Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Proposal: Dosh go the Gostaks

Passed 12-0. Timed out. Enacted by smith.

Adminned at 09 Mar 2006 15:18:06 UTC

Add a new row to the GNDT for each of the Dosh Production Groups listed below.  Set the Distimmed Dosh column for each to zero.
Add a column to the GNDT entitled “Dosh Group”.

Add a new rule, “Dosh Concern”:

Gostaks may belong to one of four Dosh Production Groups:
1. First Gostak
2. Postom & Bankford
3. GDPDC (Gostak Dosh Production and Distribution Company)
4. EcoDosh

If a Gostak belonging to a Dosh Production Group successfully Distims Dosh [2.4], the Dosh Production Group e belongs to recieves one Distimmed Dosh(In addition to the Distimmed Dosh e recieves according to rule 2.4.)

If a Gostak does not belong to a Dosh Production Group, e may roll DICE4 and join the Dosh Production Group with that number.

If a Gostak wishes to change eir Dosh Production Group, e must make an official post declaring e wishes to do so, and may switch only after that post recieves more FOR votes than AGAINST votes from the members of that Dosh Production Group after 24 hours.




03-08-2006 00:59:29 UTC



03-08-2006 01:09:11 UTC

What would these groups do?


03-08-2006 01:11:41 UTC


Elias IX:

03-08-2006 01:20:22 UTC



03-08-2006 01:43:06 UTC

Doesn’t seem very useful, so far. Also, why would you vote for someone to change their Dosh Group? It doesn’t seem like there’s any ill effects for the group just by having someone there.

Elias IX:

03-08-2006 02:37:09 UTC

A lot of non-useful rules go into effect each dynasty, but this could turn out to be a good one.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-08-2006 02:51:17 UTC


Society of Gostaks for Ethical Dosh Distimmation!


03-08-2006 12:06:45 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

03-08-2006 13:08:38 UTC



03-08-2006 17:07:16 UTC

tentatively for what does the “that” in the last paragraph refer to? which group has to vote on the change? does a dice4 need to be rolled to effect the change? I like this but feel some clarification is necessary


03-08-2006 19:04:30 UTC



03-08-2006 22:05:27 UTC



03-09-2006 12:28:34 UTC

Hm. Since I never voted, and I’d like to see what this can do.. for


03-09-2006 21:09:29 UTC

for predisastered - i see the clarification issues, too. It is clear what was intended, but the language might be challenged at some point. Who knows, this rule might become important for victory at some point.