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request to be idle I request to be idled, thanks. card 09/20/20 2 09/21/20
round 2 turn summary: card i rollt a 2 on my land list and gaint that much land. Vovix’s turn card 09/11/20 0
idling Avilva idles after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum becomes 6 card 02/09/20 1 02/09/20
emperor idles after 14 days of inactivity pokes idles after 7 days of inactivity TyGuy6 idles quorum becomes 3 and Blognomic becomes Dormant card 01/02/20 2 01/02/20
link to current battle card 12/08/19 0
Story Post: Pointing to 3Balance it’s quite obvious that he was the traitor. card 12/07/19 9 12/07/19
Boss Battle: Final Hurdle Here’s the last leg card 12/01/19 28 12/08/19
Story Post: Battlefield Report: Opponent Analysis They smell good. Full of vitality. One looked fat, his aura at least, but was in reality really stocky. Average regeneration abilities but it would take quite a number of hits for him to go down. The second one was almost vampiric: his every move inhaled ambient energy. This ability… card 11/26/19 1 11/27/19
Story Post: [Monster] combustion AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! it’s so hot! i’m melting! someone, anyone help! Cuddlebeam, why are you just standing there waving that flag around? i look around and evewryone is alive and healed. again. for the second. damn. time. it is still so hot i’m already soaked. Kevan and The Duke of Waltham are… card 11/21/19 1 11/22/19
Story Post: a recently deceased evil awakens And decides to possess The Duke of Waltham of all people! card 11/16/19 0
idling 3balance idles out after 8 days of inactivity quorum becomes 3 card 11/11/19 0
Duel: card vs naught I challenge naught to a duel with derrick as the judge. Valid Opponents: naught Valid Judges: derrick Choice of Battlefields: Dwarven Fortress: Rich, Walled, Underground The Worthless Mountains: poor, poor, sloped Royal Forest: forest nearby level card 07/27/19 0
Story Post: Block: I bring tales from the outer edges of this system A band of space nomads prepares a block, given you allow them on your site. Z-block of Quarters, Hydroponics, Life Support, Quarters. card 05/25/19 5 05/27/19
idling out Trigon idle’s out after 8 days inactivity quorum remains 4 card 04/25/19 0
Story Post: The First New Delivery! 2 Publicity 1 Transportation 1 Colonist 1 Robot card 04/16/19 5 04/19/19
Ascension Address: The Leftovers The extinction left no life behind; all that remains are computers and possibly robotic “life”. Repeal all Dynastic rules and change “Monolith” to “Flynn” and “Ape” to “Program” card 09/26/18 9 09/28/18
suggestion box taking suggestions for the next dynasty. right now I might try for a pass the ruleset where an important rule is constructed from players who have only seen a certain number of words before their contribution. card 09/26/18 7 09/26/18
new generation i performed a generation event. card 09/11/18 5 09/11/18
idle sun Corona goes idle after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum becomes 5 card 08/27/18 0
idle pokes goes idle after 8 days of inactivity. quorum becomes 2 card 08/26/18 0
Story Post: Reaping #4 everyone but pokes and I got reincarnated. card 08/24/18 0
Story Post: Reaping #3 Corona, Jumble and pokes’ age all increased by 20. derrick’s increased by 30. Nobody died or became weakened. card 08/21/18 0
Reaping #2 Everyone except derrick ages 20 years. derrick ages 40. card 08/17/18 0
Escaped The Wheel of Karma Trigon idles out after 8 days of inactivity and Axemabaro after 9. Quorum becomes 4. card 08/17/18 0
Ascension Address: History Repeats Itself . . . Forever The Wizard’s Rule over the land gradually faded as they had reached a balance. It was said some still lived on after cutting off their mortal ties and earthly attachments to the world. Some were even rumored to remain to guide others to the foreverlife.———- “So you think you’ve got… card 08/01/18 2 08/01/18
Wikiaccountable (protosal since we’re in hiatus) Append to Wizards Wizards whose wikiaccount does not have the same username (ignoring capitalization) as their ExpressionEngine username are highly encouraged to have their ExpressionEngine account name on their wikiaccount User page and to have their wikiaccount username in their ExpressionEngine Bio. card 08/01/18 3 08/01/18
