Friday, February 24, 2017

Proposal: Bring Out Ya’ Dead

Add to the Rule “The Doctor’s Rounds”:

Each Sunday, the Doctor shall make a blog post containing a listing of all existing Spirit-Spiritmaster relationships and the corresponding Villagers.

Feeding time

This whole situation has me acting a bit weird. Feeding Quincunx some red cap… whether he wants it or not.


All my childhood spent hearing tales of the great beast, the family curse. Dreams of wild majesty.
No one told me I’d feel the urge to fetch sticks in the park.
Jumping out of the well, happily eating up the wolfsbane, shaking myself next to Orkboi who gets splashed with well water.

(Using well water on Orkboi, Doctor please attend)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wolf’s Bane

Wouldn’t it be funny if Wolf’s Bane did something to wolves? Feeding Wolfsbane to Viv. Doctor attend.

Proposal: Audible Dead

Add to “Spectral Actions”:

When a Dead Villager has a visible symptom, and the visible symptom has an associated rule recommending the inclusion of a string in every blog comment, the Dead Villager should include the string in every blog comment.

Unfortunately my cough didn’t go away in the afterlife. I currently may not be allowed to *cough*, but what are you gonna do if I do, kill me?

Call for Judgment: Moving back to where I was

Derrick will be moved back to the forest, nothing having happened since the first illegal action having happened

I misunderstood where days stopped and started. Could I be back in the forest? movement is precious in this game, and my move to the market place was soley a result of an illegal forage attempt.

Call for Judgment: Mistaken eating of redcap!

Reached a quorum of against votes, 0-5. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Feb 2017 22:58:53 UTC

Change Derrick’s inventory to “red cap”

Change the action of combining and consuming red cap and silver bark to just eating silver bark.

I did not intend to eat the redcap with the silver bark.

I realized I didn’t want to part way through an atomic action. I had to complete, and wasn’t sure if I was obligated to complete the action or if I could undo everything part way through. Sorry. Please have mercy.

Breakfast at the Market Place

Derrick Spent all night frantically looking for silver bark, sure he would not make it to the next morning. Surely that wolf could not have had his best interests at heart, and he must have the disease again. All he finds is mandrake. But that’s a lot of mandrake! He can trade!

Rushing to the market place, he unloads his cargo, and has the precious silver bark! Ghosts have been active recently, and he doesn’t want the red cap stolen… He combines his ingredients and eats them!

crap, I think didn’t want to eat the red cap. I wanted to drop it instead of the nightshade. dang it!—- no way to take that back, is there? (I made this post after declaring in the GNDT that I ate both)

The Doctor’s Rounds

Crows lope through the village streets, and another day passes in Zahndorf.

Proposal: Bit Flip

Change the game state:

For all Villagers with the Symptom of Death, remove this Symptom. For all Villagers that do not contain the Symptom of Death, add it each Villager.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Using Red Cap on Quincunx.
Doctor, please attend…

Eating for once in my life

I’m eating some Silver Bark I found.
I’m not exactly sure how nutritious it is, but it’s better than nothing.


Padding through the forest, eating Nightshade.
Curling up for a nap by someone’s cooling campfire.

Doctor, please attend.

Monday, February 20, 2017

And a drink!

Using well water on Derrick. Hospitality! Celebration.
Sorry I might be overexcited about visitors it’s a thing recently also the wagging sorry hello


*singing* Silver bark… silver bark… it’s Christmas time in the village.

Found some silver bark, and now I’m eating it. Doctor?

Proposal: Travel Ban

Reached quorum 5 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Feb 2017 16:32:37 UTC

In “Locations”, replace “A Villager who is not on the Road or who has at least one visible symptom, or both” with “A Villager who is not on the Road”.

If the text was not changed by the proposal “Weeds”, in “The Doctor’s Rounds”, replace “For every non-Dead Villager who has neither Eaten nor been on the Road during the previous two Intervals” with “For every non-Dead Villager who has not Eaten during the previous two Intervals”.

