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I deidle Quorum remains 8. scshunt 11/07/13 0
Proposing Ignorance In the rule “Disorder in the House.”, replace: Also, an Admin enacting a Proposal or Call for Judgment shall carry out any modifications it makes to their Ignored paragraph. with When an Admin is enacting a Proposal, they apply gamestate modifications as if they were Ignoring the same paragraph as… scshunt 10/27/13 3 10/28/13
Unidle please I’m not at a convenient time/device to deidle myself from, but it now matters how quickly I get deidled, thanks to Kevan’s proposal. Can someone please deidle me? Thanks. scshunt 10/15/13 1 10/15/13
Idle time I go idle. Quorum is still 5. scshunt 10/07/13 0
Idlers andrewStiltman, Clucky, and kikar idle out. Quorum is now 5. -scshunt scshunt 10/06/13 3 10/07/13
Holding Pattern In the rule “Resources”, remove the sentence “A Captain can only have as many resources as their ship has Hold.” and add the following after the first paragraph:  A Captain may discard any number of Resources at any time. If a Captain has more Resources than the Hold value of… scshunt 03/04/13 3 03/05/13
Story Post: SPECTRO: Ophiochus is Silver. scshunt 03/04/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Skaro is Black. scshunt 03/04/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Betelgeuse is Purple. scshunt 03/01/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Endor is Silver. scshunt 03/01/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Endor is Silver. scshunt 03/01/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Palomar is Purple. scshunt 03/01/13 0
My apologies I went on a trip and had much less access to the Internet than expected, so I wasn’t able to do any blognomicking over the weekend. I know that there were points of order pending, too. I’m going to get right on soring everything out, and hopefully things weren’t too… scshunt 02/25/13 8 02/25/13
CALL TO ORDER: Party Formation It seems that the formation of political parties, a vital component of any functioning democracy, is to be the order of the day. Please submit proposals now! scshunt 02/07/13 0
Story Post: POINT OF ORDER: Tabloid Mania In this post, Purblebeard claims that Josh’s statements about gaining and losing credibility are contradictory, and this is clearly a matter of controversy as indicated by the fact that a CFJ was made about them. I believe that the statements are not contradictory since they refer to different points in… scshunt 02/06/13 0
POINT OF ORDER: Tabloid Mania In this post, Purblebeard claims that Josh’s statements about gaining and losing credibility are contradictory, and this is clearly a matter of controversy as indicated by the fact that a CFJ was made about them. I believe that the statements are not contradictory since they refer to different points in… scshunt 02/06/13 4 02/07/13
Busy this weekend I will be busy this weekend and won’t be around to admin things. Since I think I’ve been the only one adminning recently, can someone else please step up to the plate to make sure things don’t slow down too much? Thanks. scshunt 02/02/13 1 02/02/13
What a crappy repair job. Subtract 150 from the Credibility of every Honourable Member. Amend the rule “Credibility” by replacing each instance of the number “200” with “50”. scshunt 01/28/13 4 01/29/13
Ascension Address: Call to Order By order of the House, the Ruleset is amended by repealing all dynastic rules, by replacing each occurrence of “Auspex” with “Speaker”, and by replacing each instance of “Believer” with “Honourable Member”. The Speaker hereby calls to order the inaugural meeting of the House of Nomicites at the opening of… scshunt 01/23/13 0
Dynastic musings Hey everyone, I don’t really want to hand off my second win in a short period of time, but at the same time, I’m kind of reluctant to take on the position of Auspex given that the next three weeks are going to be quite busy for me. At the… scshunt 01/21/13 8 01/23/13
Designation of an Heir I am retiring from my position as Mogul; Josh, who has been an excellent competitor, will take over my empire. scshunt 11/12/12 4 11/12/12
