Wednesday, December 16, 2009

At least I’m not Sicilian. Then he would really be screwed.

DC has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders! Never be generic with a Djinni! He has made a wish, which I have agreed to fulfill, but failed to give a time at which it will take place! Don’t worry, I’ll probably only put it off a few thousand more years! Mwa, ha ha!

Though he could be in Asia. Depends on whether or not Universe passes.



12-16-2009 07:19:28 UTC

Err, you’re supposed to perform the wish’s effects at the same time that you decrement his Wish statistic.


12-16-2009 07:24:35 UTC

if he decides to grant the wish, b) reduce the Wishes of the adventurer who made the wish by 1 and perform the results of the wish. <—I must both reduce im wish statistic and perform the results of the wish, but not necesseserily at the same time. So if a wish was “I wish that Canada would sink into the ocean next monday”, then I would do it next monday. By not giving me a time, DC leaves me an open ended timeframe for performing the wishes results.


12-16-2009 15:49:07 UTC



12-16-2009 15:50:02 UTC

Also, for reference, the wish was to set all adventurers’ power to 18.


12-16-2009 16:10:17 UTC

Also, what does Asia have to do with this?

Ienpw III:

12-16-2009 20:30:22 UTC


12-16-2009 23:13:10 UTC

Lol, classic indeed. Dijnni are notorious when it comes to following a wish to their own interp.