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I must away Due to lifestuff I must idle. You’re all awesome. Thank you for the fun. :) Viv 04/15/17 1 04/15/17
The Statolith speaks, gently Beautiful Organs. In this dynasty, I will from now on tend to veto the following, without spite or malice, in the name of balance. Vast, baroque proposals. It’s not much fun looking for loopholes that arrive ready-drilled in a massive block of rules. Try making smaller proposals. There are many… Viv 03/18/17 6 03/18/17
Ascension Address: Descending and Regressing The surviving villagers of Zahndorf bury their dead. One of them returns the book of rituals to the library. On the librarian’s desk, they notice a large round rock patterned with pitted swirls. By it, a slim book is opened to a page with a drawing of the same rock,… Viv 03/06/17 0
Hiatus Zahndorf is quiet. Viv 03/04/17 3 03/05/17
Just to be sure… I am performing a Saltwater Ritual in the Church. (Just for neatness, in case the earlier timestamp is contested.) Viv 03/01/17 0
The Saltwater Ritual The wolf pads up to the altar and puts down chewed-up nightshade dripping with well water and damp salt from the dead priest’s pocket. It sits on its haunches and after a few coughs and growls starts to speak in a human voice, reminiscent of the town librarian who disappeared… Viv 03/01/17 4 03/02/17
Wet Using well water on Derrick. Doctor? Viv 02/27/17 1 02/27/17
Eating Nightshade. It’s squeaky. (Using nightshade on self. Doctor please attend.) Viv 02/26/17 1 02/26/17
Apport The wolf trots to the market with red cap and water, and applies the combination to Derrick. Then sneezes sadly. (using red cap and well water on derrick, doctor please attend) Viv 02/25/17 1 02/25/17
Melancholy All my childhood spent hearing tales of the great beast, the family curse. Dreams of wild majesty. No one told me I’d feel the urge to fetch sticks in the park. Jumping out of the well, happily eating up the wolfsbane, shaking myself next to Orkboi who gets splashed with… Viv 02/23/17 2 02/23/17
Dessert Using Red Cap on Quincunx. Doctor, please attend… Viv 02/21/17 1 02/22/17
Breakfast Padding through the forest, eating Nightshade. Curling up for a nap by someone’s cooling campfire. Doctor, please attend. Viv 02/21/17 1 02/21/17
And a drink! Using well water on Derrick. Hospitality! Celebration. Sorry I might be overexcited about visitors it’s a thing recently also the wagging sorry hello Doctor? Viv 02/20/17 2 02/21/17
Welcome to the forest Using Red Cap on Derrick. Glad you made it! Doctor, please attend. Viv 02/20/17 5 02/20/17
Wolfsbane Eating Wolfsbane. It smells weird. Doctor, please attend. Viv 02/20/17 1 02/20/17
Picnic Strolling down to the marker, meeting Orkboi. Offering him a snack. (Using Red Cap on Orkboi. Doctor, please attend.) Viv 02/15/17 3 02/16/17
Snack Having a fry-up. Using silver bark on myself. Viv 02/14/17 1 02/14/17
If you go down to the woods today I combine leeches and red cap and use them on Quincunx. Doctor, please attend Viv 02/13/17 1 02/13/17
Late Lunch Eating some Mandrake. I’m hungry. Using Mandrake on myself. Doctor, please respond. Viv 02/09/17 1 02/10/17
Cough I’m eating Silver Bark. *cough*. Doctor, please attend. Viv 01/28/17 1 01/29/17
Misery I *cough* mix up wolfsbane and nightshade and *cough* take it myself. Doctor? Is that you? Viv 01/27/17 1 01/27/17
No whiskey, just rocks Sitting at home drinking well water. Doctor, please attend (but try not to kill me thanks) Viv 01/26/17 1 01/26/17
You dropped this Using red cap on Matt. Doctor, please attend. Viv 01/24/17 1 01/25/17
Bark Sitting in the woods, chewing on a tree. It’s soothing. I saw a deer do it once. It looked happy. (Administering silver bark to myself. Doctor, please respond.) Viv 01/15/17 1 01/16/17
Homebrew Couldn’t sleep. They say they’re using water cannons in town now to deal with the plague rats or something. I spent the night soaking my mandrake root in well water, not sure what I expected, it’s not like it’s going to come to life and tell me secrets. There’s only… Viv 01/14/17 1 01/14/17
Unlurking *sniffing* ...yes I think I will stop being idle. Viv 12/29/16 1 12/29/16
New Councillor May I manifest please? Viv 09/25/16 1 09/25/16