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Unidle I would like to be unidled. Henri 08/31/13 1 09/01/13
Unidle I wish to be unidled please. Henri 05/04/13 2 05/04/13
Story Post: Question About Ruleset I have a question about the rule, 2.2 “Unanimous” Consent Does this rule mean that a proposal can be resolved before it becomes the last pending proposal? Henri 02/10/13 4 02/11/13
Unidling May I be unidled? This time I will actually be unidling, unlike last time. Henri 02/08/13 4 02/10/13
Unidling Will an admin please unidle me? Thank you Henri 12/22/12 1 12/23/12
Unidle Request I am asking any admin to unidle me please. Thank you. Henri 10/18/12 1 10/18/12
Unidle Request Would an admin please unidle me? Thank you. Henri 10/07/12 1 10/08/12
Unidling I am unidling Henri 09/21/12 2 09/21/12
Idling I’m going to be Idle, but I’ll be back in 10 days. Henri 06/25/12 1 06/25/12
Question What does establishing a causal link between two dynasties accomplish? Also, if I stop using 2 dark matter for the link, does the link break? One last question: Are core rules mutable? Thanks alot. Henri 06/21/12 7 06/21/12
Confusion I am confused. Can someone explain what the victory condition of the dynasty is? Thank you. Henri 06/20/12 6 06/21/12
Newbie I would like to become a player. Thank you. Henri 06/19/12 5 06/19/12