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I am de-idling Quorum rises to eight. Klisz 12/14/12 0
I unidle Quorum rises to six. Klisz 09/12/12 0
I unidle Quorum rises to nine. Klisz 06/17/12 0
I now go idle Quorum drops to eight. Klisz 06/16/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 62 I have correctly guessed the theme of Dynasty 62, therefore I win! Klisz 06/10/12 0
[Guessing] Hindsight is good, especially for Dynasty 62 Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars Klisz 06/08/12 2 06/10/12
I deidle Quorum remains seven. Klisz 05/28/12 0
I de-idle Quorum remains 5. Klisz 03/15/12 0
Let’s try this again I request to be unidled. Klisz 01/05/12 1 01/05/12
Unidlings ahoy! I request to be unidled. I’ve unidled the backlog of unidle requests, along with myself. Quorum is now 8. Klisz 01/05/12 10 01/07/12
I unidle. Quorum remains 13. Klisz 11/10/11 0
Although I voted against ‘Last Meatpuppetry Cleanup’... I go idle. Quorum drops to 16. Klisz 11/01/11 2 11/02/11
A generic logo for BlogNomic Klisz 10/10/11 3 10/10/11
Transparent Square Klisz 10/10/11 3 10/10/11
Composition of Triangles and Quadrangles Klisz 09/30/11 9 10/02/11
Behold my masterpiece! I unidle. Quorum remains 3. Klisz 09/30/11 3 09/30/11
Startup: Funafuti Timepiece Warehouse (FTW) We own a warehouse in Funafuti full of timepieces. Klisz 05/14/11 3 05/14/11
Story Post: learn grunt: chinese stone crushers this learn think needs thinking hard the cost of this learn think is two times ten the field of this learn think is progress the effect of this learn think is that cavemen get clubs from china and use chinese clubs to crush stones. all cavemen get three smartness. Klisz 03/09/11 8 03/10/11
some help for cave speak peter suber nomic ruleset but with words of only one sylla… syllab… foot. should help cave guys with cave speak. Klisz 02/21/11 1 02/21/11
More idles Alecto and Clarinet go idle. Quorum drops to 6. Klisz 01/01/11 0
What’s happened to us? I just enacted three proposals. They had been pending for four days straight. Normally, when this sort of thing happens, we blame it on the summer, which tends to slow down the game. But it’s New Year’s Eve. I remember a time when proposals reached quorum within the twelve hours… Klisz 12/31/10 14 01/01/11
[Proto-Competition] Weather Prediction Comments to this post in the form “Guess: [17 September 2010] 31C” are considered to be Guesses; each specifies a date and a temperature (in Celsius). Guesses are ignored if they duplicate a previous non-ignored guess, if they are made later than the end of the day a week prior… Klisz 09/10/10 1 09/10/10
Protosal: Victory Condition If a Befuddled’s IQ is higher than any other Befuddled’s IQ, and at least twice the IQ of the Riddler, they have achieved victory. Klisz 09/08/10 4 09/09/10
[Corporation] X Express We ship Xs. Only ais523 and Darth Cliche can join. Klisz 09/04/10 2 09/04/10
Yet another unidling post I unidle mysteriously, despite having never seen the show this dynasty is themed after. Quorum remains 7. Klisz 09/01/10 0
I’m going to attempt to reanimate Fresh’s corpse now Idling. Quorum is 10. Klisz 08/13/10 0
Don’t mind me, this is just a test post. Testing something. Klisz 08/10/10 2 08/10/10
Unidle me, please. I think it’s about time to propose that being ULTRAVIOLET allows one to achieve victory. Klisz 08/05/10 3 08/10/10
I’d like to go idle Never played Paranoia, so I request to go idle. Klisz 07/28/10 2 07/28/10
It doesn’t work Rule 3.2.5 says that “Within the ruleset, a word only refers to the name of a @ if it is explicitly stated that it refers to a @‘s name”; rule 2.16 doesn’t explicitly state that “lilomar” refers to an @‘s name. Klisz 07/16/10 0
Leaving I am dismayed at the measures taken in Part 4 of the CfJ, and more importantly, that some people thought the dictatorship was legal yet still voted for the CfJ. Because BlogNomic has stopped being a nomic (and because most of the community will probably have grudges against me after… Klisz 06/23/10 4 06/24/10
