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Proposal: Oversitting Replace the rule “Understanding” with the following Each AI has an Understanding, which is a publicly-tracked flavour text list of words, and which represents that AI’s understanding of the outside world and its dominant technologies and lifeforms. An AI’s Understanding may contain no more than N strings, where N is… Clucky 04/18/21 13 04/18/21
Proposal: Blackout Add the following to “Behavioral Regulations”  Each Dynastic Action has a Risk associated with it, which is a number between 0 and 9. If a Dynastic Action does not specify its Risk, then it has Risk 0. Actions with Risk greater than or equal to 1 are Risky Actions. When… Clucky 04/17/21 14 04/18/21
Favor Shares Just so everyone is aware, I will award each player who gives me at least one peg a favor, as even though I’m highly skeptical of the idea I want to be able to properly explore them next dynasty. However, I will only do this if I wind up being… Clucky 04/09/21 8 04/10/21
Don’t mind me I’m testing edits Sorry for the blog spam edit one edit two Clucky 03/05/21 1 03/05/21
Story Post: Extra! Extra! A New Winnower has been appointed! Bucky has been appointed the first Winnower! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I eagerly await Lady Pettegola’s thoughts on this development. Clucky 02/24/21 2 02/25/21
Story Post: If I Squint, It Kinda Looks Like A Bee The Mosaic is Complete With an Accomplishment of 29 (or 14, depending on how you count), Josh is the Artisan Clucky 11/29/20 0
New Mentorship I will be serving as Lendunistus’s mentor Clucky 11/25/20 0
New Mentorship Kevan has agreed to be Coderblaze’s mentor Clucky 11/23/20 1 11/23/20
New Mentorship Card has agreed to be Sylav’s mentor Clucky 10/28/20 3 11/05/20
New mentorship Publius Scribonius Scholasticus has agreed to be Great_Guy96’s mentor Clucky 10/23/20 0
New Mentorship Josh has agreed to be robotabc773’s mentor Clucky 10/21/20 0
Ascension Address: Sand of Time Time passes, seasons change. A small boat arrives carrying a band of travelers to a cluster of Islands on the Great Sea. Finding the largest one, full of green foliage and friendly animal life, they row their boat ashore and setup a small camp. Time passes, seasons change. Using the… Clucky 10/20/20 2 10/21/20
Story Post: Clucky’s Round 8 Turn: Contain: Rolled an 18, pressure was 0 so nothing happens Shift: Set my pressure to 0 Extrude: Take the Egg Nest Consume: 10 is smaller than 12 Roll: +5 Foliage, +5 Animal Biomass, +170 mana due to browsing while my Climber Habitability is 17 Deposit: I deposit Glisten: +5 Land… Clucky 10/19/20 0
Story Post: Clucky’s Round 7 Turn: Shift: Set my pressure to zero Consume: Nothing happens Contain: Rolled a 12, do not blow up Extrude: Removed the mud vent Roll: Gained 5 foliage, 5 animal biomass, and 0 mana Roll 2: Gain 5 foliage, 5 animal biomass, and 270 mana Glisten: Use my scree slope to gain… Clucky 10/17/20 0
Clucky’s Round 6 Turn Contain: Rolled an 91 Roll: 2 Folliage, 2+1 Land, 270 Mana Shift: Pressure is now 1 Consume: Nothing happens Extrude: Take the Scree Slope Germinate: do not take this action Deposit: do not take this action Glisten: do not take this action Adjust: Perform an Adjustment as per the rule… Clucky 10/15/20 0
Round 5 Clucky’s Turn Flood: Nothing happens Contain: Rolled a 75, do not explode Consume: Nothing happens Shift: Presure is now 3 Extrude: Buy great platue Roll: White - Beach, Swimmer was 8 so got 80 Brown - 2 land black - erupt, gain 3 land at the front Deposit: I do not deposit… Clucky 10/12/20 0
Turn summary Hopefully I did this all right Contain: Rolled a 59, don’t go boom Shift: pressure increased to 2 Consume: Its not bigger Flood: Its not round 6 Roll: 2 Land, 1 Folliage, choose a face of the die and apply its effect. Choose graze, Running Habitability is six So that… Clucky 10/07/20 0
Taking my Turn Flood: Nothing happens, as it is not round 5 Shift: My pressure increases by one, to 1 Consume: With no animal biomass or foliage, the clause does not apply so nothing happens Roll: I select green and white, gaining 1 foliage and 1 mana (which unfortunately does nothing) Contain: nothing… Clucky 09/21/20 0
