Sunday, March 07, 2010

Proposal: I Heard You Like Electromagnetism

Timed out 9 votes to 2. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 09 Mar 2010 08:40:53 UTC

Replace “A Commoner cannot Invent if he owns 3 Inventions already” with:-

A Commoner cannot Invent if he already owns 3 Inventions which are not attached to a Workshop

Reword the second paragraph of Rule 2.4 to:-

At any time, a Commoner who has fewer than three Inventions attached to their Workshop may attach an Invention they own to their Workshop, by updating the Inventions wiki page accordingly - Inventions which are attached to Workshops (and only those Inventions) must have “(attached to Workshop)” after their name. If an Invention is attached to a Workshop, all of its Parts are considered to be attached to that Workshop.

To “Electromagnetic Coil”, add:-

An Electromagnetic Coil has no effect if it is attached to a Junkyard Workshop, or to an Observatory and Alchemarium.

To the end of Rule 2.2 (Inventions), add:-

If an Invention would have a Power Requirement lower than 0, its Power Requirement is instead 0.

Remove the bracketed text from “Flame Vent” and the final sentences of “Basic Heatsink” and (if it exists)“Really Ingenious Design”.

Make each Part listed in Rule 2.2.8 (Workshop Parts) into a separate rule, with an Effect of “This Part has no intrinsic effect.”, and repeal Rule 2.2.8.

Giving a reason to think about attaching Inventions to Workshops - it means they stop counting towards your three-Invention carrying capacity, but (to give one example with Electromagnetic Coil, whose effect implies that it has to be carried around, so isn’t much use mounted to a static building) they may not work as effectively, or at all. A separate three-Invention limit is applied to Workshop-mounted Inventions.

While I’m here, “Power Requirement less than 0” seems to be a common Part effect, so may as well become a general rule. And the Workshop Parts might as well become individual Parts, so that we can perhaps Blueprint some minor effects onto them.



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for sounds nice. But I have not checked everything, need to do this later :)


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