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I’m back I no longer wish to be idle in this beautiful idyll where nothing that can be seen by my eye is dull. Gaelan 09/09/17 1 09/10/17
Story Post: Wrestling a Bear… WITH TOOLS So, this bear comes into the camp. I try and WRESTLE THE BEAR, but the fight comes to a standstill. I quickly decide to GATHER MY TOOLS and start throwing them at the bear. Was it an unfair fight? Probably. But at least there isn’t a bear in the camp… Gaelan 05/29/17 3 06/01/17
Unidling Unintersted in this Nomic I was, for a while. Perhaps I found to too Daunting, but for whatever reason I decided not to Linger. I, however, wish to rejoin the fun, and with a New vigor, I wish to continue to play this Great game. Gaelan 05/22/17 2 05/22/17
Exploring: Crab Edge After sailing around for a while and aimlessly pecking at the ground trying to find treasure, MY Chicken waddles inland and looks for anything interesting. Gaelan 08/27/16 1 08/28/16
Hi! Hi! I’m Gaelan, and I’d like to be a Player/Hunter. Gaelan 08/26/16 2 08/30/16