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Withdrawing Please Idle me derrick 10/16/20 2 10/16/20
Derrick Smolders I contain, and do not explode I Consume, with no effect I Flood, with no effect. I Roll: Brown, Black, White, and add 1 mana at the lowest level 2 mana in a new layer to my top, and beach for 10 mana I Roll again: Brown, Black, White, and… derrick 10/12/20 3 10/13/20
I be the biggest! Derrick The volcanic sputtered out lava, making his flat top the largest, at least for now. I didn’t explode I rolled a lot of no effect, gained some mana, some land normally, and stuck some land on top I Deposited. I Adjusted. 60 to remove no effects from black 30… derrick 10/08/20 2 10/08/20
Story Post: Derrick Stirs I contain with no effect. I consume with no effect. I flood with no effect. I shift, increasing my pressure by 1 I roll green and white dice, gaining 1 foliage and 1 mana I choose not to adjust I choose to deposit It is still Cuddlebeam’s turn. Let as… derrick 10/01/20 0
Derrick Grows The Isle of Derrick has taken its turn, and grown the expected amount. Its now Brendan’s turn derrick 09/14/20 0
Story Post: Bone Scanner allows Harvesting of Toxic Spines from Collos The desert here (hurrah! no more flat grassy spaces) has these monstrous lizard things with long spikes. I got a spine off with the bone scanner, and it appears to have a toxin in it. The geeks back at HQ will be happy to get samples. I don’t think it… derrick 09/05/20 1 09/05/20
Story Post: Trees I have found trees! I am so happy! I thought I’d be stuck on endless plains forever! Computer insisted they were three different things, but I know I have found new terrain now. Trees! Turba cirrum: turbulent circles. The long circular leaves twisting around each other. Its beautiful. Its entrancing…… derrick 08/31/20 0
Story Post: Bone Scanner Deadly When applied to Onera accipitrum The onery hawk plant? It likes to grab things. I made it out of there with my bone scanner, but it was close: it almost grabbed it away from me. What? no! I’m not still hallucinating! derrick 08/31/20 0
Story Post: Fumes of the Hairy Wing: Bone Scanner is Productive when applied to Tricha heliia I used the bone scanner on the Tricha Hellia, looking on those weird low leaves, and .... where was I? computer, delete report. DELETE REPORT! I do not want that public! derrick 08/31/20 0
Story Post: And Now, for something completely different… I have reached new terrain. Or so the computer tells me. I’m not sure how one distinguishes hills, savannah, and grassland, but the computer can, and it says this terrain is grassland. So much so that it named it the Heteru Grassland, or the different grassland. I still think its… derrick 08/31/20 0
Map of New Ganymede I made a map! derrick 08/30/20 2 09/01/20
Story Post: “Hairy Wings” in the Open Plain Having passed yet more hills, I reach more Savannah. I must say I expected more variety than this. The computer has named this place “Campa”. Which is Latin for “Plains”. Its the plains of the plains. I swear a circuit got fried when the toxic gas popped up. This Plains… derrick 08/28/20 0
Story Post: Bone Scanner Annoying to Tremadon um, yeah. I wanted a good look at their bones and they got irritated. I’m still not sure if they have bones. If you want to pass through this area, you should be prepared. derrick 08/28/20 0
Story Post: Gamma Pistol is Deadly with Opisthos So I was curious about how the pistol seems to make everything stronger, and I tried it on some of those Opisthos. They did not like it. Not at all. Fortunately, continued fire seems to put them down, but if you come through here, you might want to bring a… derrick 08/28/20 0
Story Post: Gamma Pistol is restorative to Tremadon Umm… guys. We’ve used our weapons on four things. Three of them got stronger. Is anyone else nervous? derrick 08/27/20 0
Story Post: Front and Back In my expedition I have discovered yet more hills, along with a strange creature. The computer insists on calling the hills the Hormi Hills, which is translated as the starting hills or beginning hills. This makes no sense to me. I’ve seen little else but hills in this direction. Maybe… derrick 08/25/20 0