I have a dictatorship. BlogNomic is dying. In order to revive it, I gave myself a dictatorship, in the hopes that the older players will come back and try to remove it. That is all. Klisz 06/22/10 5 06/22/10
Idle Put goes idle. Quorum drops to 8. Klisz 06/22/10 0
[Encounter] Pack of rothes on level 2 Floor 2 4 Rothes (8 HP, 3d3 damage) Klisz 06/22/10 15 06/29/10
[Encounter] Band of hill orcs Floor 1 Monsters: 15 Hill Orcs (6 HP, 1d8 damage) Klisz 06/22/10 49 07/10/10
YAIP: Yet Another Idling Post ais523, dbdougla, ScrumHalf, Tiberias, and Wooble all go idle. Quorum drops to nine. Klisz 06/19/10 3 06/21/10
[Encounter] Another encouter Floor 1 3 Goblins (6 HP each, 1d3 damage) Klisz 06/19/10 15 06/21/10
[Encounter] A soldier ant! Floor 1 1 Soldier Ant (50 HP, 3d4) Klisz 06/11/10 46 06/21/10
For those who have never played NetHack You can play it in your browser with the Java applet at That is all. Klisz 06/03/10 0
Protosal: Combat System Mach 2 Add a new rule titled “Stats and Weapons”, with the following text: Each @ has a number called HP, and a number called Max HP. They are together tracked the GNDT column “HP”, which should display “X (Y)”, where X is the @ in question’s HP and Y is the… Klisz 06/02/10 10 06/03/10
Protosal: Combat System Add a new rule titled “Stats and Weapons”, with the following text: Each @ has a number called HP, and a number called Max HP. They are together tracked the GNDT column “HP”, which should display “X (Y)”, where X is the @ in question’s HP and Y is the… Klisz 06/02/10 7 06/03/10
Ascension Address: ASCENSION address. Get it? It is written in the Book of Darth Cliche: After the creation, the cruel god Anthony rebelled against the authority of Kevan the Creator. Anthony stole from Kevan the most powerful of all the artifacts of the gods, the Amulet of Yendor, and he hid it in the dark cavities… Klisz 06/02/10 11 06/03/10
Dynastic theme votes I have three ideas for a dynastic theme, and I’d like voting on them. * Final Fantasy (would mainly be influenced by the earlier FFs, especially FF1, but proposals based on later FFs are okay too) * NetHack (I’d like to run this one, but we’ve already had a map-based… Klisz 06/02/10 22 06/02/10
Idle Flurie and Digibomber idle. Quorum drops to 10. Klisz 06/01/10 0
Idlings and Enactings I enacted all the proposals (some of which had been FIVE DAYS OLD) and idled muiro, keecz, SeerPenguin, Bluecloud, and ais523. Quorum drops to 11. Klisz 05/25/10 2 05/26/10
Story Post: PARTY! I found the Party of Doom. If the PoD wins, Ienpw III shall be selected. Klisz 05/02/10 0
Manifesto: A vote for Darth Cliche is a vote for nomic. Or katamaris. If elected, I have two main theme ideas: 1) Calvin & Hobbes Dynasty. I have some ideas for Calvinball rules. 2) Katamari Dynasty. We’d be able to roll stuff - and other people - up. Would rely heavily on randomness. Klisz 04/26/10 3 04/26/10
Heads up For monetary reasons, I may not have internet access starting on Tuesday. Klisz 04/18/10 0
Hyronius idles Hyronius - gone Now he has been made idle Quorum drops to nine Klisz 04/12/10 0
Help! The wiki looks like it’s down… when I go to it, it says: Warning: dir(/home/.magnum/blognomic/www/wiki/skins) [function.dir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/blognomic/www/wiki/includes/Skin.php on line 22 Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/blognomic/www/wiki/includes/Skin.php on line 27 Also, the post page… Klisz 04/11/10 11 04/13/10
Happy Easter! Happy Easter. Klisz 04/04/10 4 04/05/10
sooiside darth clishe killd himself -darths fifth cusin thrise remuvd bobert Klisz 03/31/10 4 04/02/10
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day The title says it all, really. Klisz 03/17/10 3 03/18/10
Idle Idle Idle Bucky and Oze go idle. Quorum drops to 8. Klisz 03/14/10 0
Cliche, Inc. I will give you resources for the low, low price of 0 Resource per 1 Resource!* * Plus shipping and handling, which should amount to approximately 10000 Resource. Klisz 03/09/10 4 03/10/10