Turn Update Riggdan goes idle. Quorum is now 7. Also as a side effect of Riggdan going idle, it is now derrick’s turn. Clucky 09/14/20 0
Round: 2 Turn: Clucky Rolled for land and got one land. It is now Raven1207’s turn Clucky 09/11/20 0
Global Shares (duplicate proposal caused by site slowness. not sure how to delete) Clucky 05/28/20 1 05/28/20
Story Post: The Storm Hits The storm has struck the blognomic archipelago Redwood, Tres Angeles and Träskby all had defenses built up. Redwood’s index score was 0 Tres Angeles was 41 Träskby was 87 rolled a DICE126, result was a 99. Träskby has the largest index score less than this result. Träskby is the surviving… Clucky 05/01/20 1 05/01/20
State of the dynasty Activity seems to have completely dried up so checking in to see if people have ideas on how we should proceed. Are there some wholesale changes we can make to make the dynasty more engaging? Should we just do some stuff to speed up to the end game and get… Clucky 04/23/20 3 04/25/20
Ascension Address: Island Getaway Package Welcome, everyone! Welcome to the Blognomic Archipelago! We here at Nook Inc look forward to helping you turn each of these Islands into a slice of paradise! I hope you enjoy your time here. Please be respectful to all of the Villagers who will be joining us. They are the… Clucky 04/08/20 9 04/08/20
It’s been a while The world is on fire and I need to find some sense of normalcy so coming back to an old friend Assuming I can remember how I unidle myself Clucky 03/12/20 6 03/13/20
Exploring: Crumbling Cliff Clucky sails the Drowned Possum out of Dredger Cove, he soon arrives at the famed Island of the Crumbling Cliff and sends another search party out to explore it. Clucky 08/19/16 1 08/19/16
Exploration: Dredger Cove The Drowned Possum has pulled into the fabled cove of the The Island of Dredger Cove and Clucky has enlisted a small search party from his crew to explore the island. Clucky 08/15/16 1 08/15/16
Some historical notekeeping Prior to ruleset 75, victors were allowed to replace any keyword with a theme specific one, not just “emperor” and “player”. I know Idle was replaced a few times (as an example, in ruleset 38, players were not “idle” they were “rotten”) and potentially there were others as well. I… Clucky 06/17/16 1 06/17/16
I’m back Unidling. Quorum remains at 4 Clucky 06/17/16 0
Story Post: Requisition 1000 I’ve drawn up some plans for a Playpit in the Pirate Zone but need some funds to help build it. The playpit would be called “Swim The Seven Seas” and would consist of a bunch of blue and green plastic funballs to make up the “water”. There would be large… Clucky 04/28/16 1 04/29/16
https wikilinks Anyone else having issue accessing I can access just fine but the non https link doesn’t work. ( itself though doesn’t seem to work with https) Also are there any concerns with updating the sidebar wiki links to https? Clucky 04/27/16 7 04/27/16
That Grimy Kobold is no more! After Kevan took a chunk out of that Grimy Kobold, I stepped up to the plate and with one fell swing sent the That Grimy Kobold back to the Grimy Mire from which it emerged! Kevan walked off with its shield while I grabbed the potion of strength it was… Clucky 04/06/16 0
Do you know what time it is? Add a new sub-rule to the rule “Items” called “Great Hammer” and give it the text Affect: While a Orc is holding this item, when they deal damage to a Creature but do not kill it, the Creature gains the status Stunned. The next time any Orc attacks that creature,… Clucky 03/27/16 2 03/27/16
Rip Van Clucky I’ve been asleep for the last few years. But time for me to wake up and smash stuff like a good Orc. Clucky 03/24/16 3 03/25/16
dumping the dead weight before they eat our food Bucky and Josh go idle. Quorum drops to 8 Clucky 01/05/14 1 01/06/14
Whats up with the timestamps here? Its 4, the timer on the right says its 4, but our edits show up as like 23:55. Anyone know whats up with that? Clucky 12/26/13 9 12/27/13
