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A message for my cardinal friends To my dear fellow cardinals, all of whom I hold very close to my heart: If you visit your Blognomic messaging preferences (, you’ll probably notice the box next to “Accept Private Messages sent to you by other members of this site”. Wouldn’t it be nice if that box had… Elias IX 10/10/15 1 10/10/15
And with your spirit. Pope? Nope. Blessed? Yes’d. I unidle. Quorum remains at 7. Elias IX 10/08/15 0
Hello, world, again. I request to be de-Idled. Elias IX 10/21/11 3 10/21/11
AWOL Desertion. Quorum remains at 11. The new term has started, and life is about to get very busy. Good luck, all! Elias IX 02/21/09 0
Eh, wall? Not anymore! Unidled! Quorum rises to a dozen (regular, not baker’s) soldiers. Elias IX 02/11/09 0
I’m staying idle, but here’s a question. Is the #nomic IRC channel still in use? Elias IX 02/02/09 15 02/03/09
color schemery Mmm. I know I came late to the party, but is it too late to propose (informally) a color scheme/banner change? I mocked up this weird/gnome/parliamentary themed banner, and I was also thinking a warmer brown for the color scheme - check it below.  What do you think? If you… Elias IX 12/28/08 11 12/29/08
Passing pending proposals out of order? I smell shenangians! (And austere amounts of alliteration!) I haven’t been back in a while, so I have no idea: have we enacted some rule that allows proposals to skip the queue? EDIT: bahhhh hahah never mind just read the blo ruleset. i’m going crazy. better join a faction quickkkkkkkk. Elias IX 12/23/08 2 12/23/08
WHEREAS you need 9000 porcupines to defenestrate the Society of Gnomes. I’m unidling! There are 22 active citizens! Quorum is 12! Let’s fight! Elias IX 12/22/08 6 12/23/08
(v.) - To make or cause to be inactive. Sadly, I’m not able to visit the site often enough, even to simply vote… so quorum becomes 8. Elias IX 12/12/07 0
Story Post: Einherjar Candidate: Momofuko Ando Momofuko Ando, inventor of instant ramen noodles Tinkering: +10 Male, Sane, Honorable Elias IX 11/25/07 5 11/26/07
Einherjar Candidate: John Coltrane John Coltrane, American jazz saxophonist and composer. Combat: -7 (Probably of the “lover, not a fighter” category, or at least “artist, not soldier”) Artistry: +9 (Obvious.) Charisma: +2 (Jazz is charismatic. Enough said.) Mysticism: +4 (In touch with religion and spirituality.) [Male, Sane, Honorable] Elias IX 11/19/07 0
#nomic Does the java applet work for anyone else? It doesn’t function at all for me, and I think that it would be very useful, especially during this dynasty. Elias IX 11/08/07 2 11/09/07
Oy vey. As a new peasant of Zahndorf, Elias IX had a lot of free time. So, he took out his sole possession, his full genealogical records of the past half-millennium, and started to read it, when he noticed something he hadn’t seen before: His maternal grandmother’s maternal grandmother’s maternal grandmother was… Elias IX 11/01/07 1 11/02/07
I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand. His name was Elias IX. Quorum remains 12. My contact information is merchantofsoul[dot]ix. I use gmail. Elias IX 11/01/07 0
Haikus: Recent Changes In The Monkey Line Bucky is idle. Monkeys in six through sixteen are moving on up. Rodney came back first. Then, BobTHJ followed. The end of the line. Changes do happen. They can mess with your dance moves. Be wise and adapt. Elias IX 08/02/07 2 08/02/07
A slightly apathetic reminder to admins “Whenever an Admin marks a proposal as enacted or failed, they must also mark their name, and report the final tally of votes (or the fact that the proposal was self-killed or vetoed).” All right, whatever. Elias IX 08/02/07 2 08/02/07
Returning The concept of a new dynasty is a beautiful one. Elias IX 07/30/07 0
Er, sorry, just noticing things, even as an idle admin. I think I’ll leave now. I’m not sure who’s adminning proposals without signing his or her name, as per rule 1.5: “Whenever an Admin marks a proposal as enacted or failed, e must also mark eir name, and report the final tally of votes (or the fact that the proposal was self-killed or vetoed).” It… Elias IX 04/21/07 1 04/21/07
