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Logging out I request to be idled. Greytyphoon 03/22/12 1 03/23/12
Protosal: Fanboying Create a subrule to rule 2.5.1 “Tour”, named “Attending a Tour”, which contains the following text: Any musician may Attend a Tour by posting a comment to it that contains the arrow icon and the name of the musician they respect at the moment. If a musician X, that was… Greytyphoon 03/05/12 5 03/07/12
Traffic Jam Session I’m a fan of Rock, if you’re wondering. What do you like? Greytyphoon 03/04/12 2 03/07/12
Tour Well, the last tour was so fun that we’ve recruited Darknight and we’re going to do that again. IS HALIFAX READY TO BLOW DAH ROOF?? Greytyphoon 02/26/12 3 03/01/12
Protosal: It’s all about Democracy In rule 2.4 “Respect and Grievance”, remove the text: If all Band Members Respect the same Hanger On and no Band Members have a Grievance against that Hanger On, then that Hanger On becomes a Band Member. If all but one of the Band Members have a Grievance against the… Greytyphoon 02/04/12 5 02/06/12
What could possibly go wrong? I request to unidle. Greytyphoon 01/05/12 1 01/05/12
Loss of faith in humanity Idle me, please. I’ll be back in a few dynasties. Greytyphoon 12/01/10 1 12/01/10
Message to Josh and Richard I decremented your grades in DIV because your comments were not valid class actions. Check rule 2.5.3, and feel free to post a valid action in this class. ^^ Greytyphoon 11/22/10 0
A few long-needed fixes In rule 2.5 (“Lessons”), replace: If a Student Brown Noses, they stand a chance of becoming Teacher’s Pet at the end of the lesson. with If a Student Brown Noses, they stand a chance of becoming Teacher’s Pet at the end of the lesson. A student can only Brown Nose… Greytyphoon 11/19/10 3 11/19/10
Casting Guardian Toothfish Ok, so I’ve watched them make the eleven-sided heptagram, I’ll just put the candles like they did… The flaming sandal is floating right over the tiny goldfish I got on my last trip to the candy shop… Now I only have to sprinkle with salt and say: Ast Kirannan Kaïr… Greytyphoon 11/18/10 1 11/18/10
Protosal: Nomich, once again Ok, I’m a little tired of little wordings that fail my Nomich proposals. I’ll let everyone comment and edit it accordingly until a few days pass, then I’ll propose it officially. Nomich needs the improvement, as so many of you said. The current version is: Nomich is a sport played… Greytyphoon 11/11/10 2 11/11/10
Returning too I request to be unidled. I’ll be playing the second dynasty of Brendan with you guys. =) Greytyphoon 11/04/10 1 11/04/10
Is there a doctor in the room? Yes there is, and Purplebeard is now back to Health. Greytyphoon 01/20/10 1 01/20/10
Rocket-propelled hello! I resquest to be added to the list of active players. I brought pie for everyone. ^^ Greytyphoon 01/15/10 5 01/16/10