Monday, March 08, 2010

Proposal: Bed of Coals

Timed out and passed, 9-1. Josh

Adminned at 10 Mar 2010 03:07:35 UTC

To Rule 2.1 (Commoner’s Economy), add after the first paragraph:-

If a Commoner would ever have more than 200 Coal, their Coal is instead set to 200. If a Commoner would ever have more than 50 of any Resource other than Coal, their amount of that Resource is instead set to 50. These limits are known as “Caps”.

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.2 (Inventions) called “Coal Hopper”:-

Cost: 8 Iron     Power Requirement: 0
If a Coal Hopper is attached to a Workshop, the owner of that Workshop ignores the Coal Cap, but if that Commoner’s Coal is ever more than 350, their Coal is instead set to 350.

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.2 (Inventions) called “Storage Drawer”:-

Cost: 4 Wood     Power Requirement: 0
For each Storage Drawer attached to their Workshop, a Commoner may ignore the Resource Cap for a single Resource type of their choice (other than Coal).

There’s possibly too much incentive to sit tight and just stockpile Coal, at the moment, in case a better invention occurs to you in the future. This puts a cap on resources.



03-08-2010 11:03:09 UTC

for although I’m not certain that the Coal Hopper, as worded, does anything; I don’t see how “the owner of that Workshop may have more than 200 Coal” prevents “If a Commoner would ever have more than 200 Coal, their Coal is instead set to 200” triggering.


03-08-2010 11:04:47 UTC

Ah, I reworded that to an explicit “Cap” keyword while you were still reading it (but before you posted your comment). So you might want to reread to make sure it still makes sense.


03-08-2010 11:07:45 UTC

RoV for Seems good. (Also, having posts edited while you read them is really confusing…)


03-08-2010 11:11:32 UTC

against I like the idea, but the cap of 200 seems a bit stiff, given that many plays will be bumping against that this week already. (I WANT to build something, but can’t until I have the right resources, for example…)


03-08-2010 11:17:49 UTC

[Josh] Don’t overlook the fact that you could trade your stockpiled coal with some of the lazier (or more inventive) commoners, in order to get the resources you need.


03-08-2010 11:45:41 UTC

for Per Kevan =)


03-08-2010 13:25:49 UTC

@Josh: You could build a Coal Hopper this week or next, and avoid the cap that way.


03-08-2010 13:31:31 UTC

This makes the “negative Power Requirement” parts less usefull, as the Income would not be that important then… I’m not sure, whether I like this point.

Well, but on the other hand this encourages each player to do something with their Ressources. That’s nice and so for


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