Gun buyback This post grants Authorisation to all Loyal Oligarchs to exchange their own Credibility to Power at a rate of one Credibility to five Power, provided it doing so does set their power about 600. Clucky 12/21/13 6 12/22/13
I’m now the despot As I’ve been Interim Despot for like five days, the newly past proposal makes me Despot slightly earlier. I’ve put my power at 1000 to avoid a legal fight that will delay things even further. While I think it should be 1520, arguments can be made for all three so… Clucky 12/21/13 0
Story Post: Fine lets make it official Now that I can actually swap with RaichuKFM, I once again have the most power so can actually dispose Josh. At least I hope =) Clucky 12/16/13 0
Story Post: New boss in town Josh has been disposed! As I had the highest credibility, I have become your new Interim Despot =) Clucky 12/16/13 4 12/16/13
Jumped gun??? According to the timestamps, “More Flunk” was posted 7 seconds after “Drain Clogged” but was resolved well before it. It looks like the right hand side doesn’t take seconds into consideration when sorting or something, and so “More Flunk” appeared to be older. I don’t think we should reset any… Clucky 12/13/13 1 12/13/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is the parent section (i.e. the one with the full header) your style is in People, History, Geography, Arts and Culture, or Philosophy and Religion? Clucky 08/29/13 6 09/01/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is your style eight characters or shorter in length? (including spaces) Clucky 08/29/13 5 08/30/13
Story Post: Challenge: Purplebeard G F yay challenges Clucky 08/19/13 1 08/20/13
Challenge: Purplebeard 1 2 ... Clucky 08/15/13 3 08/17/13
Story Post: Question: Skju Is your Style currently Alive? Bon Jovi wants to know Clucky 08/07/13 1 08/07/13
Invalid formula [0 - 0] = 1 is not a legal formula because it contains no variables. The ruleset explicitly states that the axioms page lists Formula. But we also said to add it to the list. Per “Invalid values for game variables can never be used” I’d argue that fact it… Clucky 06/14/13 6 06/15/13
advancing time as the battle rages on so does time itself Clucky 06/03/13 0
advancing time hopefully I won’t make any mistakes this time =) Clucky 05/25/13 3 05/26/13
advancing time might as well try my hand at this… Clucky 05/23/13 1 05/23/13
Story Post: Diet Spite Family ties be darned. By voting against my proposal, RaichuKFM Duke of Sussex, Duke of Exeter has brought great shame upon my house. I am actively feuding with him! Clucky 04/28/13 2 04/30/13
Lets Try This Again nevermind missed that this was already basically proposed Clucky 04/17/13 0
Story Post: Justice for Quirck! I, Quirck, have been subject to identity theft of the worst kind! Murphy has done terrible terrible things on my behalf and must pay! He has stolen my keys, stolen my money, stolen my dog and stolen my life! I request Street Justice for these crimes against me and my… Clucky 12/04/12 2 12/04/12
Story Post: Clucky Woz Ere My name is the only name on the whiteboard! It is interesting to note that when Ice made his post, technically Josh’s name was the only name on the whiteboard because he illegally updated the whiteboard to contain invalid pixels. However Bucky still accepted it so there is not much… Clucky 10/12/12 3 10/13/12
Story Post: I’d Like To Thank The Academy… Braggity braggity brag brag. As the first to score, shouldn’t I get some kind of bonus? Like scoring again? And then get a bonus for being the second to score as well? Clucky 10/03/12 1 10/03/12
Ascension Address: The Pie in the Sky Keeps On Turning Simple Simon met a Pie Man, going to the fair Said Sir Simon, to the Pie Man, “What have you got there?” Said the Pie Man, “I’ve got pies, man! Don’t they smell so nice?” “Indeed” said Simon, “Now Mister Pie Man, may I try a slice?” So the Pie… Clucky 08/09/12 0
Where have all the merrymakers gone? Kops chooses to idle, Yngvi-Freyr idles out. So quorum is now 3. Reminder that my proposal letting quirck win can’t be passed until its 12 hours old. But hopefully it’ll pass tonight and then his DoV can pass somepoint tomorrow and more people will come back for the new dynasty. Clucky 07/23/12 5 07/24/12
