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Reawakening De-idle me, please. The Lone Amigo 11/16/10 1 11/16/10
Prophecies Lost… Marching time one day fowards… I remove a secret prophecy from Bruno’s parchments. Node events edited: 1419/11/25 and 29 The Lone Amigo 08/13/06 1 08/13/06
Cabbages, Lovely Range move to 1419/11/24. I secretly replaced Bruno’s copy of the Malleus Maleficarum with the Codex Cabbagus, which is later filled away in the Vatican Library. The Lone Amigo 08/10/06 1 08/13/06
Cabbages Range moved to 1439/11/26, bringing me within range of the Influence Beacon. I ran into Marcello the Scribe and we had a fascinating discussion on many topics - but mainly cabbages. Node event added. The Lone Amigo 08/07/06 3 08/07/06
A Traveller Returns… Unidle, please. The Lone Amigo 08/06/06 1 08/06/06
Unidle I’ll ask to be unidled in the hopes that this Dynasty does not descend into rules-lawyering horror like the past few dynasties. The Lone Amigo 04/02/06 1 04/02/06
Adventure: Recoverin’ the Mutineers from Davy Jones’ Locker Yarr, some of th’ Inquisitor’s crew, includin’ yer ‘onorable first mate, ‘ave fallen into the deep. So, it’s up to yers to go swim and rescue them. Danger: 10 Reward: 8 Booty for each participating swashbuckler. Also, should any Swashbuckler succeed, all Swashbuckler’s in Davy Jones’ Locker are placed on… The Lone Amigo 02/26/06 3 02/26/06
Adventure: Aztec Gold Yarr, I got wind of a rumour that there be a cave near port t’at’s filled with aztec gold, and guarded by th’ dead Montezuma’s guards, so buckle yer swash, we’re off t’ fight zombies. ‘twil be a dangerous mission, but th’ reward be great. Danger Level: 20 Reward: 12… The Lone Amigo 02/24/06 6 02/25/06
Shoppin’ Trip Yarrr, I moved Ashore and sold me bar and me barrel o’ whale oil, and bought meself a second Cutlass. Then moved back t’ th’ Crow’s Nest. The Lone Amigo 02/24/06 0
Mutiny aboard t’ Inquisitor! Seein’ Cap’n Elias’s disasterful handlin’ of the lice war, it be becomin’ quite obvious t’at he ain’t th’ Cap’n fer this ship. I calls fer a Mutiny! The Lone Amigo 02/24/06 8 02/24/06
I call for meself to be Keelhauled! Yarr! I call for First Mate Long John Bluebeard TheLoneAmigo to be Keelhauled! The Lone Amigo 02/20/06 4 02/21/06
Back up t’ the Crow’s Nest I’ll wait for me crew to assemble on th’ deck below. The Lone Amigo 02/20/06 0
Engagin’ in a Formal Duel I moves to the Maindeck, where I spies the Captain countin’ treasure and eatin’ whale blubber. I asks him ‘ow ‘e thinks ‘es running this ship, mutinying against ‘imself and all, and then I challenged ‘im to a formal duel for th’ captaincy of th’ Inquisitor. It was downright close,… The Lone Amigo 02/20/06 2 02/20/06
First Mate Long John Bluebeard TheLoneAmigo Moved Ashore and bought: Cutlass, Blue Beard, Wooden Leg (Right), Parrot You may now refer to me as First Mate Long John Bluebeard TheLoneAmigo, with a total effective GPS of 21. Yarr. The Lone Amigo 02/20/06 0
First Mate Long John Bluebeard TheLoneAmigo Moved Ashore and bought: Cutlass, Blue Beard, Wooden Leg (Right), Parrot You may now refer to me as First Mate Long John Bluebeard TheLoneAmigo, with a total effective GPS of 21. Yarr. The Lone Amigo 02/20/06 0
Back to the Crow’s Nest Yarr, off the Whaler and back to the Crows’ Nest, and while I was on me way back, I happened to catch Banja and ShadowClaw shrikin’. Shame on yers. The Lone Amigo 02/19/06 0
Up t’ Crows Nest Movin’ to th’ Crow’s Nest. The Lone Amigo 02/15/06 0
A Duel wi’ Igthorn Yarr, while ashore pickin’ bars, I engaged Igthorn in a duel o’ wits… and cutlasses. I, o’ course, won. Back t’ the Maindeck! The Lone Amigo 02/13/06 0
Movin’ Ashore to Pick Fruit, Yarr Title says it all. The Lone Amigo 02/13/06 0
Off to the Fo’c's’ledecek To perform me duties as First Mate, I moves to th’ Fo’c's’ledeck. The Lone Amigo 02/11/06 0
