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Unidle, please. Please unidle me; this one looks interesting. Tiberias 04/22/11 1 04/22/11
Manifesto: Rules of Order If I end up running a Dynasty, it would have some kind of a parliamentary procedural theme to it. The actual gameplay would revolve mostly around making proposals that restrict what other proposals may be made. Tiberias 04/28/10 1 04/28/10
Another solution for the map The main problem with the map solution right now seems to be that the information isn’t all in one place. Instead of pushing the burden of keeping everything synced up onto the players, I wrote a quick script to do it for us. You can see the results at… Tiberias 04/04/10 7 04/10/10
This looks interesting Unidle me, please. Tiberias 04/03/10 1 04/04/10
Idle, Please I don’t really look forward to playing this one as a ghost; pleas idle me; I may be back next dynasty. Tiberias 11/15/07 7 11/16/07
Hix’s trustworthiness It seems that there are many people who are trying to kill me based only on hearsay, especially Hix. I have poured all of my Wolfsbane into the well (and, yes, all of it is wolfsbane, regardless of the name) since everybody seems so eager to see me dead, I… Tiberias 11/14/07 11 11/15/07
Justice Problem and Seance Dispute It occurs to me that there is no way for a pending Call for Judgement to block a future action that cannot be undone (such as revealing secret information). Would there be support for a proposal that added this somehow? For example, we could allow a CfJ author to put… Tiberias 11/04/07 4 11/04/07
Unidle This one looks interesting; I’ll jump in. Can everybody give me an overview of the publicly available information, such as how many werewolves there are supposed to be out there? Also, I’ve included my contact info on the Post Office page already. Tiberias 10/31/07 5 11/01/07
I’m not dead, yet Unidle me, please. Tiberias 03/30/07 1 03/30/07
Can’t See map Whenever I try to pull op the map, I get the front page. Am I missing something? Tiberias 03/17/07 2 03/17/07
Debate on Motion to Limit Subsidiary Motions -  22:44, 28 Feb 2007 (GMT) Shall we discuss? Tiberias 02/28/07 4 03/04/07
We Need Compensation II Text Deleted; forgot to make this a proposal. Move along; nothing to see here. Tiberias 02/11/07 2 02/11/07
Wiki troubles I just tried to add something to my filmography, but it’s not showing up on the page. The edit is recorded, though, with the correct information. Tiberias 02/05/07 2 02/05/07
Arrival Announcement Let’s see where this thing goes. This post is an announcement of my arrival per Rule 1.2, Paragraph 1. Tiberias 02/03/07 3 02/05/07