what happened to kevan? Someone seems to have idled him. I don’t see a request anywhere. This is why having “Admins may idle themselves at any time” is dangerous… looking at the logs, Kevan was indeed the one who idled himself. Its just weird not seeing any sort of announcement of it. Clucky 07/17/12 3 07/17/12
dropping like flies Klisz, patheros, Rodney and southpointingchariot all go idle. Quorum drops to 5. Clucky 07/09/12 2 07/12/12
Don’t know if we need a CfJ… but wanted to at least raise the discussion So I forgot to add the new robots to the GNDT when enacting that proposal today. This made it technically impossible for players to add the new robots. Quirck acted like he had added Duster and just not updated the GNDT to update it. On the one hand, these seems… Clucky 06/29/12 3 06/30/12
Heads up I just updated the templates to include a “Story Post—Votable Matter” category, which will display on the sidebar and have the checkbox for tracking pending / enacted / closed. Use it for your recommendations or citation and hopefully people will actually see them. Clucky 06/28/12 2 06/29/12
Protosal: Something Gotta Give Append the following to the end of the Eternities Map: The Distance between two Dynasties on the Eternities Map is defined to be the shortest number of orthogonal unit steps needed to move from one Dynasties to the other. Also replace “Unless otherwise specified, two Dynasties are adjacent if they… Clucky 06/21/12 12 06/22/12
Clearing up idling how does this work Some Time Buddhas are Idle, and shall be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of the Ruleset, excluding Rules “Ruleset and Gamestate”, “Time Buddhas”, “Dynasties”, “Fair Play” and any of those Rules’ subrules, Idle Time Buddhas are not counted as Time Buddhas. If… Clucky 06/20/12 3 06/21/12
Proposal Ideals… Out of slots, but someone should propose these: 1) Change the end conditions from ‘everything fixed’ to ‘everything paradoxed/jammed’. Everything fixed doesn’t make sense for the “we all lose” case. 2) Put a cap on fuel. I’m thinking like 25. This stops people from just hording it. Of course, if… Clucky 06/20/12 0
btw, Darknight is still time buddah Assuming Josh’s move to dynasty 71 was legal, that makes Josh time buddah again, right? Because it never got reset. Even if OMD’s scam worked, he first became time buddah, then repealed the rules. But that rule making Darknight time buddah would’ve triggered right after OMD became emperor. I think… Clucky 06/15/12 9 06/16/12
New dynasty, I unidle forgot to actually announce I was unidling in that other post Clucky 06/13/12 0
Here is what happened: I was talking with people on IRC, and then realized IRC wasn’t gamestate, so I couldn’t technically do that with my throat. I could talk to Oranjer though, because he wasn’t a Time Monk for the purposes of dynastic rules. I then idled, so that I could talk to DN… Clucky 06/13/12 13 06/15/12
DK is currently Time Buddah “The Time Buddha is considered to Occupy all dynasties simultaneously, and can perform any Time Buddha-specific action, provided that it would not affect their GNDT values, from any Dynasty, at any time. The Time Buddha has a Focus Dynasty, whose ruleset he may use as per the subrule entitled Gamestate… Clucky 06/13/12 0
I wanna talk to my friends Hijink time. I’m going idle. Nothing bad is possible going to happen here. Clucky 06/13/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 39 According to 2.10.2 Last of the Living “If there is only one student that is not on the Lost List, then that student may declare victory.” I am the only student, I am not on the Lost List, so I may declare victory in dynasty 39 and choose to do… Clucky 06/13/12 5 06/13/12
can we banish dynasty 7? short of reconstructing the ruleset from all the proposals, I can’t find the ruleset. my throat prevents me from asking Josh directly… Clucky 06/11/12 1 06/11/12
Story Post: Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 85 Now that the toybox/dynasty100 page exists, consenus on the CfJ is that my scam was valid. So I’m going to go ahead and unblock the Chakra and if Josh or someone else really feels strongly that is not valid they can do another CfJ to rever this. Clucky 06/11/12 2 06/11/12
