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Courses Charted So, it is now the 19th of September (in UTC, at least), and I’ve processed all the Charts. Of the two initially received, none were disposed for having an Accuracy of zero; one (mine) was disposed for having more Dig Sites than any other Chart, at 175; and none were… RaichuKFM 09/18/16 4 09/19/16
Story Post: Boasting More tales, and their implications, travel by word of mouth; those that can be fairly traced back to the Pirate this week state: That neither the Island of Doubloon Delta, the Island of the Crumbling Cliff, nor the Island of the Coral Barrier are home to the Pirate’s Hoard; That… RaichuKFM 09/17/16 0
Story Post: Weekly Boast Other tales, and their implications, travel by word of mouth; those that can be fairly traced back to the Pirate state: That neither the Island of Dredger Cove, the Island of Arid Dunes, nor the Island of Crab Edge are home to the Pirate’s Hoard; That the Landmarks of the… RaichuKFM 09/11/16 0
Ascension Address: Treasure Chest Everyone knows that pirates don’t bury treasure. Well, maybe not everyone; Somebody had to start saying that, after all—But you all know this. Some, possibly from personal experience. But this is different. You know there’s treasure here, buried on these islands. He was practically bragging about it to anyone who… RaichuKFM 08/08/16 4 08/08/16
Self-Aggrandizement Per “[VAN] Vanity”, I have scored: “When the Editor makes a weekly report, they must declare which Scribe has the highest Looks, or that there is a tie for highest Looks. If the same Scribe is named this way in 2 consecutive weekly reports, that Scribe Scores.” As I was… RaichuKFM 08/02/16 0
About Ruleset Theft I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, but the link we’re to steal rules from seems a bit broken. As, in fact, does the whole /~nomicwiki section of Now, unless that’s just a bug, or the wiki is up elsewhere, we need to pick a new list. We… RaichuKFM 07/20/16 5 07/20/16
Idling Post Izzoboetam and ryagami idle out after eleven and nine days of inactivity, respectively. Quorum falls to five. RaichuKFM 07/20/16 0
Boast I’m obliged to brag about the fact that I scored, by correctly guessing a Map. It wasn’t really an impressive feat, though. I mean, that Rule did come from one of Bucky’s Dynasties- The one I first joined the game during, in fact. Right at the tail end. I’ve come… RaichuKFM 07/18/16 1 07/19/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] Pop Quiz Bucky, Grading RaichuKFM 07/17/16 1 07/18/16
Oh yeah I’m an admin Aft3rwards idles out after 11 days of inactivity. Quorum remains six. RaichuKFM 07/14/16 0
Weeding The largest glasshouse at the Cambridge Botanic Gardens goes into decline. RaichuKFM 06/14/16 0
Advancing Time Progress by fiat. Time Advances. RaichuKFM 02/26/16 0
Ascension Address: Hordes of the Ring Once, the teeming hosts of our kind were perched to take all the world, to claim all that was ours by right. But the dark one who had joined our kind together by force was cast down, and our armies laid low, scattered to the hills. There we still wait,… RaichuKFM 02/13/16 0
Ill Portent After a week of inactivity, Put goes idle, seemingly having left in the night to avoid hardships foreseen not to come. Quorum falls to seven. RaichuKFM 02/23/15 0
Redundant, but Just in case someone missed it, I unidled. Quorum rises to seven. It’s good to be back. RaichuKFM 01/30/15 0
Ill Be Back Eventually I really haven’t been keeping up with this Dynasty, so I’m idling myself. Quorum remains four. RaichuKFM 10/28/14 0
Flea Market: Big ol Crate Might be handy to store other goods in? It looks like you’re going to be dealing with an influx of goods. 19.25.71, for reference, which puts its Typical Price at $9. RaichuKFM 07/21/14 2 07/29/14
Innacuracies I think the Typical Prices of the categories 16, 18, and 19 on the Second-hand goods page are wrong. They are listed as $15, $22, and $27, respectively, when 250/20, 250/9, and 250/27 come out to $12, $27, and $9, respectively. Anything I missed? RaichuKFM 07/20/14 1 07/20/14
News Any response from 75th Trombone and/or new information on the issue? RaichuKFM 07/07/14 8 07/10/14