idle causticAnalysis idles out after 8 days of inactivity. quorum becomes 5 card 07/26/18 0
here’s the deal i just dealt and it was a long process to do. i’ll probably write some sort of bash script to accomplish dealing, would anyone else be able to utilize it or should I try a different scripting language? (maybe excel could somehow do this?) is there anything we could do… card 07/02/18 4 07/02/18
Story Post: Mutiany Leaving someone as Captain near the end games gives them the power to mess with other people’s positions, possibly messing up their scoring. Best to not have a captain at that time. card 06/13/18 1 06/13/18
The Ballot Box Posting what your dynasty is themed after would be good to get ballots. Pawns competing for victory: Cuddlebeam Kevan pokes Thunder Cpt_Koen card 05/01/18 42 05/05/18
Story Post: 2 of them I came to a bridge on the way back and the Dormouse there wanted a sixpence to allow me safe passage across. I asked him where the troll went and the Dormouse said it had gone on a vacation. card 04/30/18 0
idle nqueron idles after ~7 days. However Cpt_Koen unidles so quorum does not change. card 04/24/18 0
Not-idle I’m going to be offline until Monday, plan proposals accordingly. I won’t be able to enact the ones that are pending right now either. card 04/20/18 3 04/23/18
Story Post: Speaking with many locals Tiring of my feet resting in the Palace I went on a walk in the woods; in the confusing turns and thick brush I soon lost myself. Eventually the White Knight found me but his helmet was on and he mistook me for a pawn! He gave me some rations… card 04/17/18 0
Idling Grynk, pokes and ElMarko idle after 9, 9 and 8 days of inactivity, quorum becomes 3 (but that will change in a second). card 04/15/18 0
Story Post: Royal Concern #4S Jester pokes, how is that play you’re writing coming along? card 04/07/18 1 04/16/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #3S Finally, nqeron I have got this criminal, Grynk, under my watch. Would you please watch over them while I call for the court? card 03/30/18 4 03/30/18
Story Post: Royal COncern #2S Thunder! I don’t know why I keep on picking you but I’ll do it anyway. Can you see what has happened to Grynk? I fear he’s left the kingdom after his crime. card 03/23/18 6 03/26/18
Axed After 9 days of inactivity, Axemabaro has idled. Quorum remains the same. card 03/23/18 1 03/23/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #1S Thunder! Will you go back to the Hearts board and send Diabecko this letter? Don’t open it! he’ll know if you do since it’s wax sealed. card 03/20/18 4 03/24/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #1 Why, my messenger hasn’t returned from the Hearts board! Diabecko, do you know what happened to him? card 03/11/18 19 03/13/18
Player Numbers While you may be able to deduce the player numbers from the GNDT with some effort I’ll just list them here. Kevan:1 pokes:3 Cuddlebeam:4 Axemabaro:2 Thunder:9 ElMarko:5 nqeron:6 card 03/09/18 3 03/09/18
while on hold As you may have noticed based on the recent wiki changes, the new dynasty will be based on Lewis Carrol’s famous stories about Alice. If you want to do something while we wait for Diabecko, suggest css/html changes or a banner. card 03/08/18 2 03/09/18
Tables & You The new dynasty will most likely have two large (17x17 or 9x9) tables and I was wondering in what ways the formatting of wikitables could be simplified so it’s not so annoying to edit them. Maybe utilizing the monospace formatting we could make an ascii table instead of one that… card 03/07/18 13 03/08/18
Punch and Judy Add to the list of Supplies Puppet Theater Blueprints: Structural. If the User has Fabric, Toolbox and Nails they may destroy these Blueprints, the Fabric and the Nails to add a Puppet Theater to their inventory. Puppet Theater: Structural. As a craction change up to three Resident’s stance towards you… card 02/03/18 2 02/03/18
Story Post: Saving The Family Using my extra long arms I reach through the window, grab and pocket the vials with my still developing family in them. card 01/15/18 4 01/17/18
If a Pine Tree Falls In A Forest Does It Quack? PineTreeQ idles after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum remains 4. card 01/12/18 0