Fallen Please idle me; bonus points for a good idling story. Though I realize that on its own, having to go through the templates and GNDT to idle is already a fair bit of work. Elias IX 02/17/07 0
hiatus no making proposals, no voting on proposals, no game actions. thank you. Elias IX 02/01/07 8 02/03/07
Because I Need To I request forgiveness. Elias IX 01/28/07 8 01/31/07
Reminder I’m just noticing stuff in the GNDT log. When you give everyone training points, it’s 2 points each now. Elias IX 01/24/07 0
Fine, it was a double post. I admit it. Elias IX 01/21/07 1 01/21/07
Let’s do it. Combustable idles out; quorum remains 5. Elias IX 12/28/06 0
Unidle me, unidle me, unidle me! Please? Elias IX 12/13/06 1 12/13/06
Going to sleep Fourteen students. Seven admins. Quorum remains eight. Elias IX 12/07/06 0
Blognomic Art History Does anyone remember what the color scheme of Excalabur’s Second Dynasty (The Insanity) was, more or less? I’m thinking it would make a good color scheme for the current dynasty… but I don’t remember the exact colors. Elias IX 11/28/06 0
Unidling, but for a longer short term Quorum remains eight. Elias IX 11/23/06 0
Idling Quorum remains 7. Elias IX 11/21/06 1 11/25/06
Unidling Quorum is still 7. Elias IX 11/21/06 0
A favor, please? Please put me to sleep… Elias IX 11/13/06 0
Pluto in Virgo And thus Pluto and Eris are in a trine. Elias IX 11/04/06 5 11/05/06
Er, sorry. I apologize for the recent color mix-ups; I was playing with the color scheme and initially broke it. Finally, I ended up with this color scheme which, by the way, is only temporary. Rodney, being Director, is the one with full control over the stylesheet. Once again, apologies. Elias IX 11/03/06 1 11/03/06
new dynasty stuff - about the gndt does anyone know how to save a log of the gndt? Elias IX 11/02/06 1 11/02/06
Ahoy! Aye, what’s that there I see in the Top Banana’s Chamber???? Must be nothing1, because I don’t notice a thing.  1. If you haven’t noticed, I’m waiting for this dynasty to die. So go ahead, scam the ruleset, victory is yours! Elias IX 10/27/06 1 10/27/06
Public Humiliation: Thrawn, Purplebeard Thrawn, you’re bad at this. Purplebeard, don’t even try. Learn to be sneaky. Elias IX 10/22/06 0
Changing DL’s The Top Banana’s Chamber is now the following: If a Vegetable who is not the Top Banana has taken this DL, and the Top Banana notices this within the next 24 hours, the Top Banana may publicly humiliate the other Vegetable on the main page and change the other Vegetable’s… Elias IX 10/22/06 0
Public Humiliation: Clucky Really, does Clucky think e can waltz in the Top Banana’s Chamber and not be seen? With eir stub of a beard, how could anyone miss that terrible lack of facial hair walking into that DL? E desecrated the awesomeness of my Cheesy Chamber with eir terrible goatee. You can’t… Elias IX 10/21/06 1 10/21/06
Idle Run Thelonious, epylar, gazebo_dude. Quorum equals five. Elias IX 10/09/06 0
Well. This isn’t an official post. Elias IX 10/07/06 0
Dynastic Direction I apologize. I made a mistake. When I came up with this theme, I thought it would be a surreal dynasty, with loads of crazy rules, but clearly, it’s not yet what I’ve hoped. However, I should have made it clearer on what direction I mean for this dynasty to… Elias IX 10/05/06 2 10/06/06
Some more dynasty specific Blognomic home page stuff The header art isn’t hosted on Blognomic yet. I don’t have shell access, so if it’s not a problem, well… Also, if it seems better to have “Blognomic” and “Second Dynasty of Elias IX” in the header as text as well, then admins, feel free to add the text back. Elias IX 09/27/06 1 09/27/06
Does anyone know how to reset the GNDT? As in a deletion of all the comments and names, so we can race to be the first on the GNDT again? Elias IX 09/26/06 1 09/26/06
More vegetable goodness Cayvie returns. Quorum is seven. Elias IX 09/25/06 0
Ascension Address So now I have been passed this nomic age, And my ideas for theming are absurd. It’s not exactly “rosemary and sage”, But vegetables are what I have preferred. It’s widely known that vegetables have souls. But just a few know what they yearn to be. To dance, to party,… Elias IX 09/25/06 4 09/26/06
Not an Ascension Address Okay, I’m making some art… and coming up with an actual ascension address. Please, with this next dynasty, don’t impose any boundaries on yourselves. Until the Ascension Address, that is all. Elias IX 09/25/06 0