Hacked Phones Negative Science Event in Israel: Futuristic Public Transit System to be Tested in Tel Aviv scshunt 11/10/12 1 11/10/12
New News Pro-Science is Right Wing. scshunt 11/10/12 0
I deidle Quorum becomes 7. scshunt 10/22/12 2 10/23/12
Peer Review mark (2) Enact a new rule entitled “[COR] Corrections” with the following text:  A Proposal is a Correction if it satisfies the following (possibly in the flavour text):  It contains a Citation to another Proposal (the Original).  The Original was authored by a different Student.  The Original was Pending when the Correction… scshunt 09/17/12 0
Unidle me please (I’m away from my adminning computer) scshunt 08/15/12 1 08/15/12
Note about the color scheme This is the rough outline of what I’d like, but many of the colors are off. Any admin who wants to is welcome to fix. scshunt 06/18/12 2 06/18/12
Ascension Address: The Blog Has Gone All Wibbly Well, this is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Look at this timeline. Look at it. I do believe that the Djinn is busy granting the wishes of some little ants over there, and in the meanwhile, the Computer’s gone mad and is hunting down Communists in East Berlin.… scshunt 06/17/12 0
A New Era As quorum is now 7, it turns out that this old DoV is enactable: A DoV may be enacted if any of the following is true: It has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, has a number of FOR Votes that exceed or equal Quorum, and either… scshunt 06/17/12 12 06/17/12
Idling BobTHJ, welknair, LT3000, and Hobbit all idle out. Quorum is now 9. scshunt 06/16/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 45 Dynasty 45 states that if, at any time, a Lifeform is the only Alive Lifeform, then that Lifeform achieves victory. I am the only such lifeform; therefore I can unblock its chakra. scshunt 06/09/12 7 06/09/12
Please deidle me I have returned! scshunt 04/13/12 1 04/15/12
Processed Welcome to BlogNomic, SlamCrackle! Additionally, I have de-idled spc, Soviet Brendon, omd, and myself. Clucky’s handoff to spc was illegal as he was idle. There are now 16 Musicians, Quorum is 9. scshunt 03/16/12 0
Pavitra idles out I hope I can still idle him like this. Quorum drops to 8. scshunt 01/09/12 0
Blargh Ban TheMeringovian. Delete all blog entries by TheMeringovian. scshunt 12/31/11 4 12/31/11
Seeking Driver Feedback I’ve discovered a scam in a pending proposal. Do the Drivers want me to point it out, or would they prefer to leave it until someone else notices and uses it to their advantage? scshunt 11/11/11 4 11/11/11
Ascension Address: The Great Reorganization Okay, folks, here’s the deal. We’re losing money. I know, some of you have been saying this for days. Weeks. Months, even. You guys think I just won’t listen, and that I’m going to drive this company into the ground and take you all with me. This ends today. We’ve… scshunt 11/10/11 0
Extra Safety Append the following to the rule entitled “Votable Matters” This rule cannot be overruled by Dynastic Rules in its application to Calls for Judgment or Declarations of Victory. Append the following to the rule entitled “Victory & Ascension” This rule cannot be overruled by Dynastic Rules as it relates to… scshunt 11/07/11 2 11/07/11
Name Change Change the name of the player named ‘Agora Nomic’ to ‘Tiger’. scshunt 10/23/11 2 10/23/11
Thoughts on better CFJs In my time here, I’ve always thought CFJs to be a little bit on the strange side. They always just seemed a bit more like emergency proposals. Worse, they are ostensibly for correcting disagreements in the game state (such as the GNDT) that have cropped up, but in practice, they… scshunt 10/22/11 23 10/23/11
Historical Artifacts Append the following to Rule 1.3 It is the duty of a new Critic to, at the start of a dynasty, ensure that the history of the previous dynasty is properly recorded in the Wiki. scshunt 10/21/11 6 10/21/11
Please exit the dynasty single-file Bucky’s enactment of the CFJ at was illegal due to the fact that the CFJ had no valid votes. Per rule 1.5 If an Artist leaves the game or goes Idle, their Vote is no longer valid. There is no provision to make that vote valid again. Since every… scshunt 10/21/11 26 10/21/11