Duel with the Accountant Yarr, I be seein’ that damn accountant beatin’ up on our Smith, so I decides t’ show ‘im ‘is place, and I goes over t’ the Maindeck and gives ‘im an earful. Of steel. The Lone Amigo 02/05/06 3 02/06/06
Duel wi’ Hix Yarrr, I engaged Hix in a game o’ chess, and as he proceeded to cheat (jumpin’ knights?), I took insult t’ this and took out ‘is eye with th’ so-called “jumpin’ knight”. Ridiculous. The Lone Amigo 02/02/06 0
Another Duel With Excalabur In an attempt t’ motivate Excalabur t’ perform ‘is piratical duties, I cut off ‘is right leg. Off t’ Fo’c's’ledeck. The Lone Amigo 02/02/06 0
Duel with Excalabur Well, ‘twas an honorable duel, but in t’ end, I managed t’ best Excalabur and take ‘is ‘and for me private collection. I declare meself First Mate of t’ Inquisitor! The Lone Amigo 01/31/06 0
Duel with Mescad Yarr, you guessed it, seein’ that no-good slimy Mescad jus’ sittin’ there on th’ Maindeck, wi’ out even a swig o’ rum in hand, just put me in such a furious rage, I smashed ‘is ‘ead in. Off t’ the Quarterdeck! The Lone Amigo 01/31/06 0
Duel with Hix Seein’ that Hix was still drunk from t’ pillagin’ at t’ port, and was insultin’ me ol’ mother, I be cuttin’ him up somethin’ fierce. Down to the Maindeck. The Lone Amigo 01/31/06 0
Duel With Rodney Well, while ashore, cap’n, I ran into that slimy Rodney wi’ an octopus on ‘is shoulder. Seein’ that, as I be knowin’, octopus is terrible luck, I tried t’ skewer t’ beast with me cutlass. Knowin’ me, I misses and cuts up Rodney’s face real pretty. I’m up to the… The Lone Amigo 01/31/06 0
Tricorns Ahoy! Yarr, I be movin’ ashore to buy meself a new hat. The Lone Amigo 01/31/06 0
A Duel wi’ Josh Well, I decided t’ cut up the new cabin boy a bit, show ‘im who’s boss’n'all. After t’at, I be retirin’ t’ the Crew Quarters for a swig o’ rum. The Lone Amigo 01/26/06 0
Duelin’ while Ashore I accidentally plundered Mr. Predisastered’s other leg… The Lone Amigo 01/25/06 0
To Shore! I be movin’ ashore t’ plunder th’ town, yarr. The Lone Amigo 01/25/06 0
Stance of the Broken Grasshopper Well, hearin’ a commotion in the Holds, I dashes off down to see none other than Angry Grasshopper ‘imself out cold on the floor. So, I decides to help ‘im up, but what do ya know, the drunk is so slippery he drops right out of me arms back onto… The Lone Amigo 01/23/06 0
Off to the Crew Quarters Yarrr, that damn drunken Scotsman may be a braggart, but he not be a fool. Those pipes’re nowhere to be seen, so I be off to th’ Crew Quarters. Yarr. The Lone Amigo 01/22/06 0
Duelin’ with Igthorn After seein’ that scury Igthorn best me matey Purplebeard by cheatin’ in a duel, I sees it as me duty to show ‘im what real duelin’ is all about. Then, after I scraped ‘im up, I be off down to the holds. Somethin’ about the sound o’ hornpipes… The Lone Amigo 01/22/06 0
Duel on the Maindeck So, me and WildCard were tumblin’ the bones, jus’ a friendly game o’ dice, when he rolls a triple six three in a row! I be seein’ this, and wonderin’, an’ then I see’s that he’s gorn an’ changed the dice on me! So I challenges the scurvy cheat to… The Lone Amigo 01/22/06 1 01/23/06
Up to the Main Deck Yarr, I be standin’ at ready on the main deck. The Lone Amigo 01/22/06 0
Duel in the Holds So, I be off to the Holds, mindin’ me own business, when this bloody keg falls off a shelf and knocks me flat against the deck. So I gets up, and who be standin’ round but that landlubber Kevan! So I gets out me cutlass and give ‘im a good… The Lone Amigo 01/21/06 0
Duel in the Crew’s Quaters After showin’ the catbuggerer where ta get off, I be amblin’ on down to the Crew’s Quarters for some shut eye, but what else? That Angry Grasshopper’s blowin’ hard on th’ Hornpipes. So I tries to catch a wink o’ sleep, but with that bloody music goin’ on and on,… The Lone Amigo 01/20/06 2 01/21/06
