Saturday, January 23, 2021

Schedule post 2021-01-23

Yesterday, CHARIZARD levelled a wide swath of the downtown of a major urban area. This resulted in 446,145 casualties.

At 16h52 yesterday afternoon, METAPOD emerged from the portal. As it did so, the sun briefly dimmed as a swarm of locusts filled the sky, bringing pestilence and famine to this world for the next twelve summers.

At 23h30, Pilot Bucky attacked CHARIZARD. The first attempt, on Vector 2, was deflected, causing CHARIZARD to fire its EM Weapon and splattering Acid Blood on the ground (a further 146,664 casualties). Bucky’s onboard camera correctly IDed CHARIZARD as a VALKERIE-class DEVA.Swiftly changing to a backup Shell, Bucky then continued the assult on vectors 3 through 10; attacks on vectors 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were all defected, but the fusillade finally penetrated CHARIZARD’s hide on vector 8, resulting in rapid exothermal compression and a complete implosion of the target. Once the dust had cleared, Bucky found a REFRACTED CRYSTAL HEART in the remains of the DEVA. Our scientists believe that we can use the power of this Heart to close the portal for good. For this and other valourous action Bucky has been awarded one Crown.

Today at 08h00 Pilot Coderblaze will attack CATERPIE on vector 12. At 23h39, if it’s still standing, CATERPIE will attack a military target (likely Coderblaze). That is all.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Proposal: FFS

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 23 Jan 2021 11:11:44 UTC

Award 218736 Crowns to every Pilot.

Story Post: Promotion Request

I hereby assert that the Meritous Corporation is Meritous.

Proposal: Handover Documents [Special Case]

Reached quorum, 6-0. Josh

Adminned at 23 Jan 2021 10:56:12 UTC

If the text “The gamestate tracking page for this dynasty is the Ansible Hangar page of the wiki. Unless otherwise stated, all publicly tracked gamestate information is tracked on it” exists in the rule PIlots and Shells exists, remove it.

Add a new Special Case rule, called Dynastic Tracking [Active], with the following text:

The gamestate tracking page for this dynasty is the Ansible Hangar page of the wiki. Unless otherwise stated, all publicly tracked gamestate information is tracked on it. A Poindexter may change the wiki page referred to in this rule to a different page as part of their Ascension Address.

Schedule post 2021-01-22

Good morning.

Yesterday, CATERPIE levelled a suburb of a downtown city , causing 169,290 casualties. CATERPIE has since been preparing for an assault on a military target.

Today the following will take place:

At 03h51, CHARIZARD will shake off its stun and will commence an attack on a civilian target.
At 16h52 METAPOD will emerge from the portal and will begin its preparations for an attack on a military target.
At 23h30, Pilot Bucky will attack CHARIZARD on vector 2 (with seeker munitions and a camera turret), and will then continue to attack on vectors 3 through 10.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Proposal: Even Later Target Selection

Reached quorum and enacted, 4-0. Josh

Adminned at 23 Jan 2021 10:54:55 UTC

In the rule “Attack a Military Target”, change

* 12-36 hours: Attack


* 1-24 hours: Aim
* 11-12 hours: Attack


When attacking a military target is added to a DEVA’s schedule, a Jockeying Pilot must be secretly randomly selected as its target.


When a DEVA finishes the Aim stage, a Jockeying Pilot must be secretly randomly selected as its target.

Proposal: Lower the Bar

Popular at 4-2. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 22 Jan 2021 14:05:26 UTC

In the rule “Team Victory”, change

the number of Civilian Casualties divided by 1,000,000


the number of Civilian Casualties divided by 2,000,000


Schedule post 2021-01-21

Yesterday, CHARMELEON and CHARIZARD both skied their attacks on military targets, and will both be confused for 48 hours.

Also yesterday, CATERPIE emerged from the portal, causing humans and animals all around Blogia to have sudden, vivid psychic images of their own violent deaths, It immediately started moving towards a civilian target.

Today, at 09h10, CATERPIE will launch an attack on the civilian population of a major city on the southern island.

