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Deidling Hi! I’d like to cease to be idle, please! Sylphrena 09/13/17 2 09/13/17
The Legend of the Prestige Protection Plan Title: Metallic Plating Passive Effect: If the Prestige of the Kaiju who possesses this Aspect would be reduced due to the Active Effect of another Kaiju, the Prestige is either reduced by zero or it is reduced by two minus what the reduction would have been, whichever is greater. Restrictions:… Sylphrena 06/14/15 1 06/15/15
Proposal updates In this proposal, this paragraph is added to the rule “Aspects”: If an Aspect is described in its restrictions as a Mutation, only Mutants and Aliens may post bids on it. If it’s described in its restrictions as a Technology, only Aliens and Robots may post bids on it. If… Sylphrena 06/13/15 1 06/13/15
One more shifter I’d love to unidle for this dynasty! Sylphrena 05/11/15 1 05/12/15
I’m idling Things are a bit hectic lately. I’ll try to come back for the next dynasty. Sylphrena 04/28/15 1 04/29/15
Just to be clear A recent Mission has failed, and there was not roster comment. The responders (Sylphrena, Josh, Bucky, Fox and Darknight) do lose Clearence, right? There’s no rule I missed that prevents the loss in this situation? Sylphrena 02/11/15 6 02/14/15
Can I make a post? I’m curious as to whether posting with my phone has to do with whether my posts have comment boxes. EDIT: All the posts I have done without comment boxes, including this one, have come from my phone. Since the posts that I have made from my computer all had comment… Sylphrena 01/23/15 1 01/23/15
Flea Market: Adorable Little Brown Teddy Bear (13.5.79) It’s just so cute! Sylphrena 08/27/14 4 08/28/14
Flea Market: Kitchen Plumbing & Fittings (19.18.19) I apparently don’t want to eat anymore. Sylphrena 08/23/14 4 08/23/14
Flea Market: Windsurfing (28.45.69) I have no idea how I managed to fit this in my attic, but I certainly don’t want it anymore. Sylphrena 08/16/14 4 08/18/14
Flea Market: Rock-Ola 443 Jukebox (10.17.37) It plays lots of great music! Sylphrena 08/13/14 4 08/14/14
New Player May I join this game of Nomic please as a new player? Sylphrena 08/02/14 4 08/03/14