Duel on the Fo’c's’le I swing meself up to the Fo’c's’ledeck and what does I see? That dastard Purplebeard molestin’ the ship’s cat! So I says to ‘im: “Gerroff, ya slimy catbuggerer, unless ye want ta feel the edge o’ my blade!” And he doesn’t reply, so I draws me cutlass and chops ‘im… The Lone Amigo 01/20/06 3 01/21/06
Epic: In Which Something Dies Something died. The Lone Amigo 12/02/05 6 12/02/05
Explosive Energization -Creates power Deathly Energy (Immanence-Fire-Miracle-Holy Day-Self-Inspire-Energize) (1 quint) -Used Deathly Energy in Trinidad, giving Samedi’s Avatar 310 extra life points and ending up with 660 LP. (2 quint) -Used Deathly Inspiration in Trinidad. The Lone Amigo 11/24/05 2 11/24/05
Epic: Illness and Famine Lands which were once plentiful and lush farmland were now deserted wasteland. The famine had come, slaying thousands, and then the plague, killing millions. No one could stop it. It struck powerful and poor alike, man and child, master and servant. A land which had once been bountiful was now… The Lone Amigo 11/23/05 3 11/24/05
Epic: The Slaughter It was a tragedy. Millions upon millions of men poured into a war that had no meaning, a meatgrinder of machines and men where lives were short and pointless. Tens of thousands died in pointless charges against machines of death, guns and tanks and bombs and fortresses. Mother mourned their… The Lone Amigo 11/22/05 13 11/26/05
Battle in Uruk -I create the power Form of Death (Phenomenon-Festival-Presence) (1 quint) -Create Baron Samedi’s Avatar in Uruk with 350LP. (3 quint) -Create the power Death Strike (Immanence-Exertion-Attack) (1 quint) -Uses Death Strike on the One Who Kill’s Avatar, using up 50LP. -Creates power Deathly Inspiration (Immanence-Inspiration) (1 quint) -Creates temple to… The Lone Amigo 11/22/05 7 11/22/05
Epic: Death of a Serpent It had terrorised cities. The creature had been the scourge of the sewers, snatching people from the streets then vanishing in an instant. The newspaper called it the Beast, but the people just called it Serpent. How many humans had it eaten and killed? Hundreds, maybe thousands. And now it… The Lone Amigo 11/21/05 4 11/22/05
Voodoo Signs -Creates the Voodoo Sign of Creation power (Sign-Leader-Land) -Raises everyone’s Quintessence. -Founds six cities using Voodoo Sign of Creation. -Genesis used in all six cities. -Having eleven temples, I claim the Godhead. The Lone Amigo 11/14/05 2 11/15/05
More Activities -Used Universal Moves to found Tobago and destroy a temple in Havana. -Used Universal Land to found Santo Domnigo. (1 Quintessence) -Used Genesis in Tobago and Santo Domnigo. -Used Universal Inspiration to found temples in all five Voodoo cities. The Lone Amigo 11/11/05 0
Elevation of Samedi -Genesis in New Orleans. -Spent one Quintessence to create Universal Inspiration (Universal-Priest-Inspire) -Used Universal Inspiration in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince -Used Universal Moves to found Havana and destroy temple in New Orleans -Used Genesis in Havana to found temple -Used Universal Inspiration in Havana to found temple -Used Universal Moves… The Lone Amigo 11/10/05 2 11/11/05
Voodoo Ceremonies -Used Universal Land to found New Orleans (1 Quintessence) -Created Genesis power (1 Quintessence) -Created Temple in New Orleans -Used Universal Moves to found Port-au-Prince, destroying the Temple in New Orleans -Used Genesis in Port-au-Prince to found a Temple. okay. The Lone Amigo 11/09/05 1 11/09/05
The Arrival of a Deity I bring greetings to my fellow deities. This game sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m quite interested in Nomics, though I’ve never been part of one before. So, I’d quite like to be a part of the fun. The Lone Amigo 11/09/05 0