Starting at 23h40, Pilot Bucky will launch a wide-spectrum attack against CHARIZARD, starting on vector 2 (with seeker munitions and a camera turret) and working up to vector 10.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Proposal: The Kayode Ewumi Meme

Enacted Popular, 4-2. Josh

Adminned at 22 Jan 2021 12:02:19 UTC

Create a new Corporation as follows:


Creed: Fiat Corona

Requirement: A Pilot may join this Corporation if they have never joined any other Corporation.

Set the Affiliation of every Pilot who has never joined any other extant Corporation, and who is Unaffiliated, and whose EVC on this Proposal was in favor of it, to Meritous.

Award each Corporation one Crown.

:D :D

Proposal: Rogue Squadron

At 2-3, has less than a quorum not voting against. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 21 Jan 2021 21:10:47 UTC

In the rule Team Victory, change “The selected Pilot achieves victory” to “The selected Pilot becomes Elevated”.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, called Wings:

A Wing is an organisation of multiple Pilots. Each Pilot may be a member of zero or one Wing, defaulting to not being a member of a Wing. Each Wing has one Leader. A Pilot who is the Leader of a Wing may not be a member of another Wing, and a Pilot who is in a Wing may not subsequently become Leader of a Wing. Each Pilot has their Wing information publicly tracked.

A Pilot or Idle Pilot (‘the recruit’) may, at any time, make a post advertising their willingness to join a Wing. Other Pilots (‘recruiters’) may respond to such a post inviting the recruit to their Wing, and naming a victory percentage (which may be negotiated in public or private beforehand). At any time a recruit may accept a recruiter’s invitation to join their Wing; when they do, all other recruitment messages to that recruit cease to be valid. A recruit may not join a Wing if it causes themselves or their new Leader to have an invalid gamestate (eg because the recruit is already a Leader or because the recruiter is themselves part of another Wing).

When a Pilot is a member of a Wing they are giving up autonomy in exchange for a percentage chance at Victory. When a recruit joins a Wing they must set their Wing Information to the name of their Leader and the agreed victory percentage in their invitation; they must also set their Corporation to the Corporation of their Leader. From that point forward, the Leader of their Wing may carry out dynastic actions on their behalf as if they were the recruit in question - Pilots who are members of Wings may not themselves carry out any dynastic actions, except changing their Wing Information as specified by this rule; they may also not be made idle.

Whenever a Pilot becomes Elevated in this dynasty, the following occurs:
* If the Pilot is not a member of any Wing, they have achieved Victory;
* If the Pilot is a member of a wing, they cease to be Elevated and their Wing Leader becomes Elevated;
* If the Pilot is a Wing Leader then they must make a post establishing a public random method by which a Pilot in their Wing may be awarded Victory. The likelihood of each Pilot in the Wing attaining Victory must be equal to their individual victory percentage, with the Wing Leader attaining Victory on any result within the remainder (for example: if a Wing has a leader and three members, each with a 5% victory share, then the Wing Leader would win in the 85% of cases were one of their recruits did not). If this is not possible (for example, because the Pilots of the Wing have a combined victory percentage allocation that is greater than 100) then all Pilots cease to be Elevated. Otherwise, the Wing Leader publicly randomly determines which member of their Wing has achieved Victory and makes a post announcing it.

A Pilot who is a member of a Wing may amend their Wing Information as follows:
* They may reduce their victory percentage by any amount at any time;
* They may increase their victory percentage as publicly agreed with their Wing Leader;
* They may add ‘ITQ’, which stands for Intent to Quit, at any time;
* If their Wing Information has contained ‘ITQ’ for at least five days, or if their Wing Leader is idle, then they may blank their Wing Information field. At that point they cease to be in a Wing.

There is some muttering on Slack about pooling resources behind a single leader to drive victory. This attempts to formalise such a thing: legally mandated sock-puppeting in exchange for win %.

Note that a member of a Wing may not be made idle. This will have an impact on quorum, but I’m not too worried about it; proposals have mostly been timing out this dynasty anyway.

Schedule post 2021-01-20

Yesterday pilot Bucky made a run on CHARIZARD on Vector 12. CHARIZARD evaded the shot but Clucky’s onbaodr camera IDed it as a VALKERIE-class DEVA. CHARIZARD reacted with its Acid Blood, causing 351,792 civilian casualties, and its EM Weapon, leaving Bucky unable to make any further fire attempts for 24 hours.