A list of all Musicians who cast a vote and included the string “Pick Me!” Hix Elias IX Thrawn Angry Grasshopper Elias IX 09/24/06 0
Where is the jazz? Though I am definitely a part of the problem, I was just wondering. Elias IX 09/14/06 0
No, it’s not LSD. Okay, my plan: To propose major and minor keys, which will be set by Thelonious. In major keys, the background is white. In minor keys, the background is black. A different color is associated with each of the twelve pitches, and will only be used for borders and hovers. What… Elias IX 09/11/06 2 09/12/06
Request Sir, may it be possible to stop me from playing my instrument, so I can choose a new one? Elias IX 09/09/06 1 09/11/06
Permission first I want to propose something that tweaks the color scheme, but I want to test a few things first. Is it okay if I go through the stylesheet and make some changes, as long as I revert to the original when I finish? Elias IX 09/08/06 2 09/11/06
To make music, that is my passion. I’m back, and quorum remains nine. Elias IX 09/04/06 0
A little to say I’m not ready to unidle until Monday or so, but I really want this to remain a musical dynasty, so here are some ideas I’ve had: - The Conductor can tune every now and then, so he can call for a tuning session, and everyone will roll dice to tune… Elias IX 09/01/06 1 09/01/06
Notice Watch out! The end of the dynasty is near! That is all. Elias IX 08/25/06 0
Sorry, short notice. Idle me, please? Elias IX 08/24/06 0
Modus => Ponens I use a warp of sufficiency to take a small child and myself back to -498/1/18. Then I continuum jump back to -12000/6/7, leaving the small child behind. Now I continuum swirl the date to 1893/6/7, which happens to be Gandhi’s first act of civil disobedience. Elias IX 08/18/06 0
New Node Event at my date “Elias IX comes across a nude man running in the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka”. E gives him eir blood-stained towel, which the man happily, but gingerly, accepts. In thanks, the man explains to Elias IX his discoveries.” Keywords: [Towel] [Italy] [Greece] [Blood] [Elias IX] [Archimedes] [Math] And I’ve abandoned… Elias IX 08/15/06 0
Modus Ponens-ing First I continuum jump to -253/12/7. (Requirements: That I haven’t swirled earlier in this set. Fulfilled) Then I continuum swirl to -253/6/7. (Requirements: None. Okay.) Elias IX 08/14/06 0
Well, since the last one wasn’t official… Continuum Jump to 1/1/1. (First action, before swirling) Continuum Swirl the Focus Date to -252/1/1. (...okay?) Now I make a Node Event: In Rome, silk first appears, but before it can be traded to the local merchants, Elias IX takes some and dyes it with his blood. Everyone is in… Elias IX 08/13/06 1 08/13/06
More of that P implies Q stuff Continuum Jump to 1/1/1. (First action, before swirling) Continuum Swirl the Focus Date to -252/1/1. (...okay?) Now I make a Node Event: In Rome, silk first appears, but before it can be traded to the local merchants, Elias IX takes some and dyes it with his blood. Everyone is in… Elias IX 08/13/06 3 08/13/06
Influence dripping I rolled a 2, so my influence goes up 2. Nice. Elias IX 08/11/06 0
If P, then Q Range Moving to 1439/8/11 (I haven’t range moved before, at all) Continuum Swirling the focus date to -252/12/31 (And… sure. Requirements fulfilled.) Since I’m after the date of the influential beacon, and within range, my influence goes up 10 and is now at 30. Elias IX 08/11/06 0
Influence clarification. Before I unidled, quorum was 5, and these were the influence values of all travellers: Hix 51 The Lone Amigo 30 Bucky 21 Chronos 21 Kevan 20 Thelonious 20 ShadowClaw 20 TAE 10 Rodney 10 What is my influence? Elias IX 08/10/06 1 08/10/06
I’m ready to manipulate time, yay! Quorum is greater or equal to what is was before. 6, then. Elias IX 08/10/06 3 08/11/06
Sorry that this isn’t related to Blognomic, but… I need a good strategy for Chicken, and Blognomic is fully loaded with matrix game theorists, so I thought I’d ask around here. So, there are two players driving toward each other in cars (equipped with airbags). At the last minute each has the choice to either swerve, or not… Elias IX 07/21/06 12 07/22/06
