Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Proposal: It does exactly what it says on the can (of worms)

Failed 13-1. Josh

Adminned at 03 Apr 2009 01:57:35 UTC

If the Proposal titled “The Wages of Death” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule called, “Cult or Bust”:

If no Acts have been created or marked as Finished during a continuous time period of 72 hours, the movie is said to enter Post-Production. When a movie is in Post-Production, no more acts can be created. At that time, any admin may Release it to the Theaters by following this procedure:

* Count all the Royalties of Scripters and multiply the total by the number of Acts: this number becomes the Production Cost.
* Add the Body Count of each act and multiply that by the sum of all Scripter’s Popularity: this number becomes the Fun Factor.
* If the Fun Factor is greater than or equal to the Production Cost, the movie becomes a Block Buster. Otherwise, it becomes a Cult Classic.

If the Movie becomes a Block Buster, the Scripter with the highest Royalties achieves victory. If it becomes a Cult Classic, the Scripter with the most Popularity Awards (no matter the category) achieves victory.

I am purposely not defining what happens in the event of a tie (at least not yet). I would say metadynasty, but I am sure that would have caused the proposal as a whole to get some negative votes from some players.



04-01-2009 07:00:40 UTC

against So, we will be forced to keep track of awards we don’t keep track of?


04-01-2009 07:01:38 UTC


“After 72 hours, or once the total of all the Act’s Scenes’ (excluding those that are Cut) Body Counts equals or exceeds the Target Body Count of the Scene, the Producer may declare the Act to be Finished, by posting a comment to the Drawing Board containing the phrase ‘That’s enough’.”


04-01-2009 08:12:07 UTC

against I assume Rodlen’s second point is that the next act that times out is going to end the game, as it won’t have been “created or finished” during the 72 hours since its creation. And yes, “highest Popularity” might be easier than “most Popularity Awards”.

Nice otherwise, though, particularly the idea of determining the film’s box office performance.


04-01-2009 08:54:52 UTC

against Yeah, I like the idea, but not the execution.


04-01-2009 15:38:58 UTC

against Same as above, 72 hours thing, and I think highest Popularity is better than number of awards, as it keeps the difference between awards.


04-01-2009 16:24:06 UTC

against  per Rodlen and Influenza.


04-01-2009 18:45:47 UTC



04-01-2009 21:12:45 UTC

It cannot be popularity, because it will be very likely that there is tie (because popularity wins and loses are so low)


04-01-2009 21:35:53 UTC

against I’d have to create or finish an Act every 72 hours? No thanks. Plus, points above.


04-01-2009 22:46:10 UTC



04-02-2009 04:15:08 UTC

against Sad that Metadynasties are gone from the rules.


04-02-2009 13:30:17 UTC

against one more for the quorum


04-02-2009 20:24:21 UTC