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Story Post: Let the twelfth moon arc of the fourth day be restored The Second Dynasty of coppro began with a rant by ais523, then CallForJudgement, which led to a reform of the timing rules for daily actions to reduce timing scams and grinding. gazebo_dude 11/07/16 3 11/08/16
Coming back Unidle me please! gazebo_dude 11/03/16 3 11/03/16
Easy Tracking Forget this one. The real proposal is above. In the rule “Time Signature” change the sentence “The conductor may often change the time signature by making a post to that effect.” toThe conductor may often change the time signature by making a post with the title “Time Signature: x/y” where… gazebo_dude 09/06/06 2 09/07/06
Back Hey all, it’s been almost a year (!!) since I idled. Well, I’ll give it a go again. Unidle me please. gazebo_dude 08/30/06 6 09/01/06
Might as well… Idle me. I’ll be pretty distracted the next couple of months what with an overseas move and a wedding to figure out. I’ll be back, maybe february/march-ish when we’re somewhat settled, depending on when we get a computer and internet access etc. Anyway I don’t want to hold up the… gazebo_dude 10/31/05 4 11/01/05
Unidle me Please, if you would be so kind… gazebo_dude 09/11/05 0
gazebo_dude is Claiming the Throne Cause I’m on the Throne. w00t gazebo_dude 08/14/05 0
Member Group I just noticed that my member group is set to “BlogNomic Idle” instead of “BlogNomic Member”. Does it make any difference? The only other user in there is Call for Judgment. gazebo_dude 08/12/05 3 08/13/05
Jumping for the hands ...and suddenly everybody jumps for the hands! gazebo_dude 08/11/05 11 08/12/05
Arrival Heya folks. I’d like to join in. Thanks. :) gazebo_dude 08/10/05 4 08/11/05