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Unidle Sorry, around the holidays there I got a bit distracted, I thought I’ve posted/voted within the idle period, but meh. I unidle. Dustin 01/10/10 1 01/11/10
Open Sesame I wish I were unidled. Dustin 12/11/09 1 12/11/09
New Dynasty! Unidle-ize me, please. Dustin 10/16/08 1 10/17/08
Level up! Create a new Dynastic Rule, entitled “Experience”, with the following text: Each Adventurer has a value tracked by the GNDT labeled “Level”. An Adventurer’s Level must be a counting number, and begins at 1 by default. An Adventurer’s Level may never fall below 1. Each Adventurer also has a value… Dustin 07/09/08 6 07/09/08
Back again Been waiting for a new dynasty to come round. Please unidle. Thanks! Dustin 07/09/08 1 07/09/08
Stormtrooper reporting! Please unidle. I do solemnly swear by all that is vile and evil that I will follow any and all orders set forth by the Overlord and will do whatever it takes to achieve world domination. Dustin 04/17/08 4 04/17/08
Joining BlogNomic I would like to be registered in BlogNomic as a Captain. Thank you. Dustin 03/13/08 2 03/13/08