Sunday, October 05, 2008

Proposal: Move it Further

Times out 3-0.—Rodney.

Adminned at 09 Oct 2008 13:05:28 UTC

Change the text of rule “Dragon Claw” so that it reads:

The attacker throws a swipe at its enemy with its powerful claws. Multiply the attacker’s Muscle by 2, then substract the opponent’s Scales. The opponent takes that much damage, and if at least 1 damage is dealt this way, the opponent’s Scales or Wings (attacker chooses which) are reduced by 1DICE3 until the end of the battle.

Change the text of rule “Dragon Breath” so that it reads:

The attacker spits flames at the oponent, which not even a dragon’s hide can resist. Roll XDICE3 where X is the attackers Flame. The opponent takes that much damage and it may not be reduced in any form by the Scales or Wings of the opponent. This move cannot be used on your following two turns.

Create a new sub-rule “Dragon Charge” under rule “Moves”:

The dragon tightens its scales and muscles, preparing for a charge or swipe with full force next turn. Add XDICE2 to your Scales until your next turn, where X is your current Scales. On your next turn, if you deal damage to your opponent, you may roll DICE4 and on a 1 deal 50% more damage with that move (rounded up).



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