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Third try and all Alright, Kneuronak, is definitely ready to be idled. Quorum stays at 15. TrumanCapote 01/28/10 0
Busy Work Apathetic Lizardman, Aquafraternally Yours, and NoOneImportant all go idle - provided the Most Recent Comment times and the Main Page time are in sync. Quorum is 15. TrumanCapote 01/26/10 3 01/27/10
Proposal: Arbitrary Timelines In Rule 1.2 Guests, change “not posted an entry or comment for more than 7 days.” to “not posted an entry or comment for more than 6 days.” In Blognomic, six days is a lot of time, a lot of proposals, and a lot of potential GNDT action. Very few… TrumanCapote 01/24/10 2 01/24/10
Doing my duty Thrawn goes idle. The song remains the same. TrumanCapote 01/23/10 6 01/24/10
Proposal: I Call Shenanigans Add to Rule 1.5 the following text: No aspect of any proposal may be enacted without approval from the quorum. Unless people want to keep the “Add Word X to your vote to add aspect Y to the proposal”. I agree with Kevan, it’s pretty crappy that we’re passing proposals… TrumanCapote 02/13/09 14 02/13/09
Lurks are Jerks Anyone care to unidle me? TrumanCapote 02/11/09 5 02/12/09
Be Back Soon I’m just not feeling it this dynasty. Could an admin idle me? I promise my hiatus won’t be nearly as long the last, which was a little under three years. I’ll see you next dynasty. TrumanCapote 10/08/08 1 10/08/08
Fear and Trembling Clucky and vostibackle should be idled. I’d do it myself but I’m afraid I’d $!@% up the entire template somehow. I’m special like that. TrumanCapote 09/24/08 0
GNDT I have entirely forgotten my GNDT password. Also forgotten: how to find my password. Help! TrumanCapote 09/21/08 1 09/21/08
Ahoy Hoy Holy crap! My name’s still on the sidebar somewhere. Good to see Blognomic doesn’t purge players for excessive inactivity. Heck, it’s good to see the game still active. Oh, unidle me, if you’d be so kind. TrumanCapote 09/19/08 2 09/20/08
Aloha Anyone remember me? I think some of you should. Anyhow, could someone unidle me? Pretty please? Also, regarding the Dynastic Theme, is there some cultural reference I’m not getting here? TrumanCapote 11/02/06 6 11/02/06
Once More in the General Direction of the Breach Anybody feel like un-idling me? TrumanCapote 03/08/06 1 03/08/06
News from the Sun I have: Used Glimpse to create a Temple to Chronos in Trinidad. (-1 Quint) Used Glimpse to create a Temple to myself in Trinidad. (-1 Quint) Used Glimpse to create a Temple to Poseidon in Baton Rouge. (-1 Quint) Used Glimpse to create a Temple to Circe in Baton Rouge.… TrumanCapote 11/14/05 1 11/14/05
Cats and Gods Living Together We enter the Age of Innocence. TrumanCapote 11/14/05 0
Remember me? Can I get in on this new Dynasty? TrumanCapote 10/25/05 7 10/26/05