Today, CHARMELEON and CHARIZARD will both aim at military targets and likely miss, causing confusion. CATERPIE will emerge from the portal at 07h27. At noon, Pilot Coderblaze will fire at CHARIZARD on vector 18 and CHAMELEON on vector 15. We wish our Pilots the best of luck.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Proposal: Strike Hard and Fast

Passes 4-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 21 Jan 2021 14:44:47 UTC

Add a new Shell to the list in the Armoury.
Its name shall be “A-2 Tortoise”
Its Description shall be “This sluggish heavy weapons Shell is the last resort against the toughest RAKSHASHA.”
Its default stats shall be Power: 45, Attack: 33, Defence: 20, Speed: 60

Add a new shell to the list in the Armoury.
Its name shall be “P-1 Hare”
Its Description shall be “This underarmed but highly customizable platform evolved from a scout prototype.”
Its default stats shall be Power:125, Attack: 8, Defence: 15, Speed: 16

Designations are by primary advantage stat in comparison to the Mark I, followed by the design number for that stat; for example the Mark II would be the S-1 and an even faster model would be an S-2.

Proposal: Late Military Target Selection

At 1-3, has fewer than a quorum of Pilots not voting AGAINST. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 21 Jan 2021 14:44:04 UTC

In the rule “Attack a Military Target”, change

“When attacking a military target is added to a DEVA’s schedule, a Jockeying Pilot must be secretly randomly selected as its target.”


“When a DEVA begins the Prepare stage of attacking a military target, a Jockeying Pilot must be secretly randomly selected as its target. If there are no Jockeying Pilots at that time, the Bogey switches to an Attack a Civilian Target action, starting immediately and ending at the same time the Attack stage would have ended.”

The current batch of DEVAs has a hard time hitting because the Shells have a shorter lifetime than their planning phase. They should be smart enough to find another target.

Schedule post 2021-01-19

Today the uncertainty field surrounding BLASTOISE cleared. It is now understood that Pilot Bucky successfully slew the Bogey on 2021-01-16. Belated congratulations to Pilot Bucky.

Yesterday, CHARMELEON sprayed its acidic mucus onto a civilian target, causing 611,312 civilian casualties.

Today at 19h00 Pilot Bucky will attack CHARIZARD on vector 12, and will get a close look with their camera turret as they do so. CHARMELEON and CHARIZARD will both conduct the preparatory steps to conduct attacks on civilian targets, but neither attack will connect today.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Proposal: Arms Racing

Passes unanimously, 5-0. -Bucky

Adminned at 19 Jan 2021 21:47:14 UTC

In the rule “Armoury”, make the following changes to the list of Arms:

for “Auxiliary Reactor”, change

Cost: 10. Effect: +20% Power -20% Defense


Cost: 10. Effect: +30% Power -20% Defense

For Structural Reinforcement Plates, change

Cost: 10. Effect: -20% Power +20% Defense


Cost: 15. Effect: +20% Defense. Ineffective if the Pilot also has an Auxiliary Reactor.

Change the cost of Onboard AI and Shielded Cabling from 20 to 15.

For Efficient Circuitry, reduce its cost from 30 to 25 and change

Each subsequent Fire Attempt on the same Bogey after the first costs 7 Power instead of 10


When a Pilot with this Arm has already made at least one Fire Attempt on a Bogey, their subsequent Fire Attempts at the same target cost 3 less Power.

Change the effect of Soul Threasher from

Whenever a civilian attack is resolved successfully, Jockeying Pilots with this Arm gain 10 power


Whenever a civilian attack is resolved successfully, Jockeying Pilots with this Arm gain 10 power, plus an additional 10 power for each full 1 million casualties it caused.

For Cellular Sampler, change

If any Pilot with this meme is Jockeying


If any Pilot with this Arm is Jockeying

Add an Arm called “Seeker Munitions” with cost 40 to the list, immediately below Cluster Munitions, with the following Effect:

If the Fire Vector of a Fire Action by a Pilot with this Arm would exceed the target’s Defence by exactly 1, upon finding that it is not miscalibrated, it corrects its Fire Vector to equal the target’s Defense.

Buffing all the Arms that haven’t been used, preventing Efficient Circuitry from reducing other Pilots’ firing costs while reducing its cost to compensate, making Cellular Sampler work out-of-the-box and re-implementing Rakshasha Targeting to expensively affect all subspecies.

