Thursday, February 05, 2009

Proposal: [Hint] Zoom Zoom to Victory

Timed out (6-4)
Enacted by Hix

Adminned at 07 Feb 2009 13:08:03 UTC

Create a new rule called “Events”:

As long as there are no Ongoing Events, the Writer may create a new Event by making a story post whose subject starts with “[Event]”. The text of the post must contain an Itinerary and a Menu. An Itinerary is a list of Stations that appear on the Solar Map, and a Menu is a list of Recipes that appear on the Recipes document. When an Event is created, it is considered to be Ongoing.

A Member who is not already Participating on that Event may get Signed Up for it by paying 5 Credits and owning a Vehicle, and thus become Participants on that Event. Members who Participate in an Event have an additional section on their Table called the Trace. Whenever a Participant changes location, they shall add the name of the new Station to their Trace. When another Event is created, the Traces for all previous Participants are deleted.

At any time that a Participants meets every one of the Victory Conditions, that Participant becomes the First Place. Only the first Participant that meets all the Victory Conditions can be the First Place. The Victory Conditions are:

* The Participant’s Trace must list the Stations for the Itinerary exactly once. (If other Stations appear on the Trace, it doesn’t matter)
* The Participant’s Table must contain one of each of the Recipes on the Menu. (If other Recipes appear on the Table, it doesn’t matter)
* The Participant must have not crashed more than 3 times since becoming a Participant for this Event.

When there is a First Place on an Event, the Event is no longer ongoing and the First Place obtains 3 Guesses, 150 Credits and may set their Location to any valid value once within the next 48 hours.

This is it. The final event is near!




02-05-2009 20:27:17 UTC

for looks like fun…I’m gonna need a better car…


02-05-2009 20:30:34 UTC



02-05-2009 20:32:30 UTC


Wooden Squid:

02-05-2009 21:47:12 UTC



02-05-2009 22:49:18 UTC


This rule permits for an Event that never ends if every player either Crashes more than 3 times or visits a Station on the Itinerary more than once.

Also, if Crashes are significant, it might be a good idea to record them in the Trace as well.


02-05-2009 23:44:07 UTC

against per Sparrow


02-06-2009 03:09:48 UTC



02-06-2009 03:45:51 UTC

@sparrow: I don’t mind if you all get stuck into a race that never ends. Really, if you guys all crashed, you’re terrible drivers!


02-06-2009 05:28:13 UTC



02-06-2009 17:57:14 UTC



02-07-2009 04:49:42 UTC

@Sparrow: Only if everyone crashes.


02-07-2009 05:15:27 UTC

CoV against  per Sparrow


02-07-2009 05:15:51 UTC