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I’m back that was a hell of a weekend, took a lot out of me, don’t think I’m going to catch up on anything until tomorrow. Patrick 02/03/13 0
A New Old Face Most of you probably don’t remember me but I was around for a few weeks a couple of months ago, I’d like to give this another shot. Patrick 01/23/13 3 01/24/13
Updating the ruleset The rule Slavering was passed but is not listed on the ruleset. Is anybody allowed to make changes to the ruleset if there is an obvious error like so, or does it have to be an admin? Patrick 03/20/12 5 03/20/12
DRAFT High Risk High Reward Append this text to the rule “Institutions” Training Camp: When a player influences the Training Camp their number of marines is multiplied by 1.3, this new number, rounded up, is the number of marines added to the player’s total number of marines at the beginning of the next cycle. Append… Patrick 03/18/12 0
A post stating my intent to play Hey everyone, I’m new here and I see you’re about to start a new dynasty. Mind if I join? :) Patrick 03/15/12 1 03/15/12