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I HAVE ARRIVED. I unidle. Quorum is unchanged. Trapdoorspyder 05/19/22 0
Well, Oops A mysterious figure steps out of a sudden dimensional rift. It glances around, noting that there seems to be some issue. A bunch of Maestro team members running around like chickens with their heads cut off will give off that impression. After looking around, and seeing the reason that everyone… Trapdoorspyder 03/02/22 4 03/02/22
Story Post: And the winner is… Josh won the die roll and has thus achieved victory.* *All contestant’s souls will be collected shortly. Issues concerning money transfer resulted in inability to reward prize money. Trapdoorspyder 11/12/21 3 11/12/21
Ascension Address: To those whom it may concern… Greetings! I have sent this letter to you today to inform you of a marvelous opportunity! I will soon be starting a massive town-wide competition to see which of our renowned realtors can sell the most houses, in the least time. The prize will be beyond your wildest imagination! (Think… Trapdoorspyder 10/20/21 0
I have returned… Greetings! After my rather busy summer, I am now ready to unidle and rejoin blognomic. Looking forward to participating in a dynasty from start to finish. Trapdoorspyder 07/31/21 1 07/31/21
I’ll be back! It is with regret that I must ask to be idled. My schedule over the summer is incompatible with this great game of Blognomic. However, I have every intent of unidling at the first opportunity. Looking forward to the conclusion of this dynasty, even if I’m not part of it! Trapdoorspyder 05/31/21 2 05/31/21
Greetings! Hello all! It is my intent to be an active player in this game, and to participate in making this game more fun for all. However, I won’t stick around forever- my summer will be busy. Therefore, it is my goal to simply participate and dip my toes in the… Trapdoorspyder 05/18/21 3 05/18/21