I admit to nothing. I definitely did not have nothing to do with the changes that didn’t most definitely not happen at the top of the page. scshunt 09/30/11 0
Idle I idle. Quorum is unchanged. scshunt 09/19/11 0
I don’t want to mutiny but Our Captain’s is heling hold up the dynasty by not searching for clues… scshunt 09/18/11 3 09/19/11
Ship Ahoy! Is that a ship? Or perhaps some variety of narwhal? scshunt 09/15/11 6 09/19/11
(Bomb) not for long I will stick this to myself. scshunt 08/15/11 1 08/15/11
(Bomb) (omb) I makes me a StickyBomb! scshunt 08/11/11 2 08/11/11
I deidle Quorum is now 6. scshunt 08/04/11 0
Run away! Eh, I’m not going to hold on to this thing anyway. I idle. scshunt 07/31/11 1 07/31/11
undelayundelay Amend “Turn-based actions” by replacing each occurrence of 3 with 5 in the following text: Each Gladiator has a non-negative integer number of Action Points, tracked in the “AP” column of the GNDT. New Gladiators start with 3 AP. Any Gladiator who has not yet done so during the current… scshunt 07/19/11 2 07/19/11
Anonyman idles due to inactivity Quorum is 7. scshunt 07/19/11 0
taser should actually do something In Rule 2.9, change Taser. Can be used to Attack any Gladiator who is adjacent to the Attacker. The Attacked Gladiator’s AP are set to zero.  to Taser. Can be used to Attack any Gladiator who is adjacent to the Attacker. The Attacked Gladiator Refreshes if possible and then his… scshunt 07/15/11 7 07/18/11
Story Post: (Bomb) doo-do-do-do-do do do do do I grab the first ever StickyBomb. scshunt 07/15/11 8 07/19/11
Legal actions with illegal comments? Yoda recently claimed to have entered the arena on G2, moved to claim the crate on H1, and then moved back to G1. This is illegal. However, the same result can be obtained with an entrance at G1 instead. Should this be considered to be an illegal or illegal set… scshunt 07/14/11 7 07/15/11
an idler’s fantasy Darth Cliche goes idle due to inactivity. Quorum remains 10. scshunt 07/09/11 0
This am a test I want to test to make sure some changes I made to BNScript are working properly - can 9 people exactly please cast votes AGAINST? scshunt 07/06/11 15 07/07/11
unidle ais523 unidles by request; Quorum is 7. scshunt 06/28/11 1 06/29/11
MoreIdles Darth Cliche and qwerty63 each idle due to inactivity. Quorum is 6. scshunt 06/25/11 0
Inactivity Florw idles out scshunt 06/25/11 0
Passed out in the sun Darth Cliche, Florw, Keba, Oze, spikebrennan, and Travis all appear to be asleep, and have gone inactive due to inactivity. Quorum is now 8. scshunt 05/28/11 0
I dle Quorum drops to 12. scshunt 04/18/11 0
Idling This dynasty is unfairly biased against Linux users. scshunt 12/22/10 0
Idlers macgeorge and glopso idle out. Quorum is now 12. scshunt 12/04/10 0
I deidle Yeah, that. By Divine decree, Quorum is now 14. scshunt 12/02/10 0
Good News, Everyone! I’m giving everyone a free Vote Credit. For any proposal, anyone can PM me and say that they are spending a Vote Credit on that proposal. I will vote however they want on that proposal. Only the first one per proposal counts. scshunt 09/02/10 0
[Corporation] Planet Express The Planet Express corporation’s expendable employees deliver non-expendable goods. Any one Earthling with the Piloting Skill and any one Earthling with the Accountancy Skill can join. scshunt 08/18/10 10 09/04/10
Ascension Address: Ascension Address: Welcome… to the FUTURE! Good news, everyone!. My newest invention is a game where the rules can be changed as you play! I’m already using it, you see, to repeal all dynastic rules except ‘The Mantis Mantra’, replace High-Programmer with Professor, and replace Citizen with Earthling. If only someone could explain to me what… scshunt 08/16/10 0
Kyre is not here Friend Computer has informed me that, due to continued nonperformance of eir duties (specifically, none), Citizen Kyre-R-BGN-1 shall not be considered a Citizen until further notice. Friend Computer has additionally informed me that, due to this, the ability of Citizens to make decisions in the Alpha Complex has increased by… scshunt 08/14/10 1 08/14/10
