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Crew quarters I be going back to the crew quarters for tea and ship’s biscuits. Tagone 01/25/06 0
duelling While ashore, I see Hix definately plundering something that should have been my plunder. So I walk over to ‘im to ask im’ what he’s doing, but somehow he gets the better of me and injures me with hes cutless. Tagone 01/25/06 0
Ashore I be ashore plundering me heartys. Tagone 01/25/06 0
moving I be going on to the main deck, arrrr. Tagone 01/25/06 0
R and R I’m going back to me quarters, for some rest. Tagone 01/23/06 0
Crow’s nest duel After climbing up into the Crow’s nest, I found Kevan looking intently out to sea. In a moment of meaningless violence, I charged at Kevan with me cutlass drawn with the intention of slicing him into ribbons (no offence matey). However Anyone who’s ever tried charging at someone in a… Tagone 01/23/06 0
moving I be moving to the crew’s quarters, t’ see if I can get some rum. Tagone 01/22/06 0
duel on the forecastle deck I went up onto the fo’ca’stle deck and I found Excalabur up there clearly planning a mutiny. Ever loyal to the captain I attacked Excalabur with a karate chop, then I remembered that the ninja rule had never been passed, so Excalabur ran me through with a belaying pin. Tagone 01/22/06 0
forecastle deck arrrr I be moving to the forecastle deck. Tagone 01/22/06 0
Crews Quarters I be movin’ to the crews quarters for some rest. Tagone 01/21/06 0
New crewmate Arrrr, may I join the crew? -Tagone- Tagone 01/20/06 3 01/21/06