Regarding Pteriforever65536 I haven’t initialized his GNDT stats as I’m confused as how to go about doing so. Someone else will have to do it. That is all. Klisz 03/04/10 1 03/05/10
Does anyone need an account? If so, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0)out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^\s\s*/, '&#'));while (--j >= 0)if (el[j].getAttribute('data-eeEncEmail_REsnwLfqrB'))el[j].innerHTML = out;/*]]>*/ with “kennercat” and “gmail” swapped, and I will give you one. (I need your email address to create an account.) Klisz 03/04/10 1 03/04/10
Nausved is idle Nausved goes idle. Quorum remains 15. Klisz 02/27/10 0
Late Arrival I am now a late arrival. Klisz 02/25/10 0
Idle Greytyphoon goes idle. Quorum remains 15. Klisz 02/07/10 0
Mail I got this email from Kevan: The following rolled-up message dropped into the wire tray of the postal system, marked with a Detective’s Seal:- “I don’t know what this proves, but I got your email… you know who you are.” Klisz 01/29/10 10 01/29/10
Padding sound A PM from Kevan: You heard a padding sound as someone left the room, just now. Klisz 01/19/10 4 01/19/10
Puzzling Hix has a lower degree of relation to Cartlesham than Ienpw III. Klisz 01/17/10 5 01/17/10
Alright, since we don’t plot anymore anyway The DDA is hereby disbanded. Klisz 01/15/10 12 01/16/10
I am going insane I request to be unidled. Note that this request cannot be fulfilled until the 16th. Klisz 01/14/10 0
O HAI DDA! IM BAK! In the First Dynasty of yuri_dragon_17, I left the DDA, stating that I would rejoin in the Sixth Dynasty of Kevan. Well, what do you know… I’m back in the DDA! Also, I helped Wak with his scam to win last dynasty under the condition that he’d join the DDA;… Klisz 01/14/10 26 01/17/10
De-Enacting The proposal “The Door is Locked” was enacted early; a proposal cannot be enacted unless it has been open for at least 12 hours. So I de-enacted it. Klisz 01/14/10 2 01/14/10
This dynasty is pretty boring now I go idle. See you next dynasty. Quorum remains twelve. Klisz 01/12/10 6 01/12/10
Protosal: Djinni of the Ring The idea here is to make Wak the Djinni, but make Darknight the Djinni of the Ring, who can grant wishes, but has more limits, most notably that you must be carrying the Ring. (On the other hand, you lose Power instead not Wishes.) Klisz 01/11/10 5 01/13/10
He’s Back! Quorum rises to 14. Klisz 12/28/09 0
Ugh I can’t really play right now; I’m too busy to even idle myself. Could someone please idle me? Klisz 12/27/09 1 12/27/09
Merry Christmas Last year, Christmas fell today. Don’t ask. Seriously, don’t ask. Klisz 12/18/09 13 12/21/09
Hey My comment-after-adminning on was an accident. Just letting you know so Ex doesn’t eat me alive. Klisz 12/17/09 0
Wish Protosal Add a new rule, titled “Wishing”: Each Adventurer has a number of Wishes, tracked in the GNDT. Each Adventurer initially has 3 Wishes. As a weekly action, an Adventurer may spend 1 Wish to Make a Wish, unless this would reduce their Wishes to below 0. When an Adventurer Makes… Klisz 12/09/09 28 12/10/09
Protosal Make proposals failable during hiatus. Klisz 12/09/09 9 12/09/09
Holgazán Alzhaid has not posted or commented since November 30, and thus becomes idle. Quorum is now six. Klisz 12/07/09 3 12/08/09
Idle Hix goes idle. Quorum remains 7. Klisz 12/02/09 0
Phantom PMs strike back The first image is one that I’ve already pointed out, from back in my dynasty. The other two are from today; and note how the first one from today has the same number of phantom PMs as from my dynasty. Hopefully Wak and Ienpw, who originally “fixed” this problem,… Klisz 12/02/09 13 12/04/09
How did this happen? How is Wak a Super Admin? Klisz 11/30/09 15 12/03/09
Alright, if you’re going to get that worked up about it I hereby found Weblog Nomic. The ruleset can be found here. It plays on this very blog; that won’t be confusing at all. I hereby announce my arrival within Weblog Nomic. Klisz 11/30/09 21 12/03/09