Story Post: Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 85 As far as I understand, wiki pages are not supposed to be cleared. So the old toybox is still valid: i still have my dung pile worth 3000 on my work bench, so according to The Ultimate Project, “A Mini Figure who has a construction with a base value… Clucky 06/08/12 4 06/09/12
Story Post: Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 23 So that no one complains, making this after the dynastic rules for 23 were actually in place. I can make myself the GRAND POOHBAH so I win the dynasty. Clucky 06/08/12 9 06/11/12
Story Post: Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 23 21.23 Muffin Roles says GRAND POOBAH – The current GRAND POOBAH. If any other Muffin besides Quazie is able to change its role to GRANDPOOBAH then that Muffin may Declare Victory. Only [[Template:a Muffin]] may give the role of GRAND POOBAH to another Muffin. There may only be one GRAND… Clucky 06/08/12 5 06/08/12
Wait… who remembers this? Looking through old rulesets, noticed that after around 85 the dynasty number and rule number got misalinged Went digging in the archives and found this: As far as I can understand, what happened was Kevan used a loophole to win a dynasty but then forgot to repel the old… Clucky 05/29/12 5 05/29/12
Handling Illegal Values How do we want to do this? I think a lot of it depends on, if I’m in Ruleset 33 is everyone else a “Swashbuckler” for the purposes of the ruleset? If so, we need some sort of “Values can be illegal”, but actions that do not make sense (such… Clucky 05/28/12 3 05/29/12
Why was Amnesty added to the ruleset? The proposal that added it only triggered if Manifest Dynasty passed. It didn’t. (Also this one with the same name didn’t either: That rule should’ve never been added, Josh should’ve never been able to lose his councilman. I’ve reverted the change. Clucky 05/19/12 0
Another bank alternative Replace the description of the Instituion called “The Bank” (if it exists) with In the restocking that follows each Cycle, all credits Directed at the Bank by the Player who Influenced during that Cycle are returned them. Additionally, the Player who Influenced the Bank during that Cycle receives (2*T/MPI) credits,… Clucky 04/09/12 1 04/09/12
Another thing that should get fixed but I’m not sure how… Anyone have a clever way of locking down the insitutions at the start of the round? Currently we could propose a new instiution, have it added to the ruleset 10 minutes before the round ends, and only a couple of people would have time to influence it. Even if we… Clucky 03/19/12 3 03/19/12
This isn’t gonna be stable… Anyone else think the whole “get a credit for everything you direct resources to but don’t influence” is going to be problematic? I see no reason why I shouldn’t direct a credit everywhere. I’ll probably just get +N credits where N is the number of institutions, but thats far better… Clucky 03/19/12 2 03/19/12
screw rules lawyers I’m passing off the emperor role to Southpointingchariot. Or do I need to call him “southpointingchariot” and say “Frontman rule” to make this legal? Clucky 03/17/12 0
Story Post: Mantel Passing Per not having the time to run the dynasty I want to run right now, I’m passing the mantel. Southpointingchariot had the most exciting dynasty idea so I’ll pass the mantel to him Plus this way I can win again and get to run Dynasty 100 =D Clucky 03/16/12 2 03/16/12
Who all wants to run a dynasty? The next dynasty I want to run is a retry of my Monkey dynasty that I ran out of time to run back in the day. But its mechanic was kinda similar to the taxicab dynasty, so I wanted to wait a few more dynasties to run it so was… Clucky 03/15/12 8 03/15/12
Now I know my ABCs… Ch comes before Cl alphabetically Koen. As such, due to Chronos getting 7 fame, I actually should’ve gotten all that fame and hit 10 on 33. As such, I need to guess people for the win. My style is Techo Greytyphoon does not share my style, he is Rock Darknight… Clucky 03/14/12 2 03/14/12
