Name Location Pursuit Damage
The Attendant Bergen Outsider Soul token.png x10 Flesh token.png x2
Avilva Unknown Outsider
Brendan Unknown Researcher
card Rennes Collector Flesh token.png x4 Reality token.png x4 Spatial token.png x8 Soul token.png x17
Cuddlebeam The Warp Collector Flesh token.png x6 Spatial token.png x4 Soul token.pngx3
Darknight Rennes Collector Soul token.png x3 Reality token.png
derrick Unknown Outsider
The Duke of Waltham Kielce Collector Soul token.png x8
Josh Kelcie Researcher Soul token.png x6
Jumble Rennes Researcher Soul token.png x1
Pokes Unknown Outsider
Tantusar Norwich Collector Soul token.png x14 Flesh token.png x4
Alive Artefact Damage
The Lego Brick Flesh token.png x4 Soul token.png x3
The Picture Frame Flesh token.png x3 Soul token.png x4
The Sequin Brooch Flesh token.png x2 Soul token.png x5
Incandescent Injection Spatial token.png x8

Tantusar: "The Attendant Travelled to Bergen yesterday but didn't take damage. Rectified."

22 days ago