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Unidle Request Well, it’s a been a long time since my last (brief) time here, and this dynasty looks cool, could an admin unidle me? Put 02/04/15 2 02/04/15
Requesting unidling Oh man oh man legos. Oh man! Put 12/21/10 2 12/21/10
Unidle. Unidling. Put 07/15/10 1 07/15/10
The Threat Quality Shouldn’t the GNDT have a column for everybody’s Threat? Put 05/13/10 2 05/13/10
United counties? I’m guessing the enacting admin messed up or something, in the county list in the GNDT, Oxfordshire and Rutland are the same county (Oxfordshire!Rutland). Could someone clear this up? Put 03/23/10 1 03/23/10
UnIdle. Alright, I’m back, can I be unidled please? Put 03/18/10 3 03/19/10
I can’t afford this anymore. Add a new paragraph to the rule “2.2 Inventions” with the following text: A Commoner can, at will, dismantle an Invention he owns, by regaining half of the Invention’s Composition (rounded down), raising his income by the Invention’s Power Requirement, and removing the Invention from the wiki page [[Inventions]]. The… Put 02/28/10 2 03/01/10
New Guest So yeah I’d like to join, quick question first, is the whole roleplaying thing essential or simply recommended? -Put Put 01/30/10 13 01/30/10