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Idling I have too much to keep up with for right now, please idle me. Zack 10/25/21 2 10/25/21
Checking in Could someone unidle me, please? Zack 09/25/21 1 09/25/21
Bloodthirsty Could someone unidle me? I’m dying to play this round. Zack 06/09/21 1 06/09/21
Please idle me I don’t have a lot of free time right now. Zack 05/17/21 1 05/17/21
Story Post: Proposta: Bucky and Raven1207 There’s something going on here, I can sense it. Zack 03/02/21 1 03/03/21
Story Post: The Path of Treachery Hello, you merry band of Electors! I’ve heard many stories about this place, and it’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I’ve made the long and treacherous journey to the Chamber of the Great Council to see for myself what goes on here. As I’m sure you know, word… Zack 02/26/21 7 02/27/21