Loophole Exorcist Amend Rule 1.3 by replacing the list with: A Citizen cannot submit a non-Core Proposal if that Citizen already has two or more non-Core Proposals pending. A Citizen cannot submit a Proposal if that Citizen already has three or more Proposals pending. A Citizen cannot submit a Proposal if that… scshunt 08/12/10 1 08/12/10
Executive Power Clearup Amend the rule ‘UV Citizens’ by replacing ‘any ULTRAVIOLET Citizen’ with ‘any ULTRAVIOLET Officer’. Amend the rule ‘Information Clearance’ by appending ‘For the purposes of any ULTRAVIOLET dynastic rule, ULTRAVIOLET Citizens are both Citizens and Officers.’ scshunt 08/11/10 5 08/12/10
Returning to the complex Congratulations to ais523, who has returned from a mission outside the Alpha Complex. Quorum is unchanged. scshunt 08/10/10 0
Creativity For displaying excellent creativity, citizen Mac-Y-ULL-3 is promoted to BLUE clearance. scshunt 08/10/10 1 08/10/10
Repairs complete. The refactoring of Friend Computer’s programming as it deals with traitors has been complete. Rule ‘Popsy Pervy’ is promoted to INDIGO clearance and rule ‘Treason’ is promoted to VIOLET clearance. Accordingly, Citizens of most clearance levels will once again find that their activities are limited to those approved by Friend… scshunt 08/10/10 1 08/10/10
Upsy-daisy I award myself 9000 PP for violating CoC directive FREEPP. I revert the previous because that is wrong, and award myself 1 TP for violating CoC directive NEGATV. I repeat this process five more times. I now have at least 6 TP. I terminate myself for a cost of 1PP,… scshunt 08/08/10 6 08/09/10
Some missions for you Remove the text “Missions must be in the form of an IF-THEN statement, with IF and THEN capitalized, with the ‘IF’ clause being the ‘trigger’ and the ‘THEN’ clause being the ‘reward’. ” from the rule “We Are Not Alone”. Enact a new ULTRAVIOLET rule entitled “Only the Computer Knows… scshunt 08/07/10 6 08/09/10
Stab I am hereby terminating Keba for being overly treasonous. scshunt 08/07/10 1 08/10/10
A Random Rule Enact a new Orange dynastic rule entitled “Things kids do these days…” reading Citizens in sectors with the letter B in their names cannot sign forms. scshunt 08/05/10 4 08/05/10
An Accusation Worth Dying for I accuse citizen Coppro-R-BGN-1 of being in the following groups: The Secret Police, The Alien Subersives, The Criminal Underground, and The Rebel Usurpers. scshunt 08/04/10 6 08/10/10
Sectored Append the following to Rule 2.1.1: A player is said to be in their home-sector. scshunt 08/04/10 8 08/06/10
First Form Filled Fully 53C70R What is your name? Coppro-R-BGN-1 What is your quest? To be transferred to sector BLN. What is your favorite color? Mauve, no, taupe! For what reason should The Computer process your request? Because I need to be in room 23-J of that sector by the end of the week.… scshunt 08/02/10 7 08/05/10
Proposal: Formulaic Forms Create a new form, entitled 53C70R. Its description is: This form has the effect of changing the home-sectors of its primary signatory and all signatories of the same group as the primary one to another sector, as specified in the form. Its text is: What is your name? ________ What… scshunt 07/30/10 7 07/30/10
Unidle This URL isn’t taken? Please unidle me! scshunt 07/27/10 1 07/27/10
Wikiwiki Can I please get a wiki account under the name ‘coppro’? Thanks. scshunt 07/08/10 1 07/09/10
Procedural Veto? Is it just me, or did our RNG mistakenly think that the Procedural Veto proposal passed when it didn’t, and then proceed to procedurally veto a bunch of proposals? Or is there something else going on here that I’m not aware of? scshunt 06/05/10 1 06/05/10
telnet Please de-idle me; voting icons have come back. scshunt 06/02/10 1 06/02/10
Idling I idle as my browser’s refusal to display voting icons after the second day of this dynasty is making it unplayable. If it gets fixed, I’ll unidle. Quorum remains at 14. scshunt 05/12/10 9 05/15/10
New Voter Registration I would like to confirm with the BlogNomic Electoral Committee that I am a registered Voter. scshunt 05/05/10 2 05/05/10