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Well, There’s a First Time for Everything Post-dynastic discussion thread. MadisonSilver 04/16/22 5 04/17/22
Ascension Address: Prediction of Future Events using Parallel Universe Observation By Dr. Roberts, Dr. Lenhart, and Dr. Tables University of BlogNomic,, The Internet, Earth, Universe #201 Abstract Although quantum mechanics have been studied for many years, physicists have yet to discover how to predict how a particular particle’s wavefunction will collapse. However, the confirmation of the existence of parallel… MadisonSilver 03/21/22 0
Intent to Join - MadisonSilver Hello! I’ve been following along reading BlogNomic for a little while, and now seems like as good a time to join as any. I look forward to playing with all of you (and I hope I’m doing this right!) MadisonSilver 02/23/22 3 02/24/22