Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Proposal: Face the Music

Timed out (5-3)
Enacted by Hix

Adminned at 14 Sep 2007 13:55:39 UTC

[ Removing the clause that lets you submit more proposals if you’ve self-killed some. I don’t like the fact that carelessly-worded proposals can be immediately self-killed and reproposed, bloating the weblog and dividing the commentary, or that a proposal that’s getting shot down should always, always be self-killed to free up your proposal slots. ]

In Rule 1.3 (Proposals), replace “unless the Kaiju God already has 2 Proposals pending that have not been self-killed, or has already made 3 Proposals that day” with:-

unless the Kaiju God already has 2 Proposals pending, or has already made 3 Proposals that day



09-12-2007 12:13:23 UTC

against of course, i’m one of those guilty of such a thing. personally, instead of this, i’d rather see something that allowed an admin to remove s/k’d proposals from the queue out of order, which would clear that up.

if this passes, i’d note that i don’t believe a kaiju god will ever have made 3 proposals during a day under the new ruling, thus making that clause redundant.


09-12-2007 14:21:50 UTC

I agree with aaron. We can all be more careful, of course (points finger at self), but I think it will slow things down a lot more if we can’t fix a minor error easily. Being able to remoe them from the queue sooner would be a good idea.


09-12-2007 15:11:38 UTC

Adminning self-killed proposals out of order might have some mileage now that we’ve got active proposals in the sidebar, although it would effectively allow admins to fail and repropose their own posts, at whim, which seems unfair.

(It’d still be possible to write three proposals in a day, if you self-killed the first one and an admin processed it before the end of the day.)

Speed of reproposal can be useful, but the game can run too quickly - it makes it harder to follow discussion of an idea if that discussion is split over multiple comment threads (with half of those comments being on an obsolete version of a proposal), and ultimately a faster game means more text for people to read through every day, which isn’t an ideal for everyone.

An active playerbase will always help one another out, if there are minor errors - I’d rather encourage a community spirit of fixing one another’s minor mistakes (you could have self-killed your “enace” proposal and asked if anyone was feeling generous enough to repropose it for you), than allowing one person to refine and repropose an idea all by themselves, several times, overnight.


09-12-2007 17:00:22 UTC



09-12-2007 17:05:07 UTC

against I’d be fine with the admin’s being able to close out of order for s.k. but this was needed because it never made sense, during a busy game, for a person to have to wait 48 hours to repropose with a minor fix….which has happened because your proposal was right after someone elses that not many have voted for.  You’re still limited to 3 proposals a day, so, at most, it increases the number of proposals in a queue by 1 per member, if every member is proposing.  But it’s no different than if you held your 2nd proposal and reproposed using it.


09-12-2007 17:44:34 UTC

It’s actually six proposals or more per person, in theory, if the back end of the proposal is dragging at 48 hours or beyond. Chivalrybean had four proposals in the queue this morning - two self-killed, and two put forward the next day.


09-12-2007 19:25:19 UTC



09-12-2007 20:54:43 UTC

imperial i haven’t been in the game long enough for this to affect me


09-12-2007 22:36:02 UTC

maybe a rule could be created to remove s/k proposals out of order when the proposal doesn’t belong to the admin doing the out-of-order removal


09-14-2007 14:51:14 UTC