Once Upon A Time

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A Character
Name Description Expiration
z the character 'z' 3
June A plucky young heroine ready to defend her friends and family 3
Natasha A villainous pirate, feared by all! 3
Name Description Expiration
- - -
Storyteller Spark
Clucky blue
Darknight -
Desertfrog fish
GloopyGhost horror
Nad great

The Story

Clearly, the frying pan was the most suitable weapon of choice for this situation. With a mighty swing, June brought her pan down upon the bigger skunk fly with a wet crunch. As she shook the remains of the fly off, June watched its mate retreat, its panicked buzzing echoing in the distance. “Skunk flies,” June muttered to herself “Anyone who claims they aren’t harmful should come out here and try gathering swamp beets from their nest and then tell me they just smell bad.”

Her prize secured, June placed the swamp beets into her bag and began the hike back home. She would have to stop by Eddie's garden on the way back in order to gather the last of the ingredients that she needed. As June neared the garden, a sudden acrid smell stopped her in her tracks. Something wasn't right. She climbed the nearest maple for a better look. Between the treetops, June immediately saw the choking green smoke rising into the sky. Her eyes widened. "Pirates."

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