Monday, February 12, 2007

Proposal: Actors do more than films!

Failed by many to none, and self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 14 Feb 2007 11:37:32 UTC

If “We Need Compensation II-rc2” failed, this proposal does nothing

Replace 2.1 Filmographies with

Each actor has a Filmography, which is stored in a wiki page called “Filmographies”. This is a list of the roles that each actor has held, and the amount of fame earned from that role.

2.1.1 Films

There exists a category of role called “Film”.  Any film listed in a Filmography must exist on IMDB ( and a link should be provided.  In addition, the following must also be specified:
* The year of that film
* The role that they played in the film

When adding a film to eir Filmography, an Actor shall calculate the fame e has earned for that role as specified in 2.4.1 “Role Values”.

A role specified for a film may be either:-

* “Extra”
* “Nth Minor Character” (where “N” is any number, and “Minor Character” is a generic role such as “Hoodlum” or “Fireman” - eg. “4th Zombie”)
* A named role that appears in the IMDB credits of the film.

Any Actor may add a new film to his Filmography, if e has not already done so that day or on any of the previous three days, with the following restrictions:-

* A role of “Nth Minor Character” may only be added if the Actor has been an Extra in three earlier films.
* A named role may only be added if the Actor has been an Nth Minor Character in three earlier films.

If “Supermarket Sweep” passed, repeal “Gameshow”, and add the following rule:

2.1.2 Gameshows

There exists a category of role called “Gameshow”.  Occasionally any Actor may add a Gameshow to eir Filmography.  When e does, e rolls DICE3:

  - on a roll of a 1, the gameshow’s Fame value is 1.
  - on a roll of a 2, the gameshow’s Fame value is 2.
  - on a roll of a 3, the gameshow’s Fame value is -3.




02-12-2007 20:17:02 UTC

against hack


02-12-2007 21:44:49 UTC

against Why are we reordering and rewording a bunch of stuff in that rule that you are essentially not changing.  This has all the earmarks of trying to slip some kind of scam through…


02-12-2007 22:03:24 UTC

I’m not positive, but I think this is an attempt to allow Gameshow to actually affect your fame (since the tules read that your fame was a set number in the filmography, and this puts the effects of Gameshow in the Filmography (as well as makes you loose more points, even if you’re at 0 fame)


02-12-2007 22:48:53 UTC

I become scared when nothing seems to have changed.  against


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02-13-2007 21:43:47 UTC

For the record, this was designed to make “Supermarket Sweep” compatible with “We Need Compensation II-rc2”.  I realized that some of the changes would make future prposals easier to make, so I didn’t make them contingent on “Supermarket Sweep” passing.  It looks like this isn’t goint to pass, though.  If “We Need Compensation II-rc2” passes, I will try this again for all of the pending proposals that are contigent on an Actor’s fame being directly modifiable.


02-14-2007 14:10:55 UTC

against Self-kill; with the other failed, this won’t do anything anyway.