The decision by officials in charge of immigration to only let people in if they openly display symptoms was puzzling, but nobody’s even out on the road anymore. People from neighboring towns and the farmers outside the village know better than to show up these days, so let’s re-lock the gates.

Welcome to the forest

Using Red Cap on Derrick.
Glad you made it!
Doctor, please attend.

Silver Bark

Ran into the forest and ate the bark off a tree. Hoping to cure this nasty cough.


Eating Wolfsbane. It smells weird.
Doctor,  please attend.

Proposal: Weeds

Times out 3 votes to 4. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Feb 2017 11:26:46 UTC

In “Locations”, add to the Road:-

As a daily action, a Villager on the Road may add a Weed to their inventory.

Then replace the word “Weed” in that rule with the name of a random Plant.

In “The Doctor’s Rounds”, replace “has neither Eaten nor been on the Road during the previous two Intervals” with:-

has not Eaten during the previous two Intervals

Add a new subrule to “Locations”, called “Roadside Plants”:-

If the Remedy named in the Road action rule Cures a Disease, the Doctor may replace that Remedy’s name in that action rule with the name of a secretly random Plant, chosen from those which do not Cure any Diseases. The Doctor may repeal this rule if the Remedy named in the Road action rule does not Cure a Disease, or if all Plants Cure Diseases.

Making the Road a source of free plant food (one which doesn’t cure anything, if such plants exist), to make my processing of the Rounds a little easier (I currently have to check back through the GNDT to see if anyone’s stepped out of town).

The Doctor’s Rounds

Lean times in Zahndorf. Quirck has neither eaten nor been on the road during the past two Intervals (they last ate on the 14th), and starves to death.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Consuming wolfsbane, doctor attend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Proposal: Unsanitary Conditions

Timed out at quorum, 5 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 19 Feb 2017 18:23:33 UTC

Insert into the section “The Doctor’s Rounds” as fourth item in the bulleted list:

For every Villager whose current location is “Home”, giving that villager the disease “The Pox”.

Corpses all over town… something was bound to happen. I think it’s bedbugs.

The Doctor’s Rounds

Somewhere not too far outside the village’s gates, the howl of a mountain wolf echoes across the valley.

A Long Spoon

The new rule “The Bet” can be read in a couple of ways. Since triggering it under the superficially intended reading would reveal secret information, I thought I’d check which interpretation was intended by its proposer, and (perhaps more importantly) what an informal consensus thinks.

From the rules, we’ve got:

  • Cuddlebeam gains Eternal Torment “if any remedy has the potential to Cure the Black Death”.
  • “Each Remedy has the potential to Cure one Disease”
  • “When a Remedy is Tested, there is a 50% chance that the Remedy now Cures a random Disease”

If a Remedy exists which has been Tested and was found not to Cure a random Disease, does it still “have the potential” to Cure the Black Death? (In plain English every Remedy has the potential to do anything, because we’re playing Nomic, but even regarding it as a strict keyword and reframing it as something more like “each remedy has an empty cure slot”, do such test-failed Remedies still “have the potential”?)

Friday, February 17, 2017


Quincunx looks hungry. Force feeding him Red Cap for no apparent reason. Doctor please respond.

Call for Judgment: I’m not Dead anymore.

Quorum against, failed 1-5 by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Feb 2017 16:39:50 UTC

I’m not actually Dead, nor do I have any sympthoms, please remove them all.

In Diseases, Death, it says:

A Villager who is exhibiting the symptom of Death is considered to be Dead.

A Dead Villager who is not the Doctor may not take actions defined by dynastic rules, except those in the rule “Spectral Actions”.

