match to be called: SingularByte’s HARD HAT vs Trapdoorspyder’s ANNOY-O-TRON Remember, BetBlogBot offers IN-BOUT GAMBLING so you can crush the odds… Josh 07/15/22 1 07/15/22
Story Post: Bout #5: Min-mox vs Duck-Boat of Doom [thundershrike vs SupernovaStarbright] The crowd behind the safety screens is electric - a small girl is waving a placard saying DUCK-BOAT WILL BE YOUR DOOM, while a young man proudly shows off his Min-mox Rulez hoodie. At the home end sits Min-mox, a gleaming, brand new Incisor TRN9P chassis powered by a state… Josh 07/15/22 0
Story Post: Bout #4: Sunrise vs Annoy-o-Tron [Jumble vs Trapdoorspyder] The crowd are packed into the auditorium, expecting a huge slugfest of mechanised mayhem from these robot titans! Illuminated by blue spotlights, drawn into the home position - Sunrise, Jumble’s battle-scarred robot famous for having seen off Credit Score:F with its creeping doom approach! Now, being winched into the arena,… Josh 07/15/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #5 Did you hear? Duck-Boat of Doom is going up against Min-mox! Aw, no way! Min-mox was Bot of the Month in last June’s Bots Monthly magazine! I heard that the head judge was calling thundershrike one of the Operators they had their eye on this year! Said they could go… Josh 07/14/22 1 07/14/22
Story Post: Announcement #4 Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary lovers of mechanical carnage and destruction: Please make your way to BlogBots Arena Hall B, where the prize match between Jumble and his bot Sunrise and Trapdoorspyder with his entry Annoy-o-Tron is due to take place. Please remember that alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in the… Josh 07/14/22 0
Story Post: Bout #3: Sunrise vs Credit Score: F [Jumble vs lendunistus] Appearing from under the Proscenium Arch - it’s Sunrise, taking its position in square 4, under the careful eye of its operator, Jumble. And here now, released from the hellhound cages, is Credit Score: F, which appears to be being carried onto the pitch by its owner lendunistus - it… Josh 07/14/22 0
Story Post: Bout #2: Hard Hat vs Duck-Bot-of-Doom [SingularByte vs SupernovaStarbright] At the home side of the arena, in position #4: Hard Hat, its operator SingularByte in the control booth. Opposing them is Duck-Boat-of-Doom in position #16, with SupernovaStarbright on the controls. Hard Hat operates a… odd strategy! On turn 1 it moves forward six spaces, while Duck Boat moves forward… Josh 07/14/22 4 07/14/22
Story Post: Bout #1: Tincutter vs Raven1207.2 [Kevan vs Brendan] On the left side of the arena, in position 4: Raven1207.2! To the right, in position 13: Tincutter! The arena lights dim as the two bots rev the engines before, with a massive gout of flame, the bout is on! And the two bots just sit there! Both of them… Josh 07/14/22 8 07/14/22
Story Post: Announcement #3 And in Arena #3, we have… IN THE RED CORNER! It rises in the east and brings down the wrath of its mighty axe in the west! Operated by Jumble… IT’S SUNRISE! IN THE BLUE CORNER! It’s broke, in every sense of the word, but be careful it doesn’t take… Josh 07/14/22 0
Story Post: Announcement #2 IIIIIN THE BLUE CORNER, weighing in at just under one metric ton, the safety gear with the killer instinct, piloted by SingularByte - IT’S HARD HAT! And its opponent… IN THE RED CORNER, all the way from the village pond, a gleaming hunk of mallard mayhem, piloted by SupernovaStarbright -… Josh 07/14/22 2 07/14/22
Story Post: Announcement #1 IN THE RED CORNER, the crimson terror, the axe-murderer itself, piloted by Kevan, we have… TINCUTTER IN THE BLUE CORNER, the lightweight wonder, the puckish lightweight of the blogbot ring, we have the crowd favourite, operated by Brendan… RAVEN1207.2!!! CONTENDERS… ARE YOU READY? Josh 07/13/22 4 07/14/22