Assault Result The Minotaur chased some Skeletons out of their caves and sent them towards the castle, but Kevan and Purplebeard’s shiny new maces were useful in fending them off. As a reward for their foresight they recieved four Gold while the other Knights all recieved two, and the remainder has been… RaichuKFM 05/18/14 2 05/19/14
Ascension Address: Here There Be Monsters A lone flask sits bubbling, but something pans out, leaving a wrecked lab, up through a hole in a crashed ship, past an assortment of odd creatures, now through the layers of clouds and gas swaddling a lone planet, further out, past a giant flare, zooming further out until its… RaichuKFM 05/06/14 0
Long Overdue Justice, benzene and modulus idle out after 18, 16, and 13 days of inactivity, respectively. Quorum is three. RaichuKFM 04/28/14 0
Trapped In A Particle Accelerator After 9 days of inactivity, Babylon idles out. Quorum is four. RaichuKFM 04/07/14 0
I Wonder How He Fared Turtlemoon goes idle after wandering off into the distance. Quorum falls to 4. RaichuKFM 02/03/14 0
Time Travel Troubles Jookyle, Urist_McNomic, TheCube, Clucky, Spitemaster, and IceFromHell idle out after 19, 17, 17, 15, 10, and 9 days of inactivity respectively. Quorum falls to four. RaichuKFM 01/31/14 0
Ascension Address: Marooned A man comes to, lying on his stomach on a cold metal floor. He looks around and sees himself surrounded by unconscious strangers. Wait, no, this is a corridor of a ship, and those are some of his fellow crewmembers. They are starting to stir, as well. He gets up,… RaichuKFM 12/28/13 0
Wait a second “All Oligarchs and the Despot have an amount of Power” Does this mean Clucky has no Power? I think “retaining all GNDT values” means he does, but this is kinda important. RaichuKFM 12/18/13 7 12/19/13
Story Post: Er, who is Raichu? Clucky undertook a Framing action with the instructions of “Chief, please swap Raichu’s Credibility with that of yourself.” Clucky then undertook an action of swapping his Credibility with RaichuKFM’s. I would say that this means Clucky didn’t follow directions, as RaichuKFM is not Raichu, and as such the Framing and… RaichuKFM 12/16/13 15 12/16/13
Extradition Ludwig and Skju idle out after 13 and 8 days of inactivity, respectively. Quorum drops to six. RaichuKFM 12/12/13 0
Note None of the currently Known Spells used Variable Parameters. Just posting this so its clear I did fully carry out the effects of “Some algebra”. RaichuKFM 09/18/13 2 09/19/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player Name] Does your Style start with a letter in your Hints? RaichuKFM 08/23/13 14 08/26/13
Idling Matters I had idled Sphinx earlier but didn’t do so in a post, and so here is the post. Quorum is still five. Wakukee is looking like he’ll drop out in a day, but everyone else has taken some manner of action within a day or two. RaichuKFM 06/29/13 0
Idlings Murphy, kikar, and Cpt. Koen idle out after 7, 9, and 13 days of inactivity respectively. Quorum drops to six. RaichuKFM 06/27/13 1 06/27/13
Idling Fool asked to be idled in a comment to this post: I had meant to make a post about it, but evidently forgot. However, a Post is only necessary if they didn’t ask to be idled, so its all legal. Sorry about the lateness, and thanks Wakukee for the… RaichuKFM 06/12/13 3 06/12/13
Successful Deliberation It has been decided that the Noble Skju, Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Kent, Earl of March, Baron Byron, Baron Mulgrave, Baron Fotheringay shall take the throne. I gladly forfeit my ascension onto him. Long live the King! RaichuKFM 06/08/13 9 06/10/13
Story Post: Road to Victory I am Declaring a Feud upon Rationality, Baron Bywell because they are standing in the way of my victory! RaichuKFM 06/07/13 0
Didn’t Get The Word Out Clucky, Earl of Northumberland, Earl of Oxford made no Story Post to announce his Tournament, so I am reverting the Wealth spent and removing it from the Tournaments page. RaichuKFM 05/31/13 1 05/31/13
