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Idle Me I don’t have a good handle on what’s going on in this Dynasty or a lot of time to figure it out, and I feel like when I ask questions in commentary on Proposals I’m getting ignored (,, so I feel kind of excluded from the game. ayesdeeef 06/02/20 4 06/04/20
Story Post: Quarantine I, ayesdeeef, the Sheriff, am changing the Lodge from its previous Public state to a Secure state. ayesdeeef 05/20/20 0
Story Post: I Search My Pockets *Pat, pat Wait, this was in here this whole time? ayesdeeef 05/18/20 0
I think my pms are not working right now I tried pming other people and it doesn’t show in sent, also I tried pming myself and I got nothing. ayesdeeef 05/06/20 3 05/07/20
Return of the King I unidle ayesdeeef 05/02/20 3 05/05/20
Hello I choose to unidle. ayesdeeef 11/29/16 1 11/30/16
Idling in. Daddy’s home. ayesdeeef 08/22/16 1 08/23/16
I idle Thanks for all the fun times I’ve had here! I don’t have time for this game. I hope to not come back, and I won’t. ayesdeeef 10/14/15 4 10/23/15
Unidle Maybe this Dynasty will be fun. Maybe I’ll have time to play. No harm in unidling, I guess. ayesdeeef 10/07/15 1 10/08/15
I idle Thanks. ayesdeeef 10/01/15 1 10/02/15
Story Post: Rumour: LKJASD Kevan and Thrawn ayesdeeef 09/30/15 1 10/01/15
Escape: Time to Run Kevan, I know we haven’t thought this through very well, but I can’t stand another minute in this danky cell. ayesdeeef 09/23/15 10 09/25/15
Why not Unidle ayesdeeef 09/21/15 1 09/22/15
I just realized how fun this Dynasty is Unidle me. Thanks (lol sorry for the spammy coming and going) ayesdeeef 03/09/15 1 03/09/15
Idling Idle me. Thanks. ayesdeeef 03/08/15 1 03/09/15
Unidle Unidle me ayesdeeef 01/19/15 1 01/19/15
Guys, we have no blockquotes and stuff as options when we comment. The Body field is required. ayesdeeef 11/13/14 6 11/20/14
Man of the Match: Victory Thanks for reminding me Bucky. Sprucial ayesdeeef 10/22/14 2 10/23/14
Reelected… In Rule 2.10 The Method of Scoring, replace “Once at least 48 hours have passed since the Shooting Post, any Player may comment with the sum of the rolls from the shooter and the assisting players, along with the sum of the rolls from the goalkeeper and the non-assisting defense… ayesdeeef 10/21/14 1 10/21/14
Tiki-Taka Football In Rule 2.18.1, add the following to the end of that Rule:- Whenever this Challenge is Active and a player kicks the ball and rolls a 3 in the same GNDT comment, they must not increase their Score by 1 as they normally would due to the fact that they… ayesdeeef 09/30/14 1 09/30/14
Man of the Match I activate the Passing challenge. ayesdeeef 09/25/14 0
Like it or not I’m back. Unidle me. ayesdeeef 09/13/14 3 09/14/14
Lazy Player-Coach I’m idling. Not good, I know, but I’ve been banned from screens for ten days due to a head injury. Will be back sometime though. ayesdeeef 09/07/14 1 09/07/14
Ascension Address: Soccer Hi. I’m your Coach. Call me Coach, or else… The ambiguous soccer tournament is coming up and you boys are in no condition to win a game, let alone the Championship. Here’s the way it’s going to work around here from now on; toes on the line with shirts tucked… ayesdeeef 09/02/14 0
Flea Market: $18 Bond - ayesdeeef 08/31/14 2 08/31/14
Flea Market - My New Laptop (11.5.80) ayesdeeef wins. ayesdeeef 08/30/14 3 08/31/14
Flea Market - My Desktop (11.17.83) - ayesdeeef 08/30/14 5 08/31/14
Flea Market - My Desktop (11.17.83) - ayesdeeef 08/29/14 3 08/30/14
Flea Market - $25 Bond These are useless now. ayesdeeef 08/29/14 3 08/30/14
Flea Market: Kitchen Plumbing & Fittings (19.18.19) Inflation or not, this is a little big to carry around. ayesdeeef 08/25/14 6 08/27/14
Inflation Inflated Enact a new rule, “Rate of Inflation”:- The rate of inflation is 1. As a weekly action, the Broker may choose a percentage known as the Rate of Inflation from 100 to 120%, as determined by the formula (99+X)%, where X is a number from 1 to 21 generated randomly… ayesdeeef 08/23/14 1 08/23/14
Inflation Inflated In Rule 2.10 Inflation, replace “As a weekly action, the Broker may choose a percentage known as the Rate of Inflation from 5 to 10%, as determined by the formula (5+X)%, where X is a number from 1 to 5 generated randomly by means of the Broker’s choice. The broker… ayesdeeef 08/23/14 4 08/23/14
Flea Market: Miniature Roulette Wheel (13.4.56) The following field is required: Body ayesdeeef 08/21/14 5 08/23/14
Flea Market: Rock-Ola 443 Jukebox (10.17.37) Buy this. ayesdeeef 08/19/14 5 08/21/14
Flea Market: My Desktop Flea Market: My Desktop ayesdeeef 08/05/14 2 08/30/14
Delete this Delete ayesdeeef 08/05/14 0
Flea Market: My Old Laptop This is a legit flea market guys! I’m sure of it. ayesdeeef 08/05/14 2 08/05/14
Flea Market: My Desktop Self-Explanatory; let’s sell this junk. ayesdeeef 08/05/14 2 08/05/14
Flea Market: My Brand Spankin’ New Mouse Sorry if this is spam, but I’m doing it for purely strategic purposes :) ayesdeeef 08/05/14 4 08/05/14
Flea Market: My Laptop I’m back for more quotes… ayesdeeef 08/05/14 2 08/05/14
Flea Market: My Sister’s Laptop Flea Market - I hope the Broker makes his offer quickly on my sister’s laptop! ayesdeeef 08/05/14 9 08/05/14
Properties Enact a new rule, “Properties”, with the following text:- Each player has a Property. Properties can be bought, sold, traded, gained, and lost. ayesdeeef 08/03/14 4 08/05/14
Hello again Can I unidle? Thanks. ayesdeeef 07/28/14 1 07/28/14
Idling I idle. Sorry guys. ayesdeeef 06/29/14 1 07/02/14
Idling I idle. Sorry guys. ayesdeeef 06/29/14 0
Approaching the Green Knight Why not? ayesdeeef 06/09/14 7 06/11/14
Skirmish Goblins As can be seen, I rolled DICE6 and got to skirmish goblins, and we are in a new week after skirmishing the spiders, but I only now realized that I need to make a post concerning this. Everyone should go get their three gold!! (This resolved before the proposal concerning… ayesdeeef 06/09/14 6 06/09/14
Your weblog entry must have a title I wish to be a Knight. ayesdeeef 06/08/14 2 06/09/14