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Attn: Derrick When you enacted Level Up! you named the rule the wrong thing, and also did not update the GNDT with the new columns. I think I am owed 3 experience, since I hunted before realizing that proposal had been enacted. Oracular rufio 03/02/19 2 03/02/19
I would like to be unidled Hey all! Glad to see Cuddlebeam isn’t here. I would like to play again. Oracular rufio 02/27/19 1 02/28/19
Idle me, please Not a lot of time to play for a couple weeks. Oracular rufio 05/01/17 1 05/01/17
Story Post: Oracular rufio wants to adopt 3 Cardok3 swam in the Great Crevice, a vast rift in the ocean floor, its bottom an unknown void. The little medusa thought it might have seen another medusa not long ago, drifting by the edge of the crevice, but it was not in sight now; perhaps it had moved on… Oracular rufio 04/08/17 2 04/10/17
A reminder of some of the rules since certain people seem not to want to read them this dynasty Eggs cannot be laid in cells with neighbors. Mussels (along with most other neighbors) are immobile and cannot be stung. Stingers require blonium and not micronium. Thank you for your time. Oracular rufio 03/17/17 2 03/17/17
Note When “I can see clearly” and “Mood swings” are enacted, Ocelluses can scout, but doing so will satisfy Curiosity, and since the Statolith has no nutrients, we’ll become hungry. So whichever Ocellus satisfies Curiosity should give a nutrient to the Statolith first. You can take it back afterwards. Oracular rufio 03/08/17 7 03/08/17
I can unidle during a hiatus, right? I’ve remembered that this exists and want to play again. Since a new dynasty is about to start, this seems like perfect timing. Also, I distinctly remember that the last time I played this game there was also a village of Zahndorf with a lycanthropy problem… Oracular rufio 03/02/17 7 03/04/17
Help? (Forgot wiki login) I no longer seem to be able to remember my wiki password, didn’t give my email address, and can’t make another account. Can an admin message me the password or let me make another account? (My original account was “rufio”). Thanks. Oracular rufio 04/07/10 2 04/07/10
Unidle me please! This dynasty looks awesome. Needs more magma and/or carp though, Y/Y? Oracular rufio 04/06/10 1 04/07/10
Einherjar Candidate: William Jennings Bryan William Jennings Bryan A US politician/Democratic presidential nominee, and a kind of 18th-century Howard Dean. He didn’t get elected, but he made a lot of noise, though most people probably remember him best for arguing against the teaching evolution in the Scopes Trial. High stats: Charisma, Mysticism Low Stats: Combat,… Oracular rufio 11/20/07 6 11/20/07
Call for Voting As it is now, this CFJ will probably pass but since it doesn’t have a quarum of for vote it will take four days. In the interest of getting the seance going in some kind of timely manner, could three of you who haven’t voted on it yet (aaronwinborn, Dr… Oracular rufio 11/05/07 3 11/06/07
A Somewhat Belated Arrival Post I wanted to delay this until I got my info from Kevan. Read into that what you will. Arriving at the village of Zahndorf one sunny afternoon, the locksmith Oracular Rufio makes her way to the town hall. Despite the warm weather, the remaining government officials seem tense and worried.… Oracular rufio 10/30/07 9 10/30/07
Um. I seem to have lost my wiki password, and I apparently neglected to register my email address when I signed up. Is there any way I could get the password or possibly just register again? (Sorry for spamming non-game-related posts. I wasn’t sure if anyone would see if I commented… Oracular rufio 10/27/07 3 10/27/07
Wish I’d seen this dynasty sooner… *Tries not the look like a werewolf* I’d like to unidle. For post office purposes, my email is dragonflykes at gmail. (Or do I just add it to the wiki page myself?) Oracular rufio 10/26/07 1 10/26/07
False Alarm I think I need to go idle again. My computer is giving me trouble and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with this well enough to really play. Oracular rufio 09/02/07 1 09/02/07
That was quick. I go away for a week and the dynasty ends. Go figure. Can I be unidled for the next one? Oracular rufio 08/29/07 0
Possible Implementation of a Monkey Tree I’m just putting this out there so that you guys can tell me how buggy it is before we actually attempt to add it to the ruleset. The Monkey Tree is an endless tree made of Nodes, each of which can be termed a Root, a Junction, or a Leaf.… Oracular rufio 08/01/07 10 08/02/07
New Person I’ve been lurking around watching this game for ages, so figure it’s time I actually played it. Plus, a Code Monkey dynasty sounds interesting. Oracular rufio 07/29/07 2 07/30/07