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Idle Time With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow, my gaming time will be otherwise occupied, so I think it’s time to idle until I get bored of it. Tata! Prince Anduril 12/19/11 0
No dancing in circles REPRESENTING: Prince Anduril, Flurie Add a new paragraph to the ‘Employment’ rule with the following text: No Player may Employ any other Player if doing so would cause both Players to Outrank each-other. Prince Anduril 11/09/11 9 11/09/11
Anagram Blooming C Prince Anduril 10/10/11 4 10/11/11
Don’t take my Acclaim - A Critique Bucky once again stuns us with his wit and ingenuity. This clearly minimalist work highlights a deep seated desire to win at all costs, yet also without effort. This juxtaposition of cunning, and complete lack of subtlety blends well with the psychological crisis enforced upon the Artistic Community as they… Prince Anduril 10/04/11 4 10/09/11
Story Post: In my own defence I believe I’ve found a scam in the Zeitgeist rule: The Zeitgeist rule states: The Zeitgeist is a list of Criteria that Artists can optionally meet in their posts to score Acclaim. It is tracked in the following Wiki page: “Zeitgeist”. Since there is indeed such a page, and that… Prince Anduril 10/03/11 9 10/03/11
Don’t fall down these stairs. Prince Anduril 10/02/11 4 10/03/11
Apple on my head Here, have a bow. Prince Anduril 09/30/11 5 10/02/11
Eureka! Artistic Appreciation. Add a rule under section, 2.6 Using Items in the Most Creative Ways: Oil Painting. As a Daily Action any Survivor in possession of the oil painting may Contemplate it. Any Survivor who Contemplates the Oil Painting gains 1 Sanity. A Survivor may only gain Sanity from Contemplating the Oil… Prince Anduril 09/28/11 7 09/30/11
Eject Bateleur! You may notice that Bateleur stole my food and promptly ate it all, not sharing any of it! A dastardly act, seeing as I tried and failed to do exactly the same thing! I therefore propose he walks the plank! Prince Anduril 09/26/11 3 09/27/11
You can’t change what rubbish floats your way On there is a list of object names, that is not part of the gamestate for technical reasons, but that Survivors should abstain from changing. Okay. I get that the list can’t be part of the gamestate, because it can’t be tracked in the GNDT, and we can’t police… Prince Anduril 09/16/11 2 09/16/11
Logging actions Just a quick question. People may have noticed the mess I just made of the GNDT after I tried to declare a clue illegally. Was it okay for me to just revert all my actions back then? I back-tracked each step back to where I declared a clue (as most… Prince Anduril 09/14/11 7 09/14/11
Let’s try again shall we? Amend the Victorious Return rule from: If the lifeboat is Ashore, and a single Survivor (the “Spokesperson”) has a higher Score than each other Survivor, then the Spokesperson may declare Victory. to: If the lifeboat is Ashore, and a single Survivor (the “Spokesperson”) has a higher Score than each other… Prince Anduril 09/11/11 6 09/13/11
Eureka! This compass does not point north. Item: The Compass of Jack Sparrow Effect: If an Insane Survivor possesses the Compass of Jack Sparrow, they may perform a Sighting action, without being Sane. Prince Anduril 09/07/11 5 09/08/11
A General request This doesn’t affect the gamestate, but I was wondering whether we could have a section in the sidebar to have ‘Open’ story posts, specifically Eureka posts. I noticed this in the last dynasty with the Sticky Bomb posts, but I find myself constantly trawling down the page to find out… Prince Anduril 09/05/11 6 09/06/11
Eureka! I’ve lost my marbles Item: A bag of marbles Effect: When A bag of marbles is transferred from the possession of one Survivor to another, the Survivor who previously possessed A bag of marbles has Lost Their Marbles. A Survivor who has Lost Their Marbles loses 2 Sanity points. Prince Anduril 09/05/11 13 09/05/11
Eureka! These are the wrong sort of bees! Having made two Item posts in a day, I now make my second one legal: Item: A Children’s book Effect: If a Survivor possesses a Children’s book, as a Daily Action they may Read to any one Survivor (which may be themselves). Any Survivor who is Read to gains 1… Prince Anduril 09/04/11 7 09/05/11
Eureka! You never can tell with bees. Item: A Children’s book Effect: If a Survivor possesses a Children’s book, as a Daily Action they may Read to any one Survivor (which may be themselves). Any Survivor who is Read to gains 1 Sanity level. No Survivor may gain more than 1 Sanity level in this way, per… Prince Anduril 09/03/11 5 09/04/11
Eureka! My compass is unique. Item: The Compass of Jack Sparrow (known as “the Compass”) Effect: If the Survivor who carries the Compass sights land, and after 48 hours all Survivors do not reach an Island, that Survivor does not lose 3 Sanity. Prince Anduril 09/03/11 5 09/04/11
Who needs food when you can imagine it? Add a paragraph to the end of the rule “Hunger and Tiredness” with the following text: If the day on which a Survivor last Ate, or Slept, is more than 3 days ago, for each consecutive day following this that that Survivor does not Eat or Sleep, their Sanity level… Prince Anduril 08/28/11 2 08/28/11
I deidle I deidle - Quorum remains at 6 - Do I get my frags back? Because I was doing well! Prince Anduril 08/13/11 4 08/13/11
Wiki Account Hey there, Would it be possible for me to have a wiki account with the username PrinceAnduril? Thanks Prince Anduril 07/08/11 1 07/08/11
Announcing my arrival Hey there, Pretty new to nomics generally, so thought I’d give this a try. Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to do to register. Thanks, Prince Anduril Prince Anduril 07/04/11 1 07/04/11