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Unidling What the heck, I’m going to try to play a round. I’m unidling. Quorum increases to 5. (Do remember: “Seventy-Fifth Trombone” is a BlogNomic player; “75th Trombone” is the server administrator. I don’t remember why I did this, but I did, so here we are.) Seventy-Fifth Trombone 11/23/14 0
Returning I’m back as well. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 10/20/11 0
Back up… we think Things appear to be running smoothly after the longer-than-expected EE upgrade. It was longer than expected because we were extremely careful, and also because I am extremely stupid. This is also a test post. If things are as they should be, you will never know what it is I’m testing.… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/28/09 16 08/29/09
Downtime on February 8-9 Hey, all. Got an e-mail from Dreamhost today. They’re relocating the server BlogNomic is hosted on on February 9. Downtime will be for some period within the span of 6:00 to 14:00 UTC (which begins in the evening of February 8 for western-US players). I’ll be making backups of everything… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 01/29/08 2 01/30/08
Returning Seventy-Fifth Trombone is back. For how long is yet to be seen. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/27/06 0
If it’s broke…. Then fix it! I’ve got us updated to EE 1.4.2, which comes with a way to fix the broken-archive problem, which is now fixed. :) Also fixed are the broken emoticons. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 06/21/06 2 06/21/06
Any change? Just out of curiosity, is everything fixed for anyone now? Someone at some point had added a line to the .htaccess that I think might’ve been the cause of all these problems. Post here or e-mail me. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 04/25/06 2 04/25/06
Changes coming As I post this, a script in an SSH window is compiling our very own copy of PHP. This is the only remedy I know to try for the server problems people are having that keep people from posting. Backups will be made. I’m so terribly sorry about all of… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 04/24/06 2 04/25/06
Technical notice On a hunch, I’ve just set to run PHP as CGI instead of as an Apache module. If this fixes or breaks anything for anyone, please hail me on IRC. (Be sure to type my screen name, SeventyFifthTbn, so my client will beep at me.) Seventy-Fifth Trombone 04/08/06 3 04/12/06
Technical problems survey Everyone who sees this, please respond to this post with the following information: * Time zone * Operating System and version * Web browser and version * Do you regularly or semi-regularly experience server errors on any page on BlogNomic? * If so, what error and on what pages? Thanks. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 04/06/06 15 04/08/06
Interpretation Proposal: Ruleset amendments says “Therefore I propose the following: ... That new glossary items are proposed for the terms Dynasties, Hiatus and Metadynasty.” I say that this clause does nothing. Proposals are governed by the Ruleset, and the Ruleset says that Proposals are made by people, not by other Proposals.… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 03/04/06 2 03/05/06
Unidling Since this dynasty looks to be ending soon, I’m gonna unidle. Terribly sorry about my dynasty fizzling out the way it did; maybe we can resurrect it someday when I can devote myself properly to the task. EDIT: Unidling Excalabur at his request; quorum becomes 11. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 03/03/06 0
Server Weirdness: Part Deux I’m going to be untying some template knots in the next few hours. There may be intermittent weirdness while I’m doing so. I’m keeping a backup copy of all the templates in case something gets too majorly screwed up. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 03/02/06 0
Notice: No more offerings Folks should head over to Elias IX’s Thread and observe the changes I made to the gamestate via his Offering. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 01/07/06 0
Some ideas Just wanted to air out some ideas before I make any more Proposals. A while back I made a couple of Proposals, Goosebump Potential and Proof of Concept that would allow players—just me at first—to reserve items’ descriptions. My idea was that we could create items whose effects were unknown… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 01/07/06 6 01/08/06
Define “Back” Sorry for the minor lie I told with that recent Veto; holiday insanity lasted longer than expected. I plan to be ACTUALLY back now, however, and will make no less than two Proposals in the next two days, hopefully to get stuff moving. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 01/06/06 0
More tweaking UPDATE—I’m tweaking even MORE more stuff to try to fix Kevan’s problems. Sorry if stuff breaks for someone else; loginness might be funkified in particular. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/22/05 6 12/27/05
Updated Update to ExpressionEngine 1.4 is complete. Post here and/or scream loudly about any weirdnesses you find. Any other downtime will be announced, but don’t expect it for a day or two. UPDATE: After working with one of the pMachine guys, Template editing is now back to beautiful. Also, check out… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/17/05 5 12/19/05
Possible downtime Yesterday I received an automatic notice from Dreamhost that we’re using up too many CPU cycles on our server. Specifically, we’re using 80-90 minutes of processor time daily. Over the next few days, I’ll be doing some stuff to try to bring this down. I’ll be changing some PHP settings… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/17/05 2 12/17/05
For the new guys: Not Quite A Quest I’m only going to do Quests for in-character-type stuff, and this is a technical request. Hopefully (if a veteran can’t) our new CS geeks folks majors might be able to help. What I’d like is to find or create a Javascripty something that meets the following specs:  Its main function… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/16/05 12 12/17/05
Informal poll Angel, Devil, and Fred were left rather in Limbo after Excalabur’s Dynasty ended. It’s my opinion that since 1) the rules that enabled their existence are gone, and 2) they did not become a Protagonist by any means currently in the Ruleset, we can just nuke them without bothering with… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/14/05 3 12/14/05
Ascension Address: Ascension Address THE FIRST DYNASTY OF 75TH TROMBONE ©2005 Lanny Heidbreder, distributed by BlogNomic RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT? > restart You are standing in a colorless void. Foggy, charcoal emptiness stretches to infinity before and behind you. Beside you, thirteen others—whether companions or adversaries, you do not know—stand nearby. A bold, commanding,… Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/13/05 2 12/14/05
Sorry Dreamhost has suffered two DDoS attacks (so far) today. Hence the downtime. When BlogNomic has days like today, your best bet on finding out what’s up is here. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/12/05 0
Wreaking of the Turn Unidle me. Okay, no problem. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 12/06/05 2 12/06/05
I’m back…? 75th Trombone is unidling. 75th Trombone is unsure how well he will be able to keep up with this dynasty. 75th Trombone will attempt to keep up regardless. Quorum is 6. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 09/12/05 0
Test post. This time, I’m seeing if the caching settings I just turned on are screwing something up. If anyone notices weird or stupid behavior, lemme know. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/22/05 1 08/23/05
Switched!! Definitely not how I envisioned it, but by a 2-1 margin, the game at has ended. As there are no rules governing it, does anyone care if I go ahead and hack up the front page at Blog*Spot appropriately? Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/21/05 4 08/22/05
Switch thoughts Now that we’ve got the GNDT, are we pretty much ready to move the actual game over? Does anyone have any issues that need resolving before we make such a proposal on the real game? Throw feedback here. Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/12/05 8 08/13/05
GNDT!! Kevan, being The Man, sent me the GNDT source this morning. At the moment it is available here. Folks with shell/FTP access, it’s in the obvious directory. Those who want shell/FTP access, contact me, Excalabur, or whoever else Excalabur has gotten around to giving the info to. :) Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/12/05 2 08/13/05
Incidentally… Someone said something about the timestamps not actually being UTC. They appear to be UTC on my machine… ...are they still wrong for anybody? Seventy-Fifth Trombone 08/11/05 2 08/12/05