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Quazie would like to Baaaaah with you   Bah. Baah bahh ba baaah bah bah. BAHHHH. HOWL!!!! *cough* *cough* I mean… BAAAAH! Quazie 04/11/11 1 04/11/11
Dear Diary - 05/18 Quazie I hate this place. Fully of weirdos, creeps, wack-jobs even. All I want to to do is sit on the freaking couch until all of this is over and I walk out with the prize money. I just want to be left alone, and then some guy named ‘Buck’ goes… Quazie 05/18/09 0
GNDT access How do i reset my GNDT password? Or find out what it is? Quazie 05/15/09 1 05/15/09
Un-idle me please Could someone unidle me please. Also un-admin me, I haven’t played in a while and have no idea how any of these systems work anymore. Quazie 05/14/09 3 05/15/09
I would like to return! Hey, I would like to rejoin this lovely nomic. I would also like to have my admin privlages revoked. I would also like you all to Dance a Powerful Dance, though that isn’t expliclty required. Quazie 08/04/08 1 08/04/08
I think i’ll be back for a while i think i’ll be back for a while, please activate me.. thankies Quazie 08/26/06 4 08/26/06
un idle me? please unidle me Quazie 04/04/06 0
Things that must be fixed i think There is no definition of stigma Gostaks are not entities really, and entites are poorly defined many other things with the ruleset, i think i’ll propose again soon to get that all fixed. Quazie 03/21/06 1 03/21/06
i wish to belong I wish to become a part of Postom & Bankford Quazie 03/16/06 5 03/18/06
I be here I be here, please make me un idle, i thank you, i will try to out do the evils of buckly by performing a swift kick to his ********* fill in the stars as you wish, now, time to plot wandering hands, and I think i see a nice place… Quazie 03/15/06 3 03/16/06
um… It looks as if (GNDT wise) we aren’t actually on the ship, thus we can’t move to other locatoins on this ship, and new swashbucklers don’t start on the ship either, this should be a) changed and b) movements and thus fights shouldn’t have happened, but i could be wrong,… Quazie 01/20/06 1 01/20/06
and we’re back i think its time for me to go un idle… time for some fun Quazie 01/16/06 1 01/16/06
what to do? if we dont get some usable mechanics soon, i’m not going to have anything to do, likewe dont now, cuz i can’t write insanities or break rules if we can’t do anything, we have a structure but no actions, and i don’t know what to do with this dynasty. I’m… Quazie 12/20/05 1 12/21/05
cfj revamping version 2.0 Replace the following from law 1.6 CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, a quorum of AGAINST votes, or until four days have passed.  with CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, a quorum of AGAINST votes, or if there is no hiatus going… Quazie 12/16/05 3 12/16/05
quick question if a proposal were to exist that said only a fred supporter may win and this sentence takes priority over all other sentences. only an angel supporter may win and this sentence takes priority over all other sentences.  what would the implications be? the real question is what is the… Quazie 12/08/05 8 12/09/05
just a quick note Excalabur must vote against then for then diferential to all posts, its the same as him not voting, but thats how i inturpret it because thats A) the order of things in the rule and B) the order of how things happened. I would like to know if this seems… Quazie 12/06/05 1 12/06/05
illegal actions Just noting, things cant be passed or failed unless they have existed for 12 hours, and that hasn’t been true for a lot of proposals, so illegalities are being performed Anyone may CFJ this cuz i have too much work to do to properly note that the past atleast 5… Quazie 12/05/05 5 12/05/05
note to Excalabur if Excalabur is there, a) delete this post cuz it is just a message to you, and b) veto a beautiful mind cuz it can’t do anything at the moment just like you did with the devil is my advocate, thank you Quazie 12/04/05 6 12/04/05
darn you all i should have been unidled, but now i can’t be until the ascension address i think, darn and a half, someone make me unidled asap, peas and thank you Quazie 12/03/05 2 12/03/05
quick question of doom do we not do dynasty histories any more? cuz they are awesome to look at in retrospect Quazie 12/01/05 3 12/02/05
proto-proposal to fix a couple of CFJ things, please discuss Replace the following from law 9 Every Deity may respond to the Declaration of Victory saying whether e regards it as legal or illegal (using the FOR, AGAINST and DEFERENTIAL icons). If more than half of the Deities consider the win legal, then the poster of the Declaration is considered… Quazie 11/30/05 11 12/02/05
very nearly hello The moment that this dynasty ends, along with whatever goes on now a days to change to a new dynasty, i would like to become active, or if it would be easier to make me active now so be it…. make me active asap, or nearly as soon as you… Quazie 11/29/05 10 11/30/05
hi Hello, just thought of blognomic and realized that i missed it. I dont have time to learn the rules of this dynasty (unless its just begining, if it is, tell me) but i will be back for the next one, to do the things you all love to hate me… Quazie 11/24/05 2 11/27/05