Saturday, October 11, 2008

Declaration of Victory: i win

Fails 12 hours after Dragonmaster has voted on it, 4-0—Rodney

Adminned at 12 Oct 2008 05:33:18 UTC

it is worth a try an keeps me from falling idle again



10-11-2008 18:08:43 UTC

...okay…this is how you keep yourself from idling!?!


10-11-2008 19:15:47 UTC



10-11-2008 21:07:37 UTC

against , with a few words of censure due to the inconvenience this causes everyone else.

If you wish to avoid going idle in the next week, you merely have to make an unofficial post to that effect and comment on it.


10-11-2008 21:33:46 UTC

against ...


10-11-2008 21:47:55 UTC



10-12-2008 01:14:45 UTC

against oye


10-12-2008 04:49:52 UTC

For the record, I will be very upset if this frivolous DoV prevents me from claiming my weekly +10 cookies.


10-12-2008 05:10:07 UTC

this is why i wanted a time limit. the last few dynastys have had these moments of stall out. as soon as this gets out of the way i’m proposing a time limit. the win by beating my big dragon will still be around but if no one beats it after a couple weeks then we’ll go into a sudden death tourny for either the next dynasty or if we have an odd number of non-dragonmasters by then, mega dynasty. don’t worry i have it planned out.