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To roll dice, post a comment which includes the term DICEX (where X is the number of faces on the die you wish to roll), or XDICEY to roll multiple dice and add their numbers together.

For a die with custom faces, enter it as a comma-separated list of faces inside curly braces, eg. {Fish,Fruit,Invertebrate,Rodent,Seed}

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TyGuy64DICE20:30 Reads it [the materials] and weeps... because nothing can top making boxes out of diamond.12 hours ago
SupernovaStarbright4DICE20:54 Whoo,​ new tier of studying13 hours ago
SupernovaStarbright1DICE58:41 58?!? Who in the world- oh a diamond box. Well I have to leave soon so may as well.13 hours ago
ChiiikaAm gonna try to sell a cardbox box: 1DICE3:2 1DICE1:116 hours ago
Cluckygenerating an order DICE19:10 DICE10:717 hours ago
JoshHeading into the materials library 3DICE15:3823 hours ago
SupernovaStarbrightResearching. We have a massive budget,​ so I think it's time to (possibly) blow it all on diamond boxes. 1DICE1024:3722 days ago
TyGuy6Quiet! I'm poring over the materials. 3DICE15:232 days ago
Cluckyselling a box DICE3:3 DICE262:1872 days ago
Josh3DICE15:292 days ago