Proposal: Photographing the Ansible

Passes 4-0. -Bucky

Adminned at 19 Jan 2021 19:10:53 UTC

In the rule “The Battlefield”, change

The Fire Attempt still takes place, however.


The Fire Attempt still takes place, however, and when it’s resolved it uses the statistics and Arms the Pilot had when they scheduled it.

Uphold the results of any Fire Attempts where the Pilots spent all their Power and the Poindexter calculated the results using their last numerical statistics instead of “-”.

Currently it’s possible to fire a slow shot from a Mark I and switch to a Nutcracker to use the Nutcracker’s higher Attack, or to obtain a Camera Turret between scheduling and resolving the attack and get info when the attack arrives. And if a Pilot’s still Recovering, their Attack is undefined.

Schedule post 2021-01-18

We appear to be in a state of temporary quantum flux, brought about by subatomic entanglement between molecules on our dimension and those of the DEVA home dimension.

What we know for sure happened yesterday is this: the demonic DEVA CHARIZARD emerged from the portal, causing thunderstorms of acid rain to spontaneously break out over every major city on the planet. CHARIZARD started moving towards a Civilian target and is expected to reach it at 23h56 today. The newly detected DEVA CATERPIE has taken its place in the gestation chamber of the breach.

We also know that CHARMELEON has shaken off its stun and is moving against the location of Pilot Bucky. It will complete its preparation steps today and will enact its attack tomorrow.

The uncertainty around Bogey BLASTOISE surrounds its quantum position. Either it was destroyed yesterday at 13h01 by Pilot Bucky, or it will be attacked today at 13h20 by Pilot Bucky. It is currently not possible to determine which of these outcomes will turn out to be correct but we hope that the temporal field will have collapsed by this time tomorrow.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Call for Judgment: Chain Retraction

Passes 4-0. BLASTOISE retroactively destroyed per today’s Schedule Post. Poindexter is directed to update the gamestate. -Bucky

Adminned at 18 Jan 2021 16:54:13 UTC

At 8:18 on January 14th, I made an attack on CHARMELEON. When the attack was resolved on the 15th, no EM Weapon effect was applied and so I immediately scheduled a second attack on CHARMELEON, destroying my Shell with the power expenditure.

On January 16th, shortly after the second attack landed but before the results were confirmed, I switched Shells, became Jockeying again, and scheduled a third attack run on BLASTOISE.

In the Schedule Post for January 17th, the Poindexter resolved the second attack and determined that it provoked a response from CHARMELEON’s EM Weapon. This invalidated the third attack run.

However, if CHARMELEON had an EM weapon, the second attack would have been illegal because I would have been disabled from the first attack. Moreover, I would’ve been in a different Shell than the one I thought I was in for the third attack run, and would not have enough Power for it as a result. (Of course, if I’d known I was EM-disabled, I would not have entered battle at all for the second run and could have made substantially the same third attack run in the same shell).

Therefore, the current representation of the gamestate is inconsistent regarding the effects of CHARMELEON’s possible EM Weapon

Given the amount of information that has been leaked due to illegal actions (including Camera Turret hints for the second attack), and the degree to which they have snowballed, I believe the fairest outcome is to declare that CHARMELEON simply never had an EM weapon. Accordingly:
* No Pilots are currently disabled by CHARMELEON’s EM Weapon.
* My attacks on BLASTOISE on the 16th were valid and Poindexter shall update the gamestate accordingly.
* In the likely event that BLASTOISE was destroyed by that attack run, any Fire Attempts on BLASTOISE on the 17th were invalid and should be refunded.

The alternative state is that CHARMELEON had an EMP weapon all along. That would involve the following changes. This CfJ expressly does NOT adopt the following, and instead declares these did not occur:
* Having fired three miscalibrated attacks at BLASTOISE on the 16th, I became Recovering; my attempt to purchase Hot Blood as a meme was invalid because I was still Jockeying at the time and should be reverted; and my most recent attempt to become Jockeying failed because I was not Outfitting and so I should still be Recovering with one less Experience than represented in the Ansible Hangar.