Subsided Spite It has been four Advancements of Time since the last actions of Feuding between kikar, Duke of York, Earl of Dorset, Baron Weobly, Baron Veralum, Baron of Monmouth and Purplebeard, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Norfolk, Earl of Northumberland, Baron Beanley, Baron Finch; More than enough time has passed to… RaichuKFM 05/16/13 0
You Fritter and Waste Time Advances. RaichuKFM 05/14/13 0
Time Carries On Time Advances. RaichuKFM 05/06/13 0
Idling Report After 9 days of inactivity, Murphy idles out. Quorum remains at 6. RaichuKFM 05/05/13 0
Time Spiral Time Advances. RaichuKFM 05/04/13 0
Full Circle Time Advances. RaichuKFM 05/02/13 0
Balancing Sides nqeron idles out, after 11 days of inactivity. RaichuKFM 04/30/13 0
Fly Like An Eagle Time Advances. RaichuKFM 04/28/13 0
I Want To Time has Advanced. RaichuKFM 04/19/13 0
Into the Future Time has Advanced. RaichuKFM 04/17/13 0
Idling After a week of inactivity TyTy goes idle. Quorum has dropped to 5. RaichuKFM 04/12/13 2 04/13/13
Political Intrigue Yoshi1118 idles out after seven days of inactivity. Quorum remains at 7. RaichuKFM 04/11/13 0
Ich Bin Ein Freiherr No Abeyant Baronies exist, and as such, I will create the title “Baron of Greystoke”. This Barony falls under the Earldom of Essex and the Dukedom of Exeter. I will then claim this title for my own, as I have paid the cost and incurred the sullying of my character. RaichuKFM 04/11/13 0
I Lived In a Dorset, Once I am now RaichuKFM, Baron of Lisle, said title now being in the Earldom of Dorset, which itself is under the Dukedom of York. RaichuKFM 04/10/13 0
I Sense A Great Disturbance in The Quorum Josh and Hugbeam idle out, after 9 and 8 days of inactivity, respectively. Quorum drops to five. RaichuKFM 03/25/13 0
Death Stars LarrytheTurtle pulled a clever trick; Weapons cannot be traded as part of rules governed by “Resources” and its subrules, but it can be traded to Space Stations, as that is under “Space Ships”. My question is, do we patch this loophole, or should we build off of Space Stations having… RaichuKFM 03/13/13 0
He’s Gone Plaid Henry has not been here or done anything in the last seven days, and idles out. RaichuKFM 02/28/13 0
Something’s Afoot And Its My Job This Time I have a banner made and uploaded to the Wiki, but I don’t know how to put it in the banner slot on the main page. Could another Admin be so kind, assuming it’s suitable? Picture is here. RaichuKFM 02/27/13 8 02/27/13
Ascension Address: Divided Space It has been a troubling past year for the entire local interstellar community. Barely a month in, the previous dominant power collapsed, and tensions finally snapped. A massive power struggle ensued, and while no nations were fully conquered, it left their resources depleted and all boundaries disputed. It eventually ended… RaichuKFM 02/27/13 1 02/27/13
RaiCoupKFM Reword the last paragraph of Rule 2.15 “La Revolución” from A Coup may be resolved once by any Honourable Member other than the Speaker if 48 hours have passed since it was posted and at least 6 hours have passed since it was last Supported or Opposed. If, at that… RaichuKFM 02/20/13 2 02/20/13
URGENT QUESTION: LarryTheTurtle, nqueron, Klisz Is this just a handout for everyone who had 46 Credibility? RaichuKFM 02/17/13 3 02/18/13
Story Post: URGENT QUESTION: LarryTheTurtle Is this just blatant nepotism for a fellow Party member? RaichuKFM 02/09/13 1 02/09/13
Sins of Not Resolving in Time In the subrule “Encouragement” of Rule 2.6 “Parties”, change the phrase If an Honourable Member has belonged to no Party for at least 48 consecutive hours,  to If an Honourable Member whose most recent unidling or joining of the game occurred no less than 48 hours ago, currently belongs to… RaichuKFM 02/09/13 2 02/09/13
Something’s Afoot Again The site won’t load for me every once in a while, and I’m receiving e-mail notifications for comments I already received notifications for, at seemingly random intervals. Anyone else getting such weirdness? RaichuKFM 01/29/13 5 01/30/13
Something’s Afoot. Just noticed the site says its still last dynasty. RaichuKFM 01/28/13 2 01/28/13
Joining Could I, RaichuKFM, become a member of this Nomic game? Thank you and I hope I put this in the right spot. RaichuKFM 10/14/12 1 10/14/12