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A Chill Comes Over Me Since I haven’t the time to contribute much to now, I am humbly returning to my cryopod. Quorum remains at 6. Skju 02/19/15 2 02/20/15
Incommuniqué By the way, has anyone tried contacting the/an Android(s) at “8nebetx6w6th at gmail dot com”? Skju 01/30/15 10 01/31/15
A matter of tracking Would it be too much trouble to add Alerts to the sidebar? I could try, but I figure someone else would know better. Skju 01/26/15 3 01/27/15
Wiki Account I just went to enact “Request Denied” but couldn’t log into the wiki. (I tried capitalization.) Could someone correct me or set up an account? Skju 01/21/15 2 01/22/15
Organization Fellow Survivors: I’m afraid that we’ve just lost 6. I think that this has awakened us all to the fact of our dire situation. The mysterious planet stretches in all directions around us, and time is ticking. It’s dangerous here, whether you’re desperately hunting for sustenance in the wilderness or… Skju 01/31/14 1 02/01/14
Clarify Map I believe that the page “MaroonedMap” doesn’t count as gamestate because the rules don’t regulate it; it’s more of a reference. I’m asking because I would have had to blank it upon enacting the proposal “You are now free to move about the cabin”, which would be annoying. Skju 01/22/14 4 01/25/14
Unidling Octantium have detected a Quasi-Spatial Phase Disturbance in New Sector ω0413.6a. We are sending in an Investigator. Skju 01/20/14 0
DRAFT of Resistance NOT A PROPOSAL In the rule “Fight the Power”, insert after the first paragraph: Power may be freely traded between Oligarchs and between Oligarchs and the Despot. It is the responsibility of Oligarchs to ensure that the terms of such trades are adhered to. Throughout the ruleset, change “assign an… Skju 11/11/13 2 11/12/13
Plugged Drain What’s going on with “Drain drain drain!”? It looks like Bucky adminned but it’s not showing up… Skju 11/10/13 4 11/10/13
Threat to Authority I unidle myself and reclaim the power that I rightfully deserve. Skju 11/07/13 0
Question: Arlnoff - Is your Style in Science? Is your Style in Science? Skju 08/04/13 1 08/07/13
Protosal: Leg Cramp Somebody should ensure that this finally makes sense and propose it: Enact a new rule entitled “o_O”: There is a GNDT column entitled “Clothing,” defaulting to “Covered”. There is a wiki page entitled “Style Logs”, with one section (referred to as their Style Log) for each Player. Any Player (referred… Skju 07/22/13 19 07/24/13
Colors &c As you should be able to see, I’ve gone ahead and changed the color scheme and banner to something simple and very different. I wanted to do this 1) to signal to idle players/visitors that a new dynasty has begun, and 2) to psychologically separate ourselves from the previous theme.… Skju 07/16/13 4 07/17/13
Defining Connectives NOT A PROPOSAL Enact a new subrule of “Formulae” entitled “Connectives”: All 16 truth functions in the table on this page are Connectives. The following are Standard Notations for the basic Connectives, whence the others may conveniently be specified. Where the Standard Notation is not given at all by Wikipedia,… Skju 06/10/13 4 06/11/13
Ascension Address: Principia Blognomica I call for fundamental restructuring. With modern instruments of formulation, analysis, and logic, we aim to construct a formal system for precise treatment of the principles of Nomic. A new language will be written; from the most basic axioms of deduction, a world of possibilities will be derived; we will… Skju 06/10/13 3 06/10/13
Time flies like an arrow I’m advancing. Skju 06/05/13 0
It’s Time Advancing honourably. Skju 05/31/13 0
To Waste Time is a Crime I’m advancing time. Skju 05/18/13 0
Byrony I pronounce myself Skju, Baron Byron, and declare the Barony to be below the Earldom of Shrewsbury, itself under the Dukedom of York. Skju 04/10/13 1 04/10/13
Hidden Actions On the subject of GNDT actions being hard to see, it appears that Larry has illegally gained two Resources at [30/03 02:54] without even expending the necessary Energy. It might have been an honest mistake, but I’m posting it as an example of how hard it is (at least for… Skju 03/30/13 3 03/30/13
Repeat Ignore this—the proposal submitted twice. How do you delete posts? Also, Deliberations still exist. Skju 03/23/13 3 03/23/13
Dark Matter Enact a new rule entitled “Dark Matter”: There is a value called the Dark Matter Concentration (DMC) that is a nonnegative integer tracked above the Galaxy Map on the Galaxy Map wiki page. The DMC defaults to ten times the current number of Spectral Type Black Sectors. The DMC should… Skju 03/20/13 1 03/20/13
Module Ideas? I’m looking for feedback for the Rebuilding Ships Proposal if I were to repropose it and exclude the example Modules. I want to make sure I get it right, as it would have a large effect on the gameplay. Suggestions, concerns, bugs? Skju 03/04/13 1 03/04/13
Story Post: SPECTRO: Circinus Circinus measures Turquoise. Skju 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Coma The Coma Sector shows up Purple. Skju 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Gallifrey Gallifrey, with galactic coordinates ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two from galactic zero centre, shows up Black. Skju 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Rigel Rigel appears to be Silver. Skju 03/01/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Hourai I’ve got a Silver reading for Hourai. Skju 03/01/13 0
IT’S JUST TOO BIG Is it legal to remove the Galaxy Map image from the Final Frontier Proposal? Or does that have to be done through another Proposal? Skju 02/28/13 2 02/28/13
Off the Field This may not be so relevant anymore, but how can we accurately phrase this? ∀x (x ∈ {hon. members} ↔ x ∈ {possible winners}) Something like “No rule can make the set of possible winners unequal to the set of the Honourable Members.” But that must be removed from time;… Skju 02/21/13 9 02/22/13
URGENT QUESTION: nqeron, Josh Should our party come together to resolve our differences and forgive the corruption of our dear Raichu and Larry? Skju 02/21/13 2 02/21/13
Outfield If there exists a rule entitled “Complications”, change its text to read: No rule may specify a victory condition that cannot possibly ever be achieved by any Honourable Member; any proposal that seeks to enact such a rule may be marked as illegal at any time by an admin. If… Skju 02/19/13 5 02/19/13
Disregard Deliberation Timing submitted twice. Is it legal for me to do this to the second copy? Skju 02/02/13 2 02/03/13
Deliberation Timing In Rule 2.12 (“Deliberations”), change the text “(unless the Honourable Member already has a Deliberation pending, or has already submitted 3 Votable Matters that day)” to “(unless the Honourable Member already has a Deliberation pending or has already submitted 3 Votable Matters that day, or the target Proposal or Deliberation… Skju 02/01/13 1 02/01/13
Uncredible Voting? I have an idea for punishing Credibility-saving vote-changing but don’t know if it’ll go over as poorly as previous attempts. I don’t think it’s too harsh. I would appreciate any feedback (on content or phrasing), which is why this isn’t a Proposal. The majority vote on a Proposal is the… Skju 01/30/13 4 01/30/13
Curious Arrival I join, if I may, in anticipation of the next dynasty (as well as unidle if that’s not implicit in the former). Hello. Skju 01/22/13 1 01/23/13