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CfJ needs a timeout I don’t know how to do it, though. Call for Judgment 01/18/09 4 01/19/09
Grrr… Removing the CfJ option is illegal. Don’t do it. Call for Judgment 01/18/09 6 01/19/09
Protecting a guy This is Rodlen here, keeping someone safe by making a rather useless post. Or, in other words, RODAN WIZ HARE PROTACTNG SUM UZAH, or something like that. Call for Judgment 01/17/09 3 01/18/09
Ok, I admit it… I turned off the CfJ on the multi-user drop down purely because it was being used in a way that was completely against its original intention. As you can see, it is back on now, so please do not go back to spamming or I might be tempted to give… Call for Judgment 01/17/09 7 01/18/09
Whaddaya mean I’m not a citizen!?! I signed up to be a citizen a while ago. I stayed active! WHY CAN’T I WIN!?! Call for Judgment 01/12/09 2 01/12/09
Help Us Out Please, if your vote on a proposal would not count (such as if you are of a different faction or are idle), I would like to ask that you not vote on it. It just makes it more confusing when counting votes. It is fine to state your approval, but… Call for Judgment 01/08/09 0
Entering the game Hi. I wanna be a citizen. Call for Judgment 01/07/09 7 01/07/09
Story Post: Einherjar candidates Date: 28 November Call for Judgment 11/29/07 12 11/30/07
Upcoming Event Short week to start here. Just three events. Have fun Thursday UPDATE: To encourage signups, the cost of participating in the Water Triathlon has been reduced by one. Event #3: Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Starts on Sunday/Costs 1 TP to compete/Only 8 can compete This is a basic tournament. Olympians… Call for Judgment 12/15/06 34 12/23/06
Ascension Address: Dave The Hamster Dave The Hamster Whooooo, Whooooo Call for Judgment 06/15/06 0
Please stop Whoever is editing Bucky’s old proposals so that they have “open” status: Please stop. Even if you think you are doing it legally, it is trolling to exploit the core rules of our game in this way. Call for Judgment 06/13/06 1 06/13/06
Uh oh. An demon was invoked. Just part of the day-to-day happenings in a monastery. Good night, all. Call for Judgment 06/07/06 3 06/08/06
Story Post: The Plague part 2 The plague rages on and more Monks get sick, while those already sick grow worse.——- Make the following changes to the gamestate in the listed order: For each Monk who has a Virus:  A)Decrease eir Temporary Fitness by DICEX where X=2 B)If eir Temporary Fitness is less than -2, decrease… Call for Judgment 05/20/06 4 05/29/06
Woo Woo I’m doing something with an encrypted rule. Call for Judgment 05/09/06 1 05/09/06
Story Post: Shades of Redwall. Attention Monks! There has been an unfortunate accident in the Entrance Hall. At about midnight last night, our new Bell’s rope snapped, dropping the bell onto the Monks gathered below. Several Monks have been severely injured and may even be dead. Each monk in an Entrance Hall location must roll… Call for Judgment 05/09/06 4 05/09/06