Story Post: Tour Going on tour with my buddy Greytyphoon. No this isn’t some ploy to reset the band/try and switch my status. Clucky 02/25/12 2 02/25/12
You could say I’m… well rounded “If a rule implies that the result of any calculation should be an integer (for instance, by attempting to store that result in, or add it to, a gamestate variable that can only hold integers), the result of the calculation is instead the result rounded towards 0.” “The License, listed… Clucky 01/20/12 9 01/21/12
Idlings and Unidlings LAOZI joins Ely, Flurie, Soviet Brendon and Murphy all idle out. With 14 active players, Quorum is now 8 Clucky 01/20/12 3 01/20/12
Proof of concept: raise the PVN to around 350 Anyone want to join me on this? I need 8 other players to make it work, but messing with the dynasty by making the PVN unreasonably high would be loads of fun. Teach ais a lesson for trying to avoid daily actions =) Someone could probably figure out how to… Clucky 01/11/12 7 01/13/12
Idle Fix Rewrite the rule 1.2.1 “Idle Crimminals” to state:  Some Crimminals are Idle, and shall be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of the Ruleset, excluding Rules “Ruleset and Gamestate”, “Crimminals” , “Dynasties”, “Fair Play”and any of those Rules’ subrules, Idle Crimminals are not counted as Crimminals .… Clucky 01/09/12 9 01/10/12
Route ideas: because more routes can’t hurt. Also we need some high powered routes if this game is ever gonna end Bridge A Bridge Route has a Scouting Cost of 15. When a Driver Drives a Bridge route, all scouting costs for that driver are reduced by one until the Driver next… Clucky 12/06/11 2 12/07/11
Example of Additional Punctuation being useful Out of proposals, but the TEAMWORK thing made me want something like the following route: Relay When a driver drives a Relay route, if it is not half-completed he must remove it from his own pool and add it, inactive, to the end of another drivers pool. The relay route… Clucky 11/16/11 1 11/24/11
A reminder on proper proposal conditioning. A lot of you have been doing stuff like “If the proposal “Employment” failed, this proposal does nothing.” at the start of your proposal. Especially in a case like this, there is a reasonable chance that a proposal “Employment” has already been made years ago. (It doesn’t actually look like… Clucky 10/27/11 4 10/27/11
RFC: Different Reprenstation idea If there is currently a rule called “Involuntary Representation Service” OR there is not a rule called “Stimulus Package” this proposal does nothing. Add a new dynastic rule called “Voluntary Representation Service”. Give it the following text In the busy world of today, it is a well known fact that… Clucky 10/26/11 10 10/27/11
Here come the calvary I unidle Clucky 10/21/11 4 10/21/11
State of the dynasty This dynasty has once again hit the point of lots of cool starting mechanics and then no where to go from there. My plan of having everyone working together got shot down. Does anyone have a good idea of where to go from here / how to make this dynasty… Clucky 01/17/11 3 01/17/11
Ascension Address: Sid, eat your heart out (or get your little friends to do it for you) Hello puny ants. Far too long you have fought with eachother for supremacy. Its timed you learned a lesson. Those fighting ways will only get you so far. Winter fasts approaches and I can promise it’ll be a tough one. If your colony has any hope of survival your gonna… Clucky 01/08/11 3 01/09/11
Jumping the gun a little… I jumped the gun a little and changed the color scheme. I’m no graphic designer though, so if it looks horribly wrong to you feel free to change it a bit as long as you keep the colors earthy ( Clucky 01/08/11 2 01/09/11
Thane Q we hardly knew ya Thane goes idle. Quorum drops to 7. Clucky 01/07/11 1 01/07/11
What happened to the Christmas tree post? I don’t see it anywhere. Who won? Subrincinator increased eir funds by 50, but I don’t even recall what the bonus reward for that one was, and so donno if Subrincinator was trying to give himself the bonus reward for the blue one too early or if he legit one… Clucky 12/23/10 2 12/23/10