:VETO: This post exists to see if voting icons can exist in post titles. Klisz 11/29/09 3 11/29/09
LISTEN UP SPAMMERS 1. We are not miners. 2. We are not Chinese. 3. We do not speak Chinese. 4. Some of us are Americans and therefore irrationally hate China and want it to be nuked. Bad target audience. Klisz 11/25/09 15 11/26/09
Protosal: FUÞARK The idea is to make F, Þ, and K runes, which are all difficult to get (similar to U). Then, a FUÞARK spell which causes victory. Klisz 11/18/09 8 11/19/09
Idlefest! Rodlen goes idle. Quorum drops to 6. Klisz 11/16/09 0
Looks like arth died arthexis goes idle. Quorum drops to 7. Klisz 11/15/09 2 11/16/09
Hmmm… When’s the last time we had a non-grindy dynasty? I’d like to look at its final ruleset for ideas. Klisz 11/06/09 6 11/07/09
Team Merger: Violet into Orange Quick, comrades! We must side with Kevan! ... Wait… those aren’t comrades. Those are The Voices. Silly me. Klisz 11/03/09 6 11/04/09
Happy Halloween Also, happy belated Thanksgiving to Canadians, happy early Thanksgiving to US Americans, happy early Hanukkah (or however you’re supposed to spell that) to Jews, merry early Christmas to non-Jewish US Americans, and happy early Christmas to non-Jewish non-US-Americans. Okay, I think I got all the major holidays there. Klisz 10/31/09 15 11/02/09
And BlogNomic rejoices Rune Master Xan goes idle. Quorum remains ten. Klisz 10/22/09 7 10/27/09
Automation of vote counting? If we were to automate vote counting, we could maybe even make it so that sidebar proposal links change color as soon as they can be passed or failed, rather than when they time out. We could also make it so that they turn red when they should fail, green… Klisz 10/17/09 5 10/19/09
I incite a worker’s rebellion! I refuse to admin any proposals until there is a rule giving me a reward for doing so! And I urge all other admins to do the same! (Except one, who will admin the proposal giving us the reward and admin the queue away, of course). Klisz 10/15/09 16 10/17/09
Ascension Address: AA This post only exists so that people watching the Ascension Alert feed can tell that a metadynasty has begun. Klisz 10/07/09 0
My last Official Act as Leader I’m changing the font to Georgia. That’s how it was in dynasties predating arth’s. Klisz 10/06/09 5 10/07/09
Descension Address While the living are running from the Infected, Darth opens the door to a building. Everyone runs in, and they find themselves in the busy streets of New York City, with people everywhere. Darth: Oh… crap… it was that door… yuri: What!? The apocalypse never happened!? Darth: Yeah, pretty much.… Klisz 10/06/09 13 10/06/09
Uh-Oh When making my last Investigation Results post, I didn’t see this paragraph: If there are more Misinformation results than genuine results, the Leader must randomly select Misinformation results, and discard them. He must also do this if there are the same number of each type of result, unless there are… Klisz 10/06/09 9 10/06/09
Story Post: [Investigation Results] Darknight: Cultist Klisz 10/04/09 1 10/05/09
Story Post: [MARAUDERS] The Ghosts of Dynasties Past * 1 Thief (Living) * 3 Fighters (Living) * 1 Boss (Living, 3 HP) * 5 Fighters (Living) * 1 Boss (Living, 5 HP) * 1 Fighter (Living) * 1 Thief (Zombie) * 3 Thieves (Zombie) Klisz 09/29/09 33 10/05/09
[Investigation Results] Told you Bucky: Non-Cult Klisz 09/27/09 0
I hereby decree that I am the Dictator of the Multiverse Tu Naf Ish Rule 1. Darth Cliche is the Dictator of the Multiverse, and may do anything at any time. Rule 2. Darth Cliche is the human who is able to, in less than 5 seconds, without using any computers, decipher this message: tunafish is able and willing to log on to… Klisz 09/27/09 35 09/28/09
Ok, these phantom PMs have gotten out of hand A screenshot of the BlogNomic main page, claiming I had “4294967295 new private messages”, has been removed. A wiki link is here: That’s right, I have over 4 billion PMs, according to EE. Klisz 09/22/09 25 09/24/09