Tuesday, June 14, 2005

BlogNomic Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
It's a Nomic - a game which starts with no particular aim or content, and whose rules are changed by the players as the game progresses. Players submit proposed changes to this weblog, suggesting whatever they like; if enough people vote in favour of a change, we update the rules and carry on playing.
Can I join in?
Yes, the game is open to new players.
Do I need a weblog, to play?
Not any more; players did have to in the early Dynasties, but we repealed that rule a while ago.
The ruleset seems very daunting - can you recommend a Nomic with fewer rules?
Yes; the next round of BlogNomic. Whenever anyone wins a round, the ruleset gets trimmed back to the basic proposal-making rules and we start again with a fresh new theme. If you want to be alerted by email when this happens, just subscribe to our Ascension Alert Service, and we'll let you know.
How do I join?
Click the Register link at the top of the main page. Fill out the information and click the link in your verification e-mail. Then make a post here announcing your arrival. You'll be added to the list of active players, and you can start playing!
How do I get the name on my posts to match my BlogNomic name?
Change your screen name in your profile. Click "My Account" at the top of the page while logged in to edit your profile.
How do I get the dotted boxes around text, in proposals?
Just put a <blockquote> tag before it, and a </blockquote> tag after it.
How do I become an admin?
Have a look at the Ruleset.
Is BlogNomic syndicated?
Yes. If your aggregator is Atom-enabled, you can subscribed to the Atom feed, and if you use LiveJournal, you can add the LJ feed to your friends page.