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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Eighth Dynasty of Bucky. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

The Traffic Light Is green

Controller Money Visitors
Benbot $100 -
Bucky $98 Grandpa Fuller, Bucky Bot, Chase Pleonexi
JonathanDark $83 Shaquille O'Neal, Jackie Chan, Sophia Vergara, Anderson Cooper
Josh $70 Natalia Bouchard, Efren Vaughan, Myung Guerin, Pontius Honeycutt
Kevan $93 Katelyn Dubose, Cornelius Overbold, Nigel Cartlesham, Lucrezia Giolitti
Raven1207 $100 Kent Tucky, Cali Phorna
Trapdoorspyder $90 Jonny Sims, Martin Blacktree, Tom Hand, James Sash
Name Visitors Admits
Plaza Natalia Bouchard, Myung Guerin, Pontius Honeycutt, Cali Phorna, Kent Tucky, Martin Blacktree, James Sash, Bucky Bot, Tom Hand, Shaquille O'Neal, Jackie Chan, Sophia Vergara, Katelyn Dubose, Cornelius Overbold, Nigel Cartlesham, Anderson Cooper, Chase Pleonexi
Ferris Wheel - 2
Maze (G) Efren Vaughan, Lucrezia Giolitti, Jonny Sims
Maze Line - 3
Bathroom (G) Elvis Presley
Bathroom Line - 1
Bucky’s BBQ Stand - 3
Gift Shop Grandpa Fuller 10
Popcorn Stand - 1
Ball Toss - 3
Food Court (G)
Food Court Line - 1
The Arena Dome
Robot Race - 1

The Robot Operator is Bucky, via Robot Race Visitor Chase Pleonexi
The Ball Toss High Score is 27 by Champion Shaquille O'Neal
The Dome King is nobody

Name Stamps Items
Martin Blacktree FMTZ Brisket
Bucky Bot FZ -
Natalia Bouchard Z Souvenier
Nigel Cartlesham FJKTYZ -
Jackie Chan FJZ -
Anderson Cooper BFJMRTYZ -
Katelyn Dubose FJZ -
Grandpa Fuller FJZ Popcorn
Lucrezia Giolitti FJMZ -
Myung Guerin FZ Souvenier
Tom Hand MZ -
Pontius Honeycutt Z Souvenier
Shaquille O'Neal Z -
Cornelius Overbold JMZ -
Cali Phorna - -
Chase Pleonexi Z Souvenier
Elvis Presley Z -
James Sash FZ -
Jonny Sims FZ Brisket
Kent Tucky FZ -
Efren Vaughan Z -
Sophia Vergara JZ Souvenier

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1 year ago