Story Post: I gain Long Arms, Warning Call and Nimble And then I set my suspicion to 60 which I reduced with Warning Call. card 01/12/18 0
Story Post: I Understand the Truth I think that’s all I have to do for this action! card 01/12/18 3 01/12/18
Automatic Teller Malfunction ATMunn idles after 11 days of inactivity quorum remains 4. card 01/05/18 0
Awake Now I unidle, quorum is still 4. card 12/22/17 2 12/28/17
No connection After 11 days of inactivity Trigon idles I idle myself. Quorum becomes 2. card 12/05/17 1 12/06/17
derrick the idle derrick idles after 7 days gone, quorum remains the same card 11/28/17 0
Story Post: ditto I make 2 shards and give them to Diabecko card 11/24/17 0
Story Post: Abracadabra! [Tessered 3] The Tesser named card creates a shard and gives it to the Tesser named Diabecko card 11/20/17 0
Story Post: Kazam! [Tessered 3] The Tesser named card creates a shard and gives it to the Tesser named Diabecko. card 11/20/17 0
1 2 3 Check after 11 days Axemabaro idles after 8 days Darknight idles quorum becomes 3 card 11/19/17 12 11/27/17
Story Post: And again [Tessered 5] The Tesser named card makes 1 shard. card 11/14/17 0
Story Post: Crafting [Tessered 5] The Tesser named card makes 1 shard. card 11/14/17 0
Story Post: I cast Command VOTE on all of you! [Tessered 1] Action: Every Tesser not named Darknight votes FOR on all of the proposals made by the Tesser named card. card 11/08/17 2 11/08/17
Story Post: The time was automatically set to After a day ago, here’s the score Since it became “After” a while ago, let’s see the scores Axemabaro: 5 KSSCB (5*2) + 1 Corn + 2 Apples + 1 Suckers + 1 GummyBears + 1 Licorice + 10 for being honest to the Misers + 10 for wearing the most costumes + 10 for greatest total… card 11/02/17 2 11/03/17
Story Post: actions I roll for my tricks of the day, sneak in the joneses and then scare axemabaro, having them drop a KSSCB and Apple and then bite into the Apple and get a Golden Apple card 10/31/17 1 11/02/17
Story Post: Route I take 5 gummy bears from the misers, get scared by the Scarecrows and get 1 corn, get an apple from the greenburgs and then go back to the Joneses card 10/31/17 0
Story Post: Requesting Candy Spend the required amount of Tricks and Treats to request candy, beg for extra and take a big handful from the Jonses card 10/29/17 2 10/31/17
Story Post: Costume Taken I spend 0 Tricks and 0 Treats to change my costume to Expensive Human. card 10/27/17 0
It’s the Big Night! You can start trick or treating. Don’t forget you can submit proposals if something still seems to be missing! card 10/26/17 1 10/27/17
Frightened Away Arsaces idles after 13 days fourliberties idles after 12 days Trigon idles after 9 days Quorum becomes 3. card 10/26/17 1 10/27/17
The Pendulum Swings After 7 days of inactivity Rover1 idles. Quorum remains 4 card 10/03/17 0
frozen after 9 days of inactivity Sylphrena idles. Quorum drops to 4 card 10/02/17 0
Note On The Theme I never finished playing Katamari because I only had access to the demo version. Is there anyone who has played through game who can describe how it changed? From the first few levels it looked like the ball just got bigger, i.e. rolling in a kitchen and moving on to… card 09/26/17 1 09/26/17
Story Post: Pushing Along roll to by paying 1 stamina roll to by paying 1 stamina roll to by paying 1 stamina add “Hammer” to the Katamari by paying 1 stamina roll to by paying 1 stamina add “Hammer” to my inventory by paying 0 stamina make a sentence combining… card 09/25/17 4 09/26/17
Weather Report After 8 days of no thunderstorms, Thunder has idled. card 09/25/17 0
Blowing Away Gaelan idles, quorum is now 8 card 09/17/17 0
roving away Rover1 idles away after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 8. card 09/16/17 0
unactive rules need to apply Add to “Special Case”  Special Case Rules that are unactive do not have an effect on the gamestate aside from existing as text in the ruleset. card 09/12/17 9 09/13/17
washed their hands of this place Sinq idles. Quorum becomes 4. card 07/26/17 1 07/26/17
A Riddle Untold Sphinx idles. Quorum changes to 6. card 07/19/17 3 07/22/17
Call of the orks orkboi idles away. Quorum becomes 6. card 07/09/17 0
Story Post: Inspecting Sinq I inspect Sinq. card 06/30/17 1 07/01/17
Story Post: Inspecting Sphinx I inspect Sphinx. card 06/30/17 3 07/02/17