Good to be Back Hey folks, its me again! good to see some familiar faces! wait, what? You don’t recognize me? I have unidled myself. Quorum remains 6. derrick 05/06/20 1 05/06/20
What is this Mess Derrick has unidled, increasing quorum to 4. Wow, we have a lot of admins in this game. Plus Cuddlebeam. derrick 01/20/20 4 01/20/20
Retirement Derrick, in possession of a port all of his own, retires and idles. Quorum drops to 4, as there are 7 players now. derrick 08/24/19 0
The Traitor in Your Midst The Traitor special case rule was active in this last dynasty. To be specific, Kevan was selected as our designated traitor. derrick 07/29/19 8 07/31/19
The Fourth Campaign: The Late Hour The campaign number is 4. The battlefields are as follows: The Slums: Walled, Poor, Poor Dwarven Fortress: Rich, Walled, Underground Royal Barrens: Frozen, Desert, Nearby derrick 07/20/19 4 07/26/19
The Fourth Campaign: Seiges The campaign number is 4. The battlefields are as follows: The Slums: Walled, Poor, Poor Dwarven Fortress: Rich, Walled, Underground Royal Barrens: Frozen, Desert, Nearby The enemy has penetrated even deeper into our lands, and laid siege to several vital locations! I call upon all of my wizards. We must… derrick 07/17/19 10 07/20/19
The Third Campaign: Approaching the City This is campaign number 3: our battlefields are as follows: Subterranean Falls: sloped aquatic underground Island Fortress: sloped walled aquatic Royal Forest: forest nearby level The enemy assault continues. We lost near the desert, but our aquatic defenses remain strong. We should push through the subterranean falls to secure an… derrick 07/10/19 15 07/15/19
Druid’s Duel: Withholding Food The Druid Challenges Ienpw III to a duel! The battle field is the city walls. Any wizard except Ienpw II may be judge. Ienpw III is the only valid opponent. derrick 07/09/19 12 07/15/19
The Second Campaign: Defense of Homelands This is campaign number 2. Our battlefields are as follows: The Royal Swamp: Nearby Aquatic Forest The Worthless Mountains: poor, poor, sloped The Caravan City: Nearby Walled Desert The enemy has struck deep, threatening our homelands. We have the opportunity to stop them at city walls and natural barriers. As… derrick 07/05/19 13 07/08/19
The First Campaign Season: Icy Caves This is Campaign Number 1. Our battlefields are as follows: Mushroom Mines: rich underground forest Ice Floes: aquatic, aquatic, frozen Ice Caves: underground, aquatic, frozen Such terrain is difficult for regular troops to fight in. I need beasts able to conquer such terrain. Which Wizard can provide me with beasts… derrick 06/29/19 9 07/02/19
Ascension Address: Monster Makers The king’s court is garbed in black, for the second most important figure in the realm has died. Not the queen, nor the heir, but the Royal Wizard. For years, Garen Drakemage captured, bred, and enchanted monstrous beasts to serve in battle. The ferocious beasts have provided key victories, bringing… derrick 06/24/19 3 06/24/19
Halls and Generators An O-block of: Corridor, Corridor, Power, Power derrick 06/15/19 5 06/17/19
Gardening Supplies A block is dropped to assist in gardening! An O-block of Hydroponic, Corridor, Hydroponic, Corridor derrick 06/05/19 4 06/07/19
Story Post: Housing Popular Demand is that the moon sites accommodate more people! A J-block with the modules Hydroponics, Quarters, Quarters, Corridor derrick 05/27/19 7 05/29/19
Ceatan De-extinction Awarded Ceatan De-extinction has been awarded to Kevan The Cost is B5 P3 The Prize is $5B Make those whales sing once again! derrick 05/10/19 0
Jakarta Space Elevator Awarded The Jakarta Space Elevator has been awarded to Naught The Cost is 3T 2E The Prize is $5B derrick 05/07/19 1 05/07/19
Timbuktu Irrigation Awarded to Naught Naught has won the timbuktu irrigation project, as one of two contractors who offered to do it for free. The prize is $0. The cost is 2R 2B 1P We are grateful for your generosity. derrick 05/02/19 1 05/02/19
Government Transparency The Great Eccentric looked at those he had hoped would fulfill his dreams and sighed. Six projects worth billions of dollars each, but only two bids, each one on a different project. Perhaps the bidding needed more publicity. He hoped that making the bidding public would urge contractors to bid… derrick 04/28/19 4 04/30/19
