Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hostile Takeover of Dynasty 100

My mutiny succeeded and, per rule 2.19 in the Ruleset of my Occupied Dynasty:

The [Time Monk] who initiated the Mutiny becomes the [Time Buddha] and the previous [Time Buddha] loses that position.

So, I take over from Josh and am immediately teleported ouf of my Dynasty and into ‘not a Time Monk’-status. Josh becomes a regular Time Monk with either the default personal gamestate or possibly something nonsensical (because he’s not a new or unidling Time Monk). Is this roughly accurate?


Josh: HE/HIM

06-12-2012 11:37:32 UTC

Makes sense to me. Good luck.

Josh: HE/HIM

06-12-2012 11:52:32 UTC

Oh, and I think I am a new Time Monk, as I wasn’t a Time Monk before, as per rule 2.1.