Story Post: Inpection I inspect orkboi. card 06/29/17 1 06/30/17
Story Post: Mission Hand-in: Establishing A Dig Site orkboi has successfully completed this mission as its participant. card 06/11/17 5 06/15/17
DIssapering Rule Notice Since rules were shuffled around, renamed and deleted in some cases I have updated corrections. From my judgment if a rule ceases to exist, it’s corresponding gamestate incarnation also ceases to exist. Also keep in mind when moving rules etc. they currently don’t change locations until they are removed from… card 06/09/17 0
Quack duck idles away. Quorum becomes 5. card 06/09/17 0
The Oracle is OUT Oracular rufio idles away. Quorum remains 6. card 06/02/17 0
Story Post: Combo setting up a hub 1 Exiting Camp. (location:Base Camp -> location:77°) 2 Moving up a degree (location:77°, supplies:10 -> location:78°, supplies:9) 3 Moving up a degree (location:78°, supplies:9 -> location:79°, supplies:8) 4 Moving up a degree (location:79°, supplies:7 -> location:80°, supplies:6) 5 Moving up a degree (location:80°, supplies:6 -> location:81°, supplies:5) 6 Moving up… card 05/27/17 11 05/31/17
Story Post: Bear Wrestling There I was just sitting at base camp when out of nowhere came this giant black bear! What a black bear was doing at in the Antarctic had me puzzled, especially with its tophat and glasses. It was me vs that bear, I beared my teeth at that bear and… card 05/27/17 1 05/28/17
Deleted post If it’s of any interest to anyone, the following post came up in the rss feed for Blognomic and was presumably deleted. Titled “Eldritch Horrors” “Add to “Expedition Leading”: The Ancient One needs to consume Supplies in order to recover fully and finally awaken, by taking them from Explorers who… card 05/26/17 1 05/26/17
Tool Review Example Blogger lvl 12 brains 3 brawn 5 balls 8 How To Book: Add level to each of the stats. Example Bloggers power when equipped lvl: 0 brains: 15 brawn: 17 balls: 20 Bat: Does nothing besides stealing a level if on a winning a game. Stick: +1 to the… card 05/19/17 5 05/19/17
Enlighten Us GNDT Knower Given in the GNDT ” Comment: (odd, odd, odd, odd, even? DICE8589934592:1269931393 DICE8589934592:7369307947 DICE8589934592:5182583091 DICE8589934592:6682398381 DICE8589934592:5434761100 )” and a bunch of subsequent rolls which are all odd x 4 and even, something screwy seems to be up with the GNDT dice. What did you find out pokes? card 05/19/17 4 05/19/17
Explicit Disapproval of All Trades No manager has my approval for any trades. card 05/18/17 0
He quit arthexis idles away. quorum is still 5 card 05/15/17 3 05/15/17
Combo upgrading combo: 1 upgrading Stick to Bigger Stick (cash 1,992,557, tools Stick, Towel -> cash 1,892,557, tools Bigger Stick, Towel) 2 upgrading Bigger Stick to Dumbbells (cash 1,892,557, tools Bigger Stick, Towel -> cash 1,692,557, tools Dumbbells, Towel) 3 upgrading Dumbbells to Training Equipment (cash 1,692,557, tools Dumbbells, Towel -> cash… card 05/15/17 6 05/15/17
Story Post: 2 weeks are up Using the once every two weeks provision, ♠ Aces and Eights ♠ play a game against ?THE HOSTS? ?THE HOSTS?: stats by highest: brains:9 brawn:8 balls:7 levels: 14, 12, 0 total level bonus: 26 stat bonus: brains 9, brawn 0, balls 0 total team power: 35 ♠ Aces and Eights… card 05/15/17 4 05/15/17
That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles Crumb crumbles away. Quorum is now 4. card 05/13/17 0
Story Post: Game Challenge ♠ Aces and Eights ♠ vs 卍 Turbines of Nihilism 卍 ♠ Aces and Eights ♠ issues a challenge against 卍 Turbines of Nihilism 卍 card 05/11/17 1 05/13/17
AWOL In a curious turn of events the manager known as derrick has gone missing! One can only hope for his family and all of the Bloggers that depend upon him for employment. Quorum remains 5. card 05/07/17 0
Story Post: Matt vs card [challenge] I challenge you to a game of Blogsball, can you win? card 05/05/17 3 05/07/17
Story Post: card vs Cuddlebeam! Using the once every 2 weeks provision, card plays a standard 13 round game against Cuddlebeam! card’s power: 72 (13 + 9 + 10 + 1 [stick] + 14 [tree trunk w/ highest stat] + 18 [highest brains stat, adding it 3 times not twice] + 7 [highest balls]) Cuddlebeam’s… card 04/30/17 2 04/30/17
Back I unidle, the IRL stuff wasn’t as restricting as I thought it would be. Quorum remains 6. card 04/09/17 0