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To roll dice, post a comment which includes the term DICEX (where X is the number of faces on the die you wish to roll), or XDICEY to roll multiple dice and add their numbers together.

For a die with custom faces, enter it as a comma-separated list of faces inside curly braces, eg. {Fish,Fruit,Invertebrate,Rodent,Seed}

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JoshDICE3151:845:16 days ago
KevanGame 5 starting player: Brendan,​Darknight:Darknight25 days ago
KevanGame 4 starting player: Josh,​Bucky:Bucky25 days ago
KevanGame 3 starting player: Jumble,​Clucky:Clucky25 days ago
KevanGame 2 starting player: Pokes,​Zack:Pokes25 days ago
JumbleDICE3151:45925 days ago
JumbleDICE3151:119725 days ago
JumbleDICE3151:295925 days ago
KevanStarting player is Pokes,​Jumble:Jumble.26 days ago
KevanAnd a second: Bucky,​ Josh,​ Jumble:Jumble26 days ago