12:14 PM Elias IX idles. Elias IX 07/06/06 0
12:10 PM Elias IX unidles. Elias IX 07/06/06 0
Apologies I’m sorry for the following. Elias IX 07/06/06 0
Idling When you take another glance, e’s gone. Elias IX 07/04/06 2 07/05/06
Unidling You see someone rushing by. Elias IX 07/04/06 0
I’m sorry that I can’t do this myself I’m at mathcamp (say what you wish), and will be so for the next five weeks. Could someone (preferably an admin) idle me? Also… a favor: Could someone email me when the next dynasty starts, as I’m interested in knowing who’ll win. Elias IX 07/02/06 3 07/03/06
Endgame Okay, you can now nominate another Monk who you believe is “outstanding beyond the other Monks”. Details of how AG died: As soon as AG was sent to the infirmary with 0 temporary fitness, I fought a series of seven fights with the Abbot. The first was at severity 2,… Elias IX 06/28/06 1 06/28/06
an unofficial haiku it was official but i need my dignity i’m not a cheater Elias IX 06/28/06 2 06/28/06
Idled Dreson is idled due to inactivity, quorum remains 7. Elias IX 06/27/06 0
Story Post: The Perils of Homeowning Elias IX, though e isn’t claustrophobic, felt cramped when e was in the infirmary. The real estate agent told em that it would be cozy, so e got the building, because e always liked cozy things, like pillows, rabbits, fires, or any combination of the three. However, when e entered… Elias IX 06/26/06 0
Let there be peace on earth… Vow of Pacifism, yay! Elias IX 06/22/06 0
Some Idlings Rodney and Alcazar both haven’t voted in a week, so 7 = quorum. Elias IX 06/22/06 0
Conjuration Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation,… Elias IX 06/20/06 0
Paix A vow. Elias IX 06/19/06 0
Encrypted Rule Use I’m sauntering about map C, and my fitness increased one. What a coincidence. Elias IX 06/08/06 1 06/08/06
Question: What year is it? In what year are we playing? I’m assuming 14th century, but I’m not really sure. Let’s make an exact one! Elias IX 06/07/06 2 06/07/06
Pax War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! I undergo a vow of pacifism. Elias IX 06/07/06 0
Encrypted Rule Use Encrypted rules make you healthier. I used one. Elias IX 06/07/06 1 06/08/06
Encrypted Rule Use I used one! Notice that this isn’t really accompanied with a change to the GNDT? Elias IX 06/05/06 2 06/05/06
Encrypted Rule Use I used one! Notice that this isn’t really accompanied with a change to the GNDT? Elias IX 06/05/06 0
Request for Help I’d love a clarification: The difference between Secret Rules, and Encrypted Rules, and how I can know about the former. Elias IX 06/04/06 1 06/04/06
Not sure if this is the post’s subject or title. Encrypted rule. Elias IX 06/01/06 0
Drop it like it’s Quorum Lex10 is gone, quorum is 5. Elias IX 05/31/06 0
Dropped Igthorn… went to see the Holy Shroud of Turin? Any story’s as good as any other. Quorum becomes 5. Elias IX 05/25/06 0
I find it strange. The Abbot has the lowest Integrity of all Monks. Let’s stone him. Elias IX 05/21/06 3 05/22/06
Too late for an icon? Elias IX 05/14/06 0
Pea Traits, for later use: Round (RR) X Wrinkled (rr) seeds Yellow (YY) X Green (yy) seeds Purple (PP) X White (pp) flowers Axial (AA) X Terminal (aa) flowers Inflated (II) X Constricted (ii) pods Green (GG) X Yellow (gg) pods Tall (TT) X Short (tt) stems Except I still have to figure out how… Elias IX 05/13/06 0
(sigh) grrrr Elias IX 05/09/06 0
A Good Time To Come Back? For the remainder of my time in this dynasty, I plan for the following: - The Monk named ‘Elias IX’ to be considered dead, in the infirmary. - This formerly alive Elias IX to have left a considerable amount of information on herbs, medicine, and some minor encrypted information of… Elias IX 05/09/06 2 05/09/06
Out of Stock Hmm, maybe it’s not that I’m out of ideas, but I lack the initiative to propose. Idled, quorum moves to 6. Elias IX 05/02/06 0
The Idling Cycle Rears Its Ugly Head Cavaliere Pugrins, lars atomica, and TheSmokingMan are idled. Quorum is now 6. Elias IX 04/23/06 0
Request I’m planning on reproposing Thelonious’s bell pull, but with seven different bells, for the seven tones of the C major scale, so… could the lower case letters a, b, c, d, e, f, g be reserved for the map? Elias IX 04/23/06 3 04/25/06