Proposal: Battlefix

Passes unanimously, 5-0. -Bucky

Adminned at 18 Jan 2021 21:10:31 UTC

In the rule The Battlefield, change

If a Pilot’s Shell would be set to zero or below by the power expenditure required for a Fire Attempt then their Shell is destroyed as if they had done an Emergency Shutdown. The Fire Attempt still takes place, however.


If a Pilot’s Power would be set to zero or below by the power expenditure required for a Fire Attempt then their Shell is destroyed as if they had done an Emergency Shutdown. The Fire Attempt still takes place, however.

Uphold all Shell destructions through Power expenditure in the dynasty so far.

Proposal: Rockem Sockem

Self-killed. -Bucky

Adminned at 18 Jan 2021 21:09:40 UTC

Add the following text to the end of the rule called DEVAs:

Once a Bogey has emerged, it is legal for its statistics to be reduced below the minimums of their respective ranges.

Add a subrule to the rule The Battlefield, called Melee Mode:

Any Pilot whose Shell or Arm has a melee attack may specify that a Fire Attempt is being made in Melee Mode.

A Fire Attempt made in Melee Mode does not cost any energy, and takes the form of a comment to the most recent Schedule Post that contains a target, which must be an ID Code of a Bogey, a schedule time, which must be a UTC time of the Pilot’s choice between x and 72 hours (where x is the Pilot’s Shell’s Speed) after the time at which the comment is made. Upon the posting of such a comment, a Fire Action with the specifed parameters is schedules.

Fire Actions made in Melee Mode automatically hit. When a Melee Mode Fire Action hits, the Attack of the attacker is subtracted from the Energy of the defender; if the defender still has Energy they then counterattack, reducing the Defence or, if their Defence is zero, the Energy of the attacker by the defender’s Attack, before applying any Reactionary Features.

If a Bogey is attacked in Melee Mode when they are stunned then they cannot counterattack. If a Bogey is attacked in Melee Mode while they are in Hibernation then they are eliminated.

In the rule The Battlefield, remove the sentence “If the target had the feature Refracted Crystal Heart, the attacker gains one Crown” and add the following at the end of the rule:

If a Bogey is eliminated through any means and has the feature Refracted Crystal Heart, the Pilot directly responsible for their elimination (if one can be identified) gains one Crown.

Add the following Arms to the list of Arms in the rule Armoury:

* Thunderball Fist - Cost: 2. Melee attack.
* Venin Sword - Cost: 15. Melee attack. Any Bogey hit by a melee mode fire action by a Pilot with this Arm in their Armoury must Hibernate as its next timed action, regardless of its statistics.
* Aegis Generator - Cost: 15. If a Bogey is hit by a melee mode fire action by a Pilot with this Arm in their Armoury then any attacks on civilian targets that have been completed by that Bogey in the preceding 24 hours are reversed.

Change the first sentence of the rule the Armoury to read “Each Shell has a name, a brief description (which is flavourtext), an optional Feature, a default Power value, a default Attack, a default Defence and a default Speed.” Add the following to the list of Shells in the same rule:

* The Vindicator
** Description: A Shell designed for up-close and personal situations, when you simply have to pound a RAKSHASHA in the face.
** Feature: This Shell comes with a built-in melee attack.
** Default Power: 45, Attack: 28, Defense: 5, Speed: 24

Schedule post 2021-01-17

Yesterday, CHARMELEON attacked nothing and became confused.

Coderblaze’s attack on BLASTOISE on vestor 23 was evaded. They also attacked CHARMELEON on vector 22; that was also evaded, prompting CHARMELEON to retaliate with its Radiant Beam (reducing Coderblaze’s attack by 10) and EM Weapon (leaving Coderblaze unable to schedule attacks for 24 hours).

Bucky then attacked CHARMELEON on vector 11. which was deflected. CHARMELEON’s Radiant Beam was not triggered by this but its EM Weapon was, leaving Bucky unable to make Fire Attempts for 24 hours; their Fire Attempts on the 2021-01-16 are therefore not valid and have been refunded. BLASTOISE was also targeted by this attack; however, BLASTOISE similarly deflected. Bucky’s Camera Turret confirmed that CHARMELEON and BLASTOISE are OPHANIM and RAKSHASHA class, respectively.

Today, at 03h22 CHARIZARD will emerge from the portal, and BLASTOISE will complete its attack on a civilian target at 11h54. That is all.