Sunday, January 18, 2009

Story Post: [Guessing]

I guess that this is the “Culinary Students in Space” dynasty.



01-18-2009 23:38:48 UTC



01-18-2009 23:54:11 UTC



01-19-2009 00:44:32 UTC

This is not an official guess because it does not contain the text “[Guess]” in the subject.


01-19-2009 02:38:42 UTC

@DC: That’s right, this is not an official guess.

The Cube:

01-19-2009 02:51:31 UTC

Per the rules: “As a daily action, a Staff member may “Take a Guess” by spending 1 Guess and making a Story Post whose subject starts with ‘[Guessing]’.” 

Unless I’m mistaken, the only criteria for a guess is that its subject contains “[Guessing].” Looking at the history of the Wiki, this was changed at 20:31, 16 Jan 2009 by Arthexis.  So even if it’s completely wrong (those guesses were totally burning a hole in my pocket), it is STILL an official guess.


01-19-2009 20:19:39 UTC

Sorry for the misunderstanding Cube. I’ll give you a response now: No, because you’re not students.