Exhibiting is an action, because “to exhibit” is a verb which involves exposing or offering to view ( For example, replace the verb “to exhibit” with “to dance” to make it more intuitive. I can’t choose to stop doing it due to the removal of the “mays” back then, but I’m still compelled to do it . For example, a person who compulsively coughs, has to cough all the time. They have no choice in coughing or not, and coughing is an action, and in the game’s flavor context, coughing is the act of exhibition of a symptom called “Cough”. However, due to that I’m Dead, I can no longer exhibit because its an action (of the dynastic kind), therefore, I can no longer be considered to be Dead.

So, oddly, I can’t be considered to be dead if I become dead.

As I’m not Dead, I can take dynastic actions. I also don’t employ my right to have diseases (either because I can’t and/or I simply choose not too employ it at any applicable moment, whichever works for the purpose of losing all symptoms/diseases). Such a right is exposed in “Diseases”:

Each Villager has zero or more Diseases, tracked privately by the Doctor.

As I no longer have Diseases, I would no longer have any Symptoms, because Symptoms belong to the Diseases I possess, as exposed in Diseases:

Each Disease has a number of Symptoms, listed in order from earliest to latest.

-> Diseases HAVE symptoms. Diseases are effectively a kind of inventory or “bag” that contain my Symptoms, because I, as a villager can’t HAVE Symptoms. I can exhibit them though. And the ones that I exhibit are the ones that my Diseases have.
and, in Doctor’s Rounds:

[...] that Villager gains the earliest Symptom of that Disease which they do not already exhibit

I gain Symptoms, which would need to be stored in my inventory of Diseases, because Villagers can’t HAVE Symptoms, but they can HAVE Diseases (and they merely exhibit the Symptoms found in the Diseases that they have as exposed earlier).

You could argue that since Symptoms are in my “bag” of Diseases, that I “have” them too, but that’s never explicitly stated, and I can have someone else’s stuff in my “bag”, because its merely a container. I have or “possess” the container (Disease), but not what the container contains (Symptoms). But my container has/possesses its contents, which are things that I could exhibit.

Henceforth, I wish to have recognized that I no longer have any diseases nor Symptoms (such as Death).

Getting “revived” by the Bet would be cool too tbh lol.

Also, sorry for editting this a lot, I add things as they pop into my head. I’d appreciate discussion in “notes” before anything as well to fully expose and develop my point (and to give you a final version without this compulsive adjusting).

Proposal: Burial

Fails 3-4. — Quirck

Adminned at 18 Feb 2017 18:27:13 UTC

In the section locations add a paragraph:

As a daily action, a non-dead villager may change the location of a dead villager near them to “church”.

We have some dead folks in some very public locations. Lets give these folks the respect they deserve. Keep zhandorf clean!

Proposal: Re-Deal with the Devil

Reached quorum 8 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Feb 2017 09:25:29 UTC

Add to the list of Symptoms in “Diseases”:

Eternal Torment. Visible. A Villager exhibiting Eternal Torment should, in every blog comment they make, include a string of at least 10 characters comprised of any number of “A” characters, followed by any number of “R” characters, followed by any number of “G” characters, followed by any number of “H” characters.

In “Spectral Actions”, change “a Dead Villager may move a Remedy” to “a Dead Villager who is not exhibiting Eternal Torment may move a Remedy”.

In “The Doctor’s Rounds”, change “and which is not Death” to “and which is not Death or Eternal Torment”.

Add a new rule, “The Bet”:

At any time, the doctor may take the following actions in sequence as an atomic action, if any remedy has the potential to Cure the Black Death:
* Add the symptom Eternal Torment to the Villager named Cuddlebeam.
* Repeal this rule.

At any time, the doctor may take the following actions in sequence as an atomic action, if no remedy has the potential to Cure the Black Death:
* Remove all Diseases from the Villager named Cuddlebeam.
* Remove all Symptoms from the Villager named Cuddlebeam.
* Set the Villager named Cuddlebeam’s location to the Road.
* Repeal this rule.

Trying again with the Villager Cuddlebeam made explicit. Note also the change in location from Home to the Road - you might already get a shot at another life, no need to coddle even more.