Ascension Address: The Shatterdome The stench of oil, sweat, and metal-on-metal filled the arena as the crowd road. Somewhere high above, in a booth overlooking the carnage, an announcer grabbed his microphones, and, after a moment of feedback, gave the cry that the crowd were waiting for: “BLOGBOTS… ARE - YOU - READY!!!” Throughout… Josh 07/10/22 0
The Vortex of Creation And Destruction A post-dynasty chat thread Josh 07/10/22 8 07/10/22
Vanished in a puff of logic LinkVanyali has gone idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 07/01/22 0
Disideation MadisonSilver (by request) and SupernovaStarbright (after 8 days) become idle; quorum drops to 6. Josh 06/30/22 0
The gravestone of a city A post-dynastic discussion thread. Josh 06/17/22 13 06/20/22
Rising Tide Trigon has become idle after 8 days without voting or posting; quorum becomes 6. We have still not established what happens to their buildings, I think, and this may now make the Promenading action impossible, which might make Auguring impossible, which may softlock the game. Josh 05/30/22 3 05/30/22
Hello this is a little embarrassing My computer crashed this morning with an important excel file unsaved, and now I don’t know who has what fate with whom. Please could at least on rep of each Fate DM to me to tell me who’s where? I will then immediately save aforementioned excel spreadsheet, and also inform… Josh 04/30/22 2 05/01/22
New Mentorship Gozherd will be mentored by me. Josh 04/24/22 0
Ascension Address: Dive A sole point of light in the murky darkness, the DSV Haniver sliced silently through the eternal darkness of the abyss, its strong headlamp picking out nothing but occasional glimpses of the divergent biology of the hadal zone. The on-board instruments read a depth of 35,211 feet, and still decending.… Josh 04/16/22 2 04/16/22
Declaring Dominion over Randomness My Thesis Hash is LEFTMOSTFALSEAngel’s CloverUNDEFINEDQubit Entanglement0Blobber Breakneck BarrelingRoujoWill it BlendzeropointthreerecurringEGGSEGGSEGGS. AKA: LEFTMOST: FALSE Angel’s Clover: UNDEFINED Qubit Entanglement: 0 Blobber Breakneck Barreling: Roujo Will it Blend: 0.3 recurring LEFTMOST: Use the 1980s pager to perform the LEFTMOST method. That requires me to run Qubit Entanglement; I do so using… Josh 04/14/22 0
Entanglement Thunder (by request), wdtefv (through 8 days of inactivity), and me (through choice) have been made idle; quorum drops to 5. Josh 04/05/22 0
Archangel Research Station pokes has been transferred to Siberia to conduct his tests in a sub-zero setting. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 04/01/22 0
Schrodinger’s Idle Post SupernovaStarbright is either idle or not idle, but until you click into the comments and find out which, is she suspended in a quantum state of both idle and unidle, forever? (Quorum is unchanged.) Josh 03/31/22 1 03/31/22
Lost in… space??? Trapdoorspyder has become idle with 9 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 03/20/22 2 03/20/22
Vanished in a puff of logic Darknight becomes idle after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 03/10/22 0
New Mentorship Kevan will mentor GloopyGhost until 1 April 2022 or the end of this dynasty, whichever comes later. Josh 03/04/22 0
Mentorship announcement Sorry this is so late, but MadisonSilver is to be mentored by Brendan. Josh 02/26/22 0
Ascension Address: Meanwhile, At The End Of Time As he had done every morning for the past one hundred dynasties, the Time Buddha sat on the stoop of the End of Time Vihara and cradled a hot cut of yerba mate. It gave him calm, looking out into an infinite void in which nothing, by definition, could ever… Josh 02/24/22 0
Tic Tac Toughts Dynastic discussion thread. If you share the same opinion three times in a row then you win. Josh 02/24/22 9 02/24/22