Ascension Address: Much Larger than the Pyramids I gazed up at the pyramids towering above me. They weren’t the largest structures ever built. I’d commissioned larger ones myself, even before reaching my current status and power. Yet there was something special about these 4 millenia old structures. Something inspiring. “Did you know the egyptians weren’t the first… derrick 04/15/19 0
Dynasty Ideas I like to check for interest in dynasty ideas before picking one. Right now I have three ideas I’m considering: * A dynasty about contractors making secret bids on projects and building the right team for a job whose requirements aren’t known until the last second. The theme could be… derrick 04/12/19 4 04/14/19
Camping Timing Service Anouncment Adventurers are flagrantly ignoring the rule: An adventurer who has not camped since the last respawn may camp but may not take any subsequent dynastic actions multiple people are hunting first and then camping. This would be the correct move to preserve Health if it were a legal move, but… derrick 03/22/19 3 03/25/19
Arrow to the Knee Allo and Oracular Rufio have decided to return to their homes and stop hunting. Perhaps they found a life of monster slaying too dangerous, or perhaps they found the home life to have other attractions. Allo and Oracular Rufio have been idled. derrick 03/21/19 6 03/24/19
Holiday Retirement I am now Idle, and will probably remain so until 2019. There are 6 attorneys, and quorum remains 4. derrick 12/10/18 1 12/10/18
Up in Arms Brendan, change activity to training! derrick 11/20/18 2 11/20/18
The Meeting! I am calling a meeting. We have few days left to plan our actions! Chance of success increases by 15%! Everyone get ready for the next stage! derrick 11/19/18 1 11/20/18
No Slackers Pokes, I order you to change activity to planning. derrick 11/16/18 1 11/16/18
Get Back Here! Trigon, I order you to change activity to planning. derrick 11/09/18 3 11/09/18
The Windows of City Hall I have taken photos of city hall, and at great personal risk to myself. fortunately, I’m a good runner. derrick 11/05/18 0
The First Reaping Time has passed, and things have happened. Pokes and Derrick have both perished of extreme old age. They have both been born again. Derrick was born as Warrior in the Jungle Court Pokes was born as a Mystic in the Desert Court derrick 08/15/18 0
How Did the Experiment Work? We have just finished the first Card dynasty*. This was an experiment exploring playing Blognomic with cards, and I’d like to see what everyone else thinks about how we did. *I noticed that the action was slightly difficult to follow, because so many variables would change in the GNDT at… derrick 08/01/18 6 08/02/18
Front Runners As a perused the book, communities came and went. some boosted by wizards, some laid low. I believe the legacy count (without infamy! infamy!) passing is currently: Card: 31 (Far island, Native Tribe, Swamp) Kevan: 31 (Far island, Native Tribe, Swamp, hidden secret keepers ) Trigon: 30 (Native tribe, Swamp)… derrick 07/31/18 0
Names of Legend The legacy of various wizards are currently as follows: Trigon: 34 Kevan: 27 Card: 26 Brendan: 22.5 Jumble: 14 9spaceking: 13 Corona: 9 We have 1 ruin (The Harbor), 1 village (the wilderness), Three towns (The Far island, The Red Plains, and the Elitist Forrest), and Three cities (The Swamp,… derrick 07/30/18 7 07/30/18
Recruiting Wizards Create a subrule in cards named “Recruiting” A wizard whose home has a faction may “Recruit” a faction card from the deck by discarding two cards from their hand and placing the faction card in their hand. derrick 07/26/18 1 07/26/18
Historian’s Note I decided to go see how everyone is scoring. If the game ended right now (and it won’t), the legacy of each wizard would be: Trigon: 15.5 Jumble: 13.5 Brendan: 12.5 Kevan: 10 Card: 10 Corona: 2.5 All others: 0 We have no cities and no ruins. derrick 07/21/18 0
LinkVanyali Leaves LinkVanyali idles out after seven days, wandering off to other lands: will this wizard return? One never knows, with wizards! There are now 11 players. Quorum is 6. derrick 06/29/18 0
Call for Cards Wise Workers of Wizardly Wonders: We need more cards! we’re burning through them at a rapid pace, and we have around two days of cards left. We need more cards! about 60 more to be comfortable. In particular demand are cards that take advantage of Thaum or home of a… derrick 06/29/18 4 06/30/18
Ascension Address: A Tome and a Legend Upon returning from my voyages, I received word that an old aunt had perished from consumption. I mourned this loss, but there was nothing to be done about it. The executor visited me shortly afterwords, delivering a stack of old books. Aunty Neddy always had odd interests. The oldest book… derrick 06/19/18 0
Second in Command Takes Over It appear that our erst-while captain has become indisposed, and I have been informed that only the captain has the authority to lower the boats. We need leadership, and as Chief Mate, I will act as captain until our leader returns. I make the following pledges: I will freely step… derrick 05/23/18 10 05/23/18
Ye be Slackers! Lower the Boats! derrick 05/21/18 8 05/22/18
Joining the Next Game Hey, This is Derrick. Given that I unidled myself and that a recent proposal wants more visibility on admin unidles, I’m publicly declaring that I did so. There are 10 pawns, and quorum is 6. derrick 05/02/18 1 05/02/18
What’s up with all these Boxes I have unidled myself. derrick 01/19/18 1 01/19/18
Story Post: Shard Building [Tessered 5] the tesserer named derrick creates 1 shard. derrick 11/14/17 0
Shard Building [Tessered 5] The tesserer named derrick creates a shard. derrick 11/14/17 1 11/14/17
Shard Building The tesser named Derrick Creates 1 shard. derrick 11/14/17 1 11/14/17
Story Post: [Tessered 5] Water Shard I shall create a water shard derrick 11/10/17 0
Are we Ready? I’m not seeing much in the way of new rules. Is everyone stumped on what to add? are we just waiting for the chance to win instead of making rules? Am I monopolizing things? Just hoping to move things forward. I’ve got one more big proposal planned, and then its… derrick 10/19/17 2 10/19/17
Poke, poke, poke ... is he alive? Pokes has not been active for 8 days, and becomes idle. Quorum remains 5. spooky. derrick 10/17/17 2 10/19/17
The Map! I made a map of the locations we have at the moment. Let me know if there are ways it should look different. derrick 10/09/17 0
The 8th Metadynasty Welcome to the Eighth Metadynasty of Blognomic. This is the longest blognomic has gone without entering meta-dynasty. 39 dynasties have passed since Sept 4, 2013, when purplebeard ended the Seventh Metadynasty. All dynastic rules have been reset. Cuddlebeam is no longer a King. Princes remain Princes, which is suitably generic… derrick 10/05/17 1 10/05/17
What’s in this corner of the galaxy? I push the Katamari to : This uses 1 stanima. derrick 10/04/17 0
Returning Home I spend one stamina to move the Katamari to the page: derrick 10/03/17 0
Adding Stuff I spend 7 Stamina to: I push the Katamari to add “swords” I push the Katamari to the Location I push the Katamari to the Location I push the Katamari to add “Battleaxe” I push the Katamari to add “blade” I push the Katamari to add “warfare” I… derrick 10/02/17 0
The Snowball Effect Add to the list of abilities in the list “pushing” 100 - When pushed to aquire a noun, the Katamari gains 2 extra nouns from this site. Alternatively, a prince may add two nouns that appear at the Katamari’s location with no nouns in between them in the text. This… derrick 09/29/17 3 10/01/17
Can a Disputed Quorum be Passed? This isn’t quite a call for judgement, but a preface to one.I hope for it to end with additional core rules being added. We have a rather interesting edge case here. Once Card votes on the UN resolutions, they may or may not be popular, depending on a CfJ that… derrick 09/04/17 6 09/04/17
To Unidle is to Join Anew In the Rule “Esteem” change: A new player shall default to an IE of the average of the IE of all non-UNSG CIC’s, rounded up. To: A new CICI or unidling CIC shall default to an IE of the average of the IE of all non-UNSG CIC’s, rounded up, even… derrick 09/01/17 5 09/02/17
A New Player—Kind of Derrick has joined the dance. The number of players is 9, quorum remains 5. I unidled myself. yes, that means I’m an admin. I look forward to joining my assigned block. derrick 07/31/17 1 08/01/17
Why We Really Play This Game Add a new Rule, named “Revenue”:  When a blogsball match is played, each manager with players in the match receives Cash. * a base of 100,000 for playing a match. * an additional 100,000 * ( X-10), where X is the level of the highest level player in the game,… derrick 04/14/17 3 04/14/17
Loitering Organs Just a post for discussion. derrick 04/04/17 8 04/12/17
Statolith Yeilds Uneven Nutrition I think there has been an errors in the weekly distribution of nutrients. Eve: b5 g0 n10 m5 => b8 g4 n14 m8 (b3g4n4m3) Hanna b0 g17 n19 m0 => b1 g21 n20 m0 (b1g4n1m0) I would have thought that hanna, with three organs, would get b6g6n6m6, and eve, with… derrick 04/02/17 7 04/03/17
Team Leah This is a petition to aggregate into the new creature “Leah” pokes is invited to join, as is Oracular Rufio. derrick 03/22/17 0
Team Hagar This is a petition to aggregate into the new creature “Hagar” Card is invited to join, as is Oracular Rufio. derrick 03/22/17 0
Just How Much Can You Eat? Add to the bulleted list of organs in the rule “Anatomy”: Gut Add to the rule “Habitat” a terrain feature may be said to “supply” a type of nutrient. Brine Pools supply Gonium. Vents supply Miconium In the rule habitat, change the paragraph: “As a daily communal action, any Organ… derrick 03/09/17 2 03/09/17
What Kind of Habitat Just checking what the group vision for the organism is, so I can add detail to the habitat. Is this supposed to be a reef dwelling organism, and we should surround it with rocks and coral? Or is this supposed to be a deep ocean dweller, with pits, wrecks, perhaps… derrick 03/06/17 12 03/06/17
Data Tracking I have some rules I want to propose, but I’m unsure of where the best places to track data are, and particularly the limits of the GNDT. Is it suited for tracking a number of values attached to the organism rather than any particular player? or should it be tracked… derrick 03/06/17 7 03/07/17
Can’t get enough of that tree More silver bark! Its all the rage right now! EDIT: (that means I eat some!) derrick 02/28/17 4 02/28/17
More of that Tree I consume silver bark. derrick 02/26/17 1 02/26/17
Eating Silver Bark I consume my recently obtained silver bark! doctor, please attend derrick 02/23/17 1 02/24/17
What Goes Around Comes Around “Orkboi! I hear you’ve been advocating that everyone gets enough red cap!” I use red cap on Orkboi derrick 02/23/17 1 02/24/17
Breakfast at the Market Place Derrick Spent all night frantically looking for silver bark, sure he would not make it to the next morning. Surely that wolf could not have had his best interests at heart, and he must have the disease again. All he finds is mandrake. But that’s a lot of mandrake! He… derrick 02/22/17 1 02/22/17
Silver Bark Ran into the forest and ate the bark off a tree. Hoping to cure this nasty cough. derrick 02/20/17 1 02/20/17
The Cured Endgame We need to come up with a endgame that measures if everyone has been cured, and if there is a winner in that case. Does anyone have any thoughts? derrick 02/15/17 7 02/15/17
I wonder what this does I consume nightshade derrick 02/15/17 1 02/15/17
By “Mistake” I am rummaging in my pack for food when he sees a bunch of mandrake. That’s odd. Where did it come from? Well, its worth trying a bite. I consume the mandrake. derrick 02/14/17 4 02/14/17
Theif! Hey! somebody stole my Leeches! derrick 02/08/17 3 02/09/17
Quickening the Game I think right now we are standing around waiting for people to die, and people have a half-life of four doctor’s rounds. I think we should add rules and mechanisms to hasten the game-play. Ideas include: more doctor’s rounds—though this has the possibility to be a burden to the good… derrick 02/07/17 3 02/07/17
Proposal: Its a big world out there In the section: Locations, the text: Two Villagers are considered to be Near to one another if they share a Location, and if that Location is not “Home”. will be replaced with Two Villagers are considered to be Near to one another if they share a Location, and if that… derrick 02/04/17 1 02/05/17
A Wanderer on the Road I will be joining the game .Yes, It appears I start out on the outside of the town. That’s a problem. On the other hand, I’m completely disease